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Hot Press: “Avenged Sevenfold Give Dublin A Ridiculously Good Time.”
December 4, 2013, 9:41 am
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Hot Press has published a very complimentary review of Avenged Sevenfold’s show in Dublin, Ireland.

It looks like some diabolical temple for the damned. Wide stone steps lead up to a gigantic skull, its bat wings outstretched, casting its ghastly grin upon several thousand over-excited metalheads. If this is a temple, than Avenged Sevenfold’s frontman M. Shadows, a tattooed, muscular spook clad in black and grey with dark glasses, is its abominable priest.

As he flies about the stage, there is something tribal about the chanting of the seemingly endless crowd, who, as one body, sway, fist-pump, scream, and jump to his will. ‘Electric’ is a much overused adjective when we talk about atmosphere but whoever first came up with the phrase must have been a rock and roll fan, because every moment of this thrilling, theatrical and full-throttle show was charged with incessant and intense energy.


But beneath the splashy lightshow, the dramatic staging and the well-pummeled stadium speakers, lies the real substance that has made Avenged Sevenfold one of the biggest names in metal today.


They then proceed to unleash all the fiery enthusiasm, power and unfettered passion that metal ultimately represents – all ‘pyro’ is forgotten. Add to all this M. Shadows skilful showmanship and the band’s obvious bond with their fans (the ‘family,’ as the frontman calls them), and you have a hugely entertaining set that is essential viewing for hardcore concert lovers.


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Oh god it was such a great show,especially for my first :D the guys were amazing and set the whole crowd off…it was amazing :) <3 \m/

Comment by Dearbhla Brennan

Thoroughly enjoyed it once again! 5th time seeing A7x and they blow me away every time. Delighted to see them play chapter four!

Comment by Rebecca O'Sullivan

First time i ever saw a7x live and was looking forward to this for 6 months!! First of all my tickets never arrived and so now i believe im not going but a friend steps in and saves the day and i can get down, all being well we were set for a banging night! Travelled down from belfast, full of high hopes and heineken only to have this atmosphere destroyed by getting lost and missing 5FDP and arriving to a venue where there was more underage drinking at it than at an under 18’s school disco! My 1st experience unfortunatly has not been good but hats of to A7x they gave it hell for leather as they always do but if im totally honest, i felt that the crowd was tame and subdued until prompted by the band and even then they calmed right down again, Korn played Mandela hall in belfast and the place was packed to the rafters and going wild! Volbeat played the limelight also in belfast and again the fans went wild. I would recomend 100% A7x should give Belfast a try in any of these venues, gaurenteed packed house and one of the liveliest crowds they would ever see! At the end of the day this is me and my mates opinion and we are entitled to express it but its just unfortunate it ended this way, its all good though we found an alternative…O’Neills own red ale! Good end lol

Comment by Jason Burke

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