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That Metal Show’s Season 13 Premiere Episode (& Bonus Content) Featuring M Shadows.
January 18, 2014, 9:36 pm
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UPDATE 1/19: That Metal Show‘s Season 13 premiere episode featuring M Shadows can be streamed (geographical restrictions may apply) here. Matt (9:40) speaks about how Avenged Sevenfold celebrated their #1 albums, the criticism that comes along with success and how he handles it, Hail To The King: Deathbat, if he could be in any other band which would it be, the one song he wish he wrote, his one vice, the best concert he’s ever attended, the first album he bought with his own money, who he thinks is the better vocalist between Freddie Mercury and Robert Plant and more. Zakk Wylde also complimented the band’s success saying, “the success that Avenged Sevenfold has is just great for the whole hard-rock community and rock community in general.”

1/18: That Metal Show has posted bonus content from their season 13 premiere episode taping. In ‘Avenged Sevenfold carries the Metal Torch’ and ‘Zakk Wylde and M. Shadows Put (the Rest Of) It on the Table’ Matt touches on carrying the metal torch, the first song he learned how to play on guitar, the weirdest rumor he’s ever heard about himself and his favorite new band. In the ‘Backstage Interview: M Shadows’ he talks about his first concert, malfunctioning fog machines, his pre-show rituals, weirdest fan requests, what album he would take on a deserted island and gives advice to aspiring rockstars. He also chats with Jennifer in her ‘Miss Box of Junk’ segment about his diet plan and what he listens to when he works out.


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haha why is M shadows acting so awkward throughout the whole show

Comment by ZP

He’s not wearing his glasses.

Comment by Brendan

Plus, being on camera/TV is completely different than being on stage singing. Many people get nervous and I could tell Matt was very nervous during this whole thing =). Odd to think he can sing in front of hundreds of thousands of people with no nerves.

Comment by aightball

don’t think matt was thrilled with the host announcing what he did lol

Comment by josh

Amen. He seemed really happy until they made the announcement on his behalf. They clearly don’t follow A7X or they’d know the band likes to keep interviews about the music.

Comment by Marissa

I honestly thought watching Matt be humble, down-to-earth, and quiet, made for such a nice interview as opposed to loud and brash Zakk Wylde, who couldn’t be bothered to even answer a single question seriously. Matt looked like a mature guy who appreciated to be where he was, and it was more interesting hearing him actually talk about things as opposed to Zakk’s unfunny jokes. His response to the Machine Head question was really good. Eddie Trunk kinda blew it too, announcing the personal news and all, hah. I’d love to see Avenged on this show more though. I think it’ll help their public image with the metal community. I mean, love them or hate them, there is nothing negative you could say about Matt after that episode! More people need to see that the guys in Avenged are just overall laid back, good dudes haha

Comment by Tom Whaley

Avenged Sevenfold is an amazing band that has gotten me through some very hard times! I will forever love them.

Comment by pinkylee0202

I really wanna see the show but i can’t find a damn link to watch it (I’m not an US resident).. :(
At least I found one, but the quality was soooo shitty :/

Comment by Anonymous

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