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Brazil’s UOL Música And Jornal Extra Talk To Synyster Gates.
September 11, 2013, 4:16 pm
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Ahead of Avenged Sevenfold’s Rock In Rio 2013 appearance Synyster Gates called UOL Música (Portuguese/Translated) and Jornal Extra (Portuguese/Translated) to talk about performing in Brazil and the fans, Avenged Sevenfold’s success, his response to Machine Head’s Robb Flynn’s recently “Diary Of A Frontman…” entry and more. Syn also called into Ontario’s Y108 for a quick chat with Scott Penfold about working with Mike Elizondo, “Hail To The King” and getting back to Canada.

Thorny issue in the band’s career, the criticism about the originality of their riffs doesn’t seem to bother the guitarist, who shrugs. The leader of Machine Head, Robb Flynn, posted on Facebook that “Hail To The King” is just a bunch of “covers” of Metallica, Guns ‘N Roses and Megadeath.

“I honestly have nothing to say to to him. Every band has to learn to deal with criticism during their career and it’s natural for us. I guess that’s a hell of a compliment when we’re compared to large groups, namely those who we admire that have weight and groove in music such as AC/DC, Metallica and Led Zeppelin.”

Brazil interviews submitted by Jessie.


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Way to take the high road Syn.

Comment by Anonymous

Loong time fan of the band, since 2003! I love Machine Head, I think that Robb Flynn is a musical genius, I dot think he’s as good a singer as M Shadows though. I think what he wrote was class-less, like the rest of his offstage presence. Saying that This Means War is essentially the same rhythm as Sad but True, is very true! Hail to the King being a rip off of Thunderstruck, that’s a stretch. Heretic being a rip off of Dave Mustain and doing time being a rip off of Guns n Roses (or I think it sounds more like Danzig’s style) is also a stretch. Sevenfold said from the beginning they wanted to do an old school metal album, and later said that it was a tribute to their idols as well. You definitely hear aspects of songs that other famous musicians have adapted as their style, but I believe that’s EXACTLY what they wanted to do. Also being a musician (lead singer of Blacklight Sunrise, in Kingston Mass) I know that it is nearly impossible to write any melody line without being constantly compared to the greats, which Sevenfold is now a part of. I think that this album was the perfect time to take all their favorite aspects that Metallica, Iron Maiden, Ac/dc, and Guns N Roses perfected and update then and make them their own! I love Hail to the King, but I know there’s going to be uproar about Robb Flynns comments, he just joked about the truth, he just missed the whole point!

Comment by Beans

why compare bands when the bands do not even compete with one another you. i swear somebody take the mic from this guy.

Comment by noneyabus.

love it when the guys joke and shrug if off, when you think about it that’s the shortest way out of the pile of crap that has been laid for them in response to such an excellent album… i, on the other hand, of course, couldn’t help but wonder 1) where machine head gets the origins of its riffs from if not from the same masters of the genre, 2) was was he smoking, 3) that maybe it is not necessary to justify the name machine head in such a literal and such a public way, 4) the response ‘i’ve got nothing to say to him’ sounds pretty powerful to me, 5) the green demon of poison envy could be a new song, 6) many others that i will leave to myself following a good example of syn and matt…

Comment by abelxxx

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