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Avenged Sevenfold Nominated For Seven 2014 Revolver Golden Gods Awards.
February 26, 2014, 10:08 am
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The 2014 Revolver Golden Gods have been announced and Avenged Sevenfold (and members) are nominated for seven awards including: Album Of The Year: Hail To The King, Best Vocalist: M Shadows, Dimebag Darrell Best Guitarist(s): Synyster Gates & Zacky Vengeance, Paul Gray Best Bassist: Johnny Christ, Best Drummer presented by Razor & Tie: Arin Ilejay, Song Of The Year presented by Randall Amplifiers: Hail To The King and Most Dedicated Fans. Voting is open now (or click individual voting links) and ends on April 4th, there is no limit on how many times you can vote. The show will take place at Club Nokia in Los Angeles on Apr 23rd; tickets will be available at 10AM on February 28th are available now here. Details on how fans can watch the show from home will be announced soon.

UPDATE: The Revolver Golden Gods Awards will tape on Apr 23rd and stream at and on VH1’s mobile app OR An edited, 90-minute version will be televised on VH1 Classic at 8pm ET/PT on May 24th.


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Can you vote an unlimited amount of times?? And will they ever show the status of the polls before the show?

Comment by Kasey

As far as I know voting is unlimited and we won’t know the results until they’re announced live.

Comment by Deathbat News

Geeeeezz seven!!! Congrats and lets stomp these guys this time!!!!

Comment by JC

These seem to take place every few months, it doesn’t feel like an annual thing.

Congrats to them!

Comment by Loghen

It is an annual thing. It happens every year around April 20th

Comment by Edward

I think we as fans should really make a push for Arin to win that award. He deserves it and he did more than prove himself as a drummer I think we owe it to him. As far as the rest of the band they blew my mind with hail to the king and deserve every nomination

Comment by Pete Vandenberg

Oh come on, he’s probably the worst drummer on that list, he’s done very little to prove himself.

Comment by JimmyJonCricket

Is your name on that list? Shocker it’s not…. He did what the band told him. Clearly you don’t follow the band and out side of hail to the king look at not ready to die… Look at carry on and look at all of his live performances that included save me, beast and the harlot and burn it down…. Because the kid didn’t have blast beats on an album that means he doesn’t deserve it? He did right by every avenged sevenfold fan by doing what he is doing that’s why he deserves it.

Comment by Pete

I don’t have to be a famous chef to criticize food do I?.. He did what the band told him, that’s a joke. So did Portnoy and his drumming was brilliant on Nightmare and before you say The Rev wrote the parts- the album version of Nightmare compared to the demo is league’s ahead, the drumming is night and day and writing music clearly isn’t an issue if you listen to any of Mike’s other material. Who said anything about blast beats? You need to listen to more music. Did you even listen to any other of the nominations? I love Avenged but these awards are a joke.

Comment by JimmyJonCricket


Comment by Pete

No, you don’t have to be a famous chef to criticize food. However, if someone puts two plates in front of you, tells you they’re both the same dish but they look different because one was cooked by a 5 star chef, and the other by a local chef, you are just going to have it in your head from the start that the dish cooked by the local chef tastes like utter crap. But as you eat the two dishes you could end up finding out that maybe the dish was a local dish and he didn’t prepare it right.

Do you get what I’m trying to convey here? So maybe it’s not the best analogy but whatever. Yes, Portnoy is a “5 star chef” when it comes to drums, but that doesn’t mean that he fits the bill. A7X were put in a crap situation, Portnoy ended up not being that solution.

You’re really going to pull the whole “Portnoy made Nightmare better” card? A demo isn’t supposed to sound perfect. A demo is having ideas and playing them out as a rough recording, unless I missed something. So you before you start talking down on The Rev, I’d suggest at least re-checking what bands fan site you’re commenting on.

Sure, Arin may not be the worlds best drummer but guess what. He took on a huge weight and responsibility by becoming a part Avenged Sevenfold family. No one can ever truely replace The Rev. But he’s doing his best to make everyone happy while taking a beating from “haters” and that, in my opinion, makes him the drummer of the frickin century.

