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Avenged Sevenfold Perform ‘Burn It Down’ & ‘Eternal Rest’ In Australia.
February 26, 2014, 6:36 pm
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There’s been talk of Avenged Sevenfold implementing older songs from their discography into upcoming live shows and while in Sydney (and Melbourne), Australia they did just that. At both sidewaves shows, for the first time since 2009, the band performed “Burn It Down” and “Eternal Rest.” Keep an eye out here for photo coverage from Soundwave 2014 and accompanying sideshows.

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OMG :D so glad!

Comment by moshiz

fucking epic

Comment by Brendan

When they played Eternal Rest, I lost my mind. The guys were legends, they played a completely different set to Soundwave. Lets hope they keep their promise of coming down to Oz more often!!

Comment by Ryan O

I’m really happy to see some old stuff! Thank you! :)

Comment by Gretchen

So bad ass!!!!

Comment by kevin_a7x

PLEASE GOD LET THEM PLAY ETERNAL REST AT ROTR. It is my second favorite song of all time, by anyone. I might actually die on the spot if I get to see it live.

Comment by dcafwriting

I second that. I love the fact that they’re doing older stuff. And going out in front of a crowd as big and diverse as ROTR and doing stuff that only the fans will know is ballsy as hell, but I think they would get really good feedback to play some older stuff there that hasn’t been on the radio.

Comment by ClarksvilleOHIO

I believe they played that Eternal Rest/Chapter Four medley there back in ’09 with the Rev. So there’s a chance ;)

Comment by moridin94

They played seize the day as well!

Comment by Greg

And LPOH! , shame Matt and Jimmy were drowned out by the kick being way too loud.
We didn’t get Critical Acclaim, best songs they did were Afterlife and Easy.
Hope they come back sooner!!!

Comment by juice

HELL YES!!! YES!! YESS!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Kaylee

I can’t help but to reminisce on hearing The Rev singing the high notes on Burn It Down and the screams on Eternal Rest live. He was a brilliant musician!

Comment by Anonymous

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