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Synyster Gates To Metal Hammer, “[Avenged Sevenfold] Are Trying To Make A Difference.”
November 13, 2013, 4:31 pm
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Metal Wani has shared some excerpts from Metal Hammer’s December 2013 feature on Avenged Sevenfold. In them, M Shadows and Synyster Gates discuss the state of heavy metal and hard rock in America, Avenged Sevenfold’s rising popularity in Europe, “Hail To The King” hitting #1 in the UK and US, the band’s new stage show and being criticized by other metal and hard rock musicians due to their success. You can purchase a physical copy of the December 2013 issue here or a digital copy here.

On Avenged Sevenfold’s rising popularity on the European continent:
M. Shadows: “I recall us selling out L.A.’s 5,000-capacity Gibson Amphitheatre and flying straight to Germany to play a 300-capacity room where we’d only sold 120 tickets. This was when ‘City Of Evil’ was really taking off in the U.S., but it seemed like Europe was less interested. And now our ticket sales in Europe are just crushing what we’re doing in the States. That’s a pretty amazing feeling. It feels like we’re truly building a worldwide cult. And that this is just the beginning of something special.”

On Avenged Sevenfold’s new album, “Hail To The King”, topping the charts on both sides of the Atlantic:
Synyster Gates: “We’re fortunate that our fans worldwide have really embraced our evolution. We know how lucky we are. We want to change people’s lives. I’m not saying we’re God’s gift, but we’re trying to make a difference. We’re trying to leave no stone unturned, to push forward in every aspect of what it means to be a band. Because this really matters to us. Metal matters to us. And we know exactly how much it means to kids out there too. The challenge is to move forward together. And that’s what this tour is all about, taking things to a new level.”


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videos of a7x shows in the scandinavian countries are incredible… reminds me how europe always knows a big new name in hard rock before america… happy travel in europe, a7x!!!!

Comment by Maria Lebed

Just ordered my copy! It sucks that none of my local retailers that sell periodicals get Metal Hammer on a reliable enough basis so that I could just go buy it from there, but oh well I suppose. Its a shame that artists in the rock community don’t take a page from artists of the hip-hop/rap/R&B/pop community in that when someone is hot…EVERYONE wants to do a song with them, instead of what happens in the rock community where if a band is successful they get labeled as “sell-outs” and what ever else and then have to face a berrage of negativity from others in their community. We’re all entitled to like and dis-like what ever we choose, that’s the power and privilege of choice. I just wish more bands would stop trying to set labels and requirements for what gets to be metal, and what gets be this or that or the other, and just be happy for when one of their own is making it and keeping rock’n’roll alive.

Comment by Christen

I think the difference between hip-hop/rap/R&B/pop and hard rock/metal is that the former has a huge mainstream presence, whereas hard rock and metal don’t right now. So when a sole hard rock band breaks into the mainstream, they don’t really have a mainstream audience of their own. There’s way more people from the underground who feel betrayed than there are mainstream fans. If a rap artist makes it big, he/she will have as many or more supporters in the mainstream than they did in the underground. To bring rock back into the mainstream there has to be a whole movement, like there was for hair metal or grunge. And that takes a few widely-appealing masterpiece albums from one or a few bands; unfortunately Hail To The King is a good album but not a masterpiece.

Comment by Alex

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