Comment by Jennifer S.

… It’s not even opinion or the fact that Portnoy’s a ‘5 star chef’, it’s the fact that he did that album justice with what he was given, who do you see complaining about the drums on that album? Absolutely no one. I’m not complaining saying Portnoy should be in the band. I’m saying Arin was in the exact same situation and did little with it.

A demo is exactly how it sounds, it shows the song. Obviously we don’t know what Jimmy would have done on the final recordings of the album and that’s hardly an argument. But drum-wise, Portnoy added so much to that track instead of just playing the basics that Jimmy set in stone.

I suggest you go listen to Like Clockwork.. almost the same situation, they wanted to make a classic-rock album, and they did it flawlessly and brought new ideas and sounds to the table. Not to mention, the drums on that album are great, interesting and pretty difficult. A perfect example of how to reinvigorate a classic sound.

Also, me being on an Avenged fansite and being a fan doesn’t mean I have to be content with whatever they give us and praise their every move like they’re godly.

Comment by JimmyJonCricket

Mike and Arins involvement with Avenged are two entirely different situations. Mike had finished demos to work with. Some of his parts on Nightmare are dumbed down versions because he couldn’t play what Jimmy had in mind. What you hear on Hail To The King is the vision Avenged wanted for the album and Arin executed them. This has been explained in interviews many times. At this point, the discussion should just be finished. Its gone from opinions to arguing.

Comment by Cal

You, sir, seem to have understood nothing. I usually don’t engange in this sort of conversation because it leads nowhere, but the constant shitstorm Arin gets angers me for quite some time.

Drumming, in order to be great, doesn’t need to be complex. With the simplicity in Hail To The King came power and impact, things I haven’t heard in any other Sevenfold record to such an extent. I LOVE the drums on HTTK, they are just so massive and tasty. The drum sound, sonically, is by far the best. Those aspects can shine, because the drumming is minimalistic. They have the necessary space to breathe. Furthermore, with less notes to play you have to choose even more wisely what to play and Arin NAILED that. I wouldn’t have the drums on HTTK anyway else, because it fits the songwriting perfectly, it makes the songs so tight.

The reason, why Arin deserves this award, is his maturity and his delicate taste. To restrain yourself like he did is a very difficult task. Even the other guys in the band had problems with it and they have much more experience and had the oppurtunity to live themselves out, musically. I highly doubt Portnoy would have been able to cut himself back in such a manner. To contain your ego for the sake of a song also makes an accomplished musician.

Plus, he came in and had to fill the shoes of The Rev and Portnoy. The fans expected over the top drumming and put him under a lot of pressure. But he did the exact opposite and that takes balls of steel. Also, you have to take into account, that the fundament of his drumming stems from jazz and funk and he is used to do metalcore. Before HTTK, he didn’t really know anything about classic metal drumming. He had less than a year to adapt this completely new style to the level we hear on HTTK, which is, frankly spoken, insane. But he’s also proven in countless lifeshows and in songs like Carry On, St. James and Not Ready To Die that he is technically more than proficient and loyal to the style of Jimmy.

Because of all these reasons I stated, he received my vote. Pretty much all the other drummers on the list are proven veterans and have collected countless awards. He, on the other hand, is new blood but has gone through alot already, hate included. He deserves this award because it would pay off his well accomplished hard hard work.

My apologies for the lenght of that post, but I felt those were things that needed to be said.

Comment by Berislav Kardum

Comment by Cal

I agree that we should make a push for Arin to win that award! I also think we should undoubtedly show the world we ARE the most dedicated fans ;)

Comment by Jennifer S.

I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that feels that way hahaha and yes we do need to
Show the world!!!:)

Comment by Pete Vandenberg

A7X is my favorite band ever.BUT,I really enjoy Ghost.So I’ll vote for them equally and see what happens.I really think Avenged will win at least 4 out of 7.

Comment by Luis

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