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Watch Avenged Sevenfold Live From Rock In Rio.
September 22, 2013, 11:16 am
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Avenged Sevenfold’s performance at Rock In Rio 2013 will be streamed live tonight starting at 10:10pm BRT/9:10pm ET/8:10pm CT. Avenged Sevenfold’s set list can be seen here (via Mix Rio FM).

UPDATE: You can watch the full set here. Skip to 3:57:00. The video has been made private.

After Avenged Sevenfold’s performance they became the #1 trending topic Worldwide on Twitter:

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Hopefully this is recorded and posted. Sorry Avenged Sevenfold, but I have Breaking Bad to watch.

Comment by Jimmyjoncricket

Haha, I was doing the same thing. I am not prepared for this show to end. :(

Comment by Blake Tull

Super stoked for this!!!

Comment by Joel Paz

Miss DBN, do you happen to know if the show will be available in its entirety afterwards? It’s just that where I live it’ll be 4 AM (“You’ve got one more chance to die” hahaha) when they’re on, and I really want to watch it, but have to get up for work early. Thank you in advance!

Comment by Anonymous

After Rock In Rio’s live feed is finished it may convert into a recorded version. If so, it will be in this post.

Comment by Deathbat News

Holy cow in on this!!!

Comment by Myron Gaines

I’m so stoked honestly, we’ll finally have a 2013 A7x Pro-shot live video after the concert!

Comment by Mo


Comment by Anonymous

Slayer, Avenged Sevenfold, Iron Maiden is the order for anyone wondering

Comment by Ben Waldock

Ohhh, using the old 2010 stage set

Comment by Shane

Has anyone else noticed how comfy Arin has become since becoming an official member of the band? I saw them in San Diego and you can definitely tell then. And during “Hail to the King” tonight he was standing and pounding at the skins like Lars Ullrich. He’s gone into beast mode! I would also like to note that this Brazil crowd is incredible! They are so into it!

Comment by Steve

I was definitely noticing that too! I don’t think I’ve ever seen him get that much into the songs (granted I haven’t seen every performance), and it was great to see! The show was awesome, and I was really excited to see Arin straight banging back there.

Comment by Austin

Yay, go Johnny Christ!!! Steppin’ up to the mic :)

Comment by Melanie Gutierrez (@melgut)

Was it just me, or did the crowd lose a ton of energy once they started This Means War? I feel like the crowd really wasn’t into the new songs.

Comment by Anonymous

Just got done watching. They killed it, like always! ^0^

Comment by Kris

Just watched it live here in Oz, perhaps it was the audience being so far back, but they didn’t seem to be enjoying it.

Comment by juice

I thought they looked a little low energy, Syn especially.

Comment by Anonymous

He was like that at Aftershock too…

Comment by anonymous

THAT WAS FUCKING AMAZING!!! Can’t wait to see them headlining *cough* Download *cough*

You heard it here first ;)

Comment by UK AVENGER

DAMN!!! That was amazing!! Like always though!

Comment by Christian Giannantonio

Nothing against Iron Maiden but they had their time. Now its A7Xs time to headline all these festivals around the world. Rock in Rio, DOWNLOAD, SHOCKWAVE … \m/ !!!!

Comment by Andy Fulfer

These festivals need more than one headliner.

Iron Maiden’s time isn’t up yet, they still continue to release successful albums, and deliver in every sense when it comes to the live show. Bruce’s voice is outstanding still.

Avenged Sevenfold are ready for the step up though, if they nail the UK tour then the festival headline slot is for the taking.

Comment by Mike H

That was a sick show. Great job avenged

Comment by Eduardo Hernández

The only other song I thought A7x would sing is “Seize the Day”, that’s Brazil’s MOST favourite. They looked a little tired in the end but it’s because they moved faster and sang twice more than Maiden. At big concerts it’s important to pace yourself, this huge crowd sucks out all the energy in no time. It always surprises me how the whole crowd sings most of their songs with them, including the new ones. Great show, A7x, we are next…

Comment by Maria Lebed

I think it was a wonderful show! Although, I do have to say that at some point, I really started to feel bad for them, as they appeared to be exhausted (and rightfully so). I mean, Syn really looked off the entire show (It didn’t help that his mic was practically off most of the show). He wasn’t as accurate as he usually is. Even though I enjoyed every second of it and wanted more. The only one who was constantly energized (and didn’t miss a beat) was Arin. He deserves huge props in my opinion. Thanks for a fantastic show guys! Hope you get some well deserved rest now!

Comment by Anonymous

Well said. Good show, but exhaustion definitely played a factor from This Means War on. Band and crowd.

Comment by Anonymous

I understand they were probably a little rusty with playing live. Once they go on tour and have a crowd that is solely there for them that energy will flow back and forth and they will be on their game.

Comment by Anonymous

That was just amazing!! Arin is even better then I thought, he used The Rev’s techniques and he was a beast!!! :D A7X made the right choice on choosing him ^^ Well done boys, you ROCKED Rio!!!! \m/

Comment by Aisha Lynch

Can’t believe they made the video private. I really wanted to watch this

Comment by Ellie

Arin’s doing a beastly job! That guy is evil.
I enjoy the whole performance, each song gives me goosebumps. I miss Rev. I’m sure Hail to the King will set another record. Can’t wait for their SEA tour.

Comment by lustandcoffeetandcoffee

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