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Avenged Sevenfold’s “Shepherd Of Fire” Music Video.
November 7, 2013, 4:40 am
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Avenged Sevenfold’s music video for “Shepherd Of Fire” has been released. The video, shot in September, was directed by Wayne Isham and produced by Wondros. M Shadows explained that the band were inspired by Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers and wanted to mix in elements of Pink Floyd’s The Wall show.


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Great video.

Comment by Deathbat News

Thank you so much

Comment by Ivan Nugraha

It’s like Bat Country meets the Tunnel of Terror from Willy Wonka.
I hope they release a Making Of for this one, they look like they had waaay too much fun doing this :)

Comment by Harley Quinn

Cool concept, though, I dont understand it in the slightest. Is it supposed to represent something?

Comment by Mike Gee

its was like how they did bat country but it was based on natural born killer

Comment by luke

A good video- made me feel like the guys were taking us on the road back to Bat Country!

Comment by Carmen Feuling

Awesome!! I love how Syn did his solo!!

Comment by Phaythness


Comment by Kasey

Awful video in my opinion but Syn had me cracking up the whole time lol

Comment by Arron

Maybe I need to see natural born killers to understand it more. I was really hoping for something more theatrical that fit the song. But it’s fun to watch syn be goofy lol

Comment by Matt

great video, great song,
looking very smart boys..!!.. ;-)

Comment by jane

Reminded me of the scene in Willy Wonka when they’re on the boat in the tunnel. Definitely different! Cool and trippy, though.

Now that I’ve watched it more…I have to mention the fact that they’re all in suits! Looking fly!

Comment by Britt

So very awesome. Thanx

Comment by Bess

freaking love this song and syn’s solo

Comment by Anonymous

I Iiked the bat country vibe and the guys being funny not what I expected but it never is with these guys that’s why I am such a fan

Comment by Kimberly Lannan

Such an awesome video! Loved the part where Syn played his solo!!

Comment by Anonymous

lol that was so cheesy

Thank goodness I don’t have epilepsy.

Comment by Dbo

I have been thinking since the album dropped that this is one of the most perfect rock/metal songs I’ve ever heard. And now the video is pretty flanking perfect too. Great work by these guys….I love the way they continue to grow. These guys are the elite.

Comment by Charla Breshears Brown

Hmmm not terrible. Not Great. They really need to step up their music video game though. cause most of them dont do justice for their songs. I’ve never liked this producer though.

Comment by ZP

Suit Up!!!

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by brittmgraves

absolutely amazing, not what i expected but perfect. already watched it five times

Comment by Johnathon Gettelfinger

I was thinking, too, that maybe I need to see the movie to get the video. It was cool and I liked it, but I didn’t think it fit the song at all. Though it was nice to see the guys having a fun time and I’d love to see the making off. Was expecting something far more gothic/epic/fiery than what we got.

Comment by aightball

hahah love it so cheesy :)

Comment by lilly7x

This song is absolutely awesome but this video doesn’t really do it justice. Probably their first music video ever that I’m not ecstatic to watch.

Comment by Anonymous

What a bad video for such an epic song. I’ll stick with the imagery I had in mind.

Comment by Wayne7x

I love Avenged Sevenfold but boy they can’t make a good music video for shit.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by FRITER

Reminds me of the cheesy Zodiac mindwarp video !!
Afterlife was an ok vid, but its not their strongest point.
Still love them, but this album still doesn’t do it for me.

Comment by JUICE

This is awesome.

Comment by Cal

so awkward. could see this video better with ‘doing time’ ….such a serious song for such a corny video. this was hard to watch. maybe it was inspired by a film but it wasnt done very well.

Comment by Anonymous

Awe it was so corny, like the song though really thought they could have done better on the music video

Comment by Ian


Comment by Revenant

that was too cool

Comment by b.mohn

you shouldnt need to watch the movie to get it! doubt many had seen fear and loathing before watching bat country and that video kicked ass from first watch! this was awful avenged

Comment by Anonymous

I’m sure when Bat Country was released fans were like WTF before they took the time to watch Fear and Loathing. Same situation. Watch Natural Born Killers and you’ll get why this video is the way it is.

Comment by Cal

Not a huge fan of this vid. So Far Away and Bat Country are by far their best in my opinion. This video had aspects that reminded me of the Bat Country and Almost Easy videos, but it wasn’t put together too well.

Comment by Lucas


Comment by CaptainDeathbat

Their music videos for the City of Evil singles (Bat Country, Beast and the Harlot, Seize the Day) were incredible. Everything since then has been pretty dreadful. Can’t figure out how a band with such creativity in songs, artwork, and stage setup can fall so short in making music videos.

Comment by Brady

Seriously, those videos were freaking awesome. The Seize The Day video did what a music video is supposed to do: it made me like the song and the band ten times more. This video for Shepherd of Fire is the best since then though IMO.

Comment by Anonymous

everyone saying this is a bad video must have forgotten about almost easy lol. at least this one has some solid inspiration behind it that isnt a wendys commercial. i love this vid. looks like they had a lot of fun.

Comment by joel

They should have just used the same director for their Hail to the King video

Comment by Sephyr

Love the Natural Born Killer vibe, don’t know why people find it so cheesy guess they didn’t saw the movie. Yet another great clip from the band.

Comment by Dominique Godbout

Wayne Isham is just a bad director. All the videos before they hired him were good

Comment by Anonymous

Papa Gates said it best “lol. New Avenged video is getting ripped by the fans. I don’t think most of their fans are old enough to get the cheesy Natural Born Killer vibe they were going for. It’s not low budget. It’s not a mistake. It’s supposed to look a little like the boat ride in Willy Wonka.
Kids make me laugh.”

Comment by Lauren

I love at the end when they’re all facing Arin. They do that in the live show too and it is so cool, like they’re paying homage to him and acknowledging him as part of the band.

Comment by Anonymous

i’m old enough to remember it and still find it cringe worthy, so whats the excuse for all the other bad ones.
so far away is the only one i really like.
bad vids were done by all the hair bands in the 80’s, lets leave it there, get someone new guys!

Comment by juice

a very smart video, maybe too smart for the younger fans or those who expect a more straightforward theatrical approach… the song is dark, the video is hilarious, has tons of artistic and musical associations, what a delightful surprise… much respect to a7x for taking it to the next level… syn’s a really good actor…

Comment by Anonymous

I don’t think you, or a lot of the others defending the video actually get the point of most of the criticism. As one reader here put it well, this entire video concept would have went much better had it been for a song like ‘Doing Time’. The issue most of us have is that it really doesn’t fit at all with the atmosphere, tone or the idea the song itself creates, in most of our humble opinions. So, uh, no. lol! It isn’t that the video isn’t “too smart” or too ingenious for anyone to wrap their feeble minds around.

Comment by Wayne7x

this ^

Comment by Anonymous

combining heavy duty stuff with light and humorous undertones is a secret that creates the biggest blockbusters of our time, like iron man, thor and avengers series… the same method is used in this video… it IS smart, in my opinion…

Comment by Maria Lebed

I think its is an epic video and I get the whole vibe of it. but I can also see why people don’t think it fits the song

Comment by Anonymous

that song SCREAMED LIVE VIDEO… but no one was listening!!! This Means War also screams LIVE VIDEO

Comment by kenny

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