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M Shadows On Robb Flynn’s Criticism, Talks Touring Canada & More With Ottawa’s 106.9 The Bear.
September 11, 2013, 7:49 pm
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M Shadows called into Ottawa’s 106.9 The Bear and spoke with Amy Volume about Canadian crowds, when Avenged Sevenfold hope to tour there again (and with who), Arin’s stage-name situation, Robb Flynn’s (Machine Head) “Hail To The King” criticism and what up-and-coming bands he think will be ‘next.’

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Finally people can lay back a bit on the Sad But True thing…

Comment by lostmesa

Heavy MTL was fucking amazing!

Comment by Carolyn

Yeah a full US tour!! I was so hoping for that since I will miss the October tour.

Comment by Kelly

Its funny how others pick people apart when theyre on top of the world!!!!

Comment by Jim

Machine who?

Comment by Revenant

Machine Head. One of the most critically acclaimed bands in modern metal and one with an extremely large following all over Europe. They rival the size of Avenged over there. Anyway, I respect the heck out of both of the bands and reading Robb’s comments, I thought they were pretty funny myself. I honestly think it was all in good fun and Robb wasn’t stating his actual opinion. Also, you should look up Machine Head. Great band.

Comment by O-H

Agreed, Machine Head is a great band, especially their last album.

Comment by Eh7x

I guess I’m moving to Ottawa now. Avenged, Volbeat, and FFDP are my top 3 favorite bands (in that order LOL)!

Comment by Rob

Way to go Shads… You handled those “Joke” comments by Flynn like a PRO! …and not get caught up in all that soap opera B.S. Just another reason why you guys are on top and #1..!! …Hail To The Kings Baby!

Comment by Ace Ligonography

Agreed. Always best to take the high-road and avoid the junior high lunch table.

Comment by Matt

Nothing else matters! Cause we were number #1 suckers!!

Comment by Jim

Funny that Machine Head should be a critic of giving a public nod to musical influences, they should know better since they famously used this method themselves with the Blackening and also have a history of being critisized for developing a more classical metal sound from album to album. Although a critically acclaimed band, it seems to be that they never achieved such commercial success with their cover songs or the songs written ‘under influences’ as A7X did. Which most probably means that jealousy is the driving force in Flynn’s comments. We all know that a great song is not a sum of riffs from Metallica, lyrics from Iron Maiden, beat from AC/DC, vocals from Dio. A great song can have all of those elements, or have none of them, but those are all just bones and muscles, they by themselves do not make a living being of a song without a beating heart and a bleeding soul. And the last two are from god, or talent, whatever’s your pleasure. And that’s what people feel in A7X’s songs, Metallica, riffs, growl, fire, death, love, or not. There’s just too much of brilliant stuff in too many of A7X’s songs, and the band is getting better and better with an amazing speed all the time. Since City Of Evil, each of A7X’s albums has been on the top of Billboard and their fan base has substantially grown with each album. By now they have left many peer bands in the dust and are indeed emerging as a front runner for the title of new metal kings. The ease of progress and abundance of quality songs that they produce is mindblowing. While Flynn was talking the other day about looking for hooks for his new songs, A7X is taking up the biggest rock stages in the world and stepping out as an equal to the dinosaurs. Happy sailing, A7X!

Comment by leo

Damn. Good comment.

Comment by Wayne7x

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