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Happy Birthday, Johnny Christ!
November 18, 2013, 4:30 am
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Happy Birthday to Johnny Christ who turns 29 today.

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Happy Birthday Johnny! :-)

Comment by Marc (@GregoryMarc95)

Happy birthday Johnny! Consume lots of alcohol and have a great time with everyone. Hope your day is great.

Comment by Solomon Newnham

Happy birthday to Johnny Christ

Comment by Anonymous

Happy birthday to Johnny Christ

FC Thailand

Comment by Candy Suwapong

Happy birthdate, Johnny fucking Christ

Comment by Inga

Haaaappy birthday adorable man! Much love from Spain! See u in Madrid on the 26th! ;D

PS: You rock!

Comment by Ayrin Soto

Happy birthday johnny you is the best basist of avenged sevenfold

Comment by jhonatan hendra stevano

Happy birthday dude… keep ur fuckin bass playing on!! My Birthday was on14th Nov, just 4 days b4… Good luck bro.. A7x is surely one ofthe greatest greats!

Comment by Crest

Happy Birthday, Johnny!!!

Comment by Mariah

Happy Birthday Johnny!!!

Comment by Will

Happy birthday Johnny!! I remember his 23rd bday like it was just yesterday. The show in Atlanta with his special lap dances lol it was hilarious.

Comment by hibakito

Happy Birthday Johnny!! I’m sure he and the boys will be doing it up right!!

Comment by Christen

Happy birthday Johnny! You are freaking amazing! <3

Comment by A

Happy birthday Johnny! Drink a shot for me :)
I love all the guys of Avenged Sevenfold and I am so amazed at how far they have come since 1999.
I’ve been a fan for 7 years now, and I will continue being a die hard fan until the day I die.

Again, happy birthday Johnny!

Comment by Jessica

Happy birthday Johnny Christ!! You are an amazing bassist and the reason I play bass!

Comment by Andrew Molina

HAPPY MUTHERFUCKING BIRTHDAY YOU GNOME! I LOVE YOU LIL MAN, keep playing your beautiful music that keeps me going everyday! <3

Comment by Lucie

Happy bday Johnny, from your brazilian fans <3

Comment by Julia

Happy Birthday Johnny!!! love you! <3

Comment by Ana Tillmann

My new favorite bass player is two years younger than me. I’m officially old!

Comment by Sammy

Happy B-Day Johnny! Keep rocking the bass and mohawk!

Comment by Jenn C.

Happy Birthday Johnny! you did a great job on friday :)

Comment by Linda

Happy Birthday Johnny!! Hope you have the best day! Looking forward to seeing you all, whenever you tour the states again! :)

Comment by steph

Happy Birthday JC! We all hail Johnny Christ!

Comment by Ellie

Happy Birthday Johnny!

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday Johnny!! Hope you have a great day dude! xxxxxxx

Comment by Anonymous

Happy birthday Johnny

Comment by Anonymous

Hope you have a happy birthday Johnny! (:

Comment by Sara S.

Happy Birthday Johnny! Wishing you more success, health, & many more Birthdays to come!! Have lots of beer & wine today!!!

Comment by Forever Avenged

Congrats Johnny , loved you guys on the Oslo-show , you are the locomotive of the rhytm .

Comment by Kurt Westmann

happy birthday johnny wish you many many more with lot’s of love and happiness xoxo

Comment by michelle shadows

Happy B-Day to the #1 bass player ever!

Comment by Rob

Happy birthday, Johnny! :) Have an awesone day!

Comment by Yajaira

happy birthday and many many many many many happy returns!!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday Johnny..GramMa Haner xxx

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday Johnny!!! I hope it rocks as much as you do!!!

Comment by Carmen Feuling

Happy Birthday JC!!!!! Hope you have a great one! :)

Comment by Ciera

Happy Beerday!

Comment by Loghen

Happy Birthday Johnny! x

Comment by SS

You can’t spell bass without “ass”.

Comment by Arturo Torres

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