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Avenged Sevenfold Live In London, United Kingdom – Photo Round-Up.
December 2, 2013, 4:32 am
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Avenged Sevenfold performed live in London, United Kingdom on December 1st, 2013. Photo galleries from the event can be found here. Please check back regularly for updates.

Richard Issac‘s Avenged Sevenfold in London photo gallery.
Getty Images‘ (WireImage) Avenged Sevenfold in London photo gallery.
Corbis ImagesAvenged Sevenfold in London photo gallery.
Nick PicklesAvenged Sevenfold in London photo gallery.


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No words can even explain how god damn amazing they were last night! my heart literally broke when they played Fiction. ROLL ON DOWNLOAD!!!

Comment by Stephanie Dawn Hayward

Such an amazing gig last night! It was surreal! So much fire and so many fireworks!!! So proud of the guys!! Can’t wait to see them on Thursday again!!

Comment by shell6661

Such a good gig, best i’ve seen from them but I wish they would cut the guitar solo/band jam down, 10 minutes is way too long, cut it to 5 and then play almost easy or Beast and the harlot

Comment by Ross6661

simply amazing show last night. the pyrotechnics were insane (i was quite far back and could feel it as if it were close) and the lads proved exactly why they deserve to be headlining download next year. the set list was a wonderful mix of old and new, and i think they chose the right songs from HTTK to get the crowd pumped. This means war was a fantastic highlight for me; as was pulling the birthday boy up on stage and giving the superfan zackys trashed guitar.
No words can describe the atmosphere when they played fiction; it was beautiful.

5fdp were great support and should be doing arena tours of their own soon; avatar were good considering they had a really difficult job on their hands – not easy to warm up a crowd that pretty much bought their tickets before they were added to the bill, and whom noone had really heard of them. They seemed to know they’d been given a massive opportunity and certainly didn’t waste it – they had a lot of energy and enthusiasm and were an interesting but good choice. Still would have preferred device, but i think mainly because it would have been magnificent to see them play haze with shadows…

in summary… What. A. Night. Wish I was going to birmingham now!

Comment by anne

in the best british tradition, reviews in the papers look as if they were written by self-indulgent morons… somewhat disregarding the fact that the band and their outstanding performances made an arena full of people happy… i would like to see syn’s 10 min solo, i saw a 4 min solo and thought it was too short…

Comment by Anonymous

I’m jealous of all these people who went LOL So glad it was a great show! Zacky smashing his guitar must have been awesome to see, just saw the video online. Can’t wait until they come back to the States!!! Pictures though from this one kinda stink. Hope that the next ones are better!

Comment by Rob

It was amazing! and the best part is that i got both johnny and zacky’s guitar picks! AND I HAD A CONVERSATION WITH MATT HIMSELF!! :3

Comment by bayan

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