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Avenged Sevenfold’s Shepherd Of Fire Tour Stage Production Said To Be “Out Of Control.”
April 6, 2014, 12:34 pm
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M Shadows called into Lafayette’s Planet 105.1 to JoBo talk to about what it’s like to tour with Vinnie Paul, taking Adrenaline Mob on the Shepherd Of Fire Tour, how their stage production on the Shepherd Of Fire Tour will be different than what they had last time they were in the area and where Avenged Sevenfold draw their lyrical content from. Have you gotten your tickets to the Shepherd Of Fire Tour yet?

Whats going to be different on this tour than the last time you guys came through Lafayette?
M Shadows: “We’re doing a bunch of headlining gigs in Europe, a bunch of festivals like Donington and Graspop over in Belgium and so we have a huge stage show that we need to test out [laughs] so this whole tour we’re basically going to be blowing everything up and all the video walls, everything we’re going to be doing at these festivals that hold 90-100,000 people we’re going to be packing into these arenas. So, without giving it all away, pretty much a ridiculous, over the top, show for arenas but I mean, it should be cool to watch. I mean, it’s going to be pretty out of control.”


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Comment by Deathbat News

Good to see their testing out for their festival sets, bring on Download.

Comment by ross6661

6 more days til we see it!

Comment by Shane

cant wait to see this!

Comment by joel

I’m hoping that they play Planets to close off the set as the backdrop is destroyed (in the style of metallica) and then come out for an acid rain encore. That would be amazing.

Comment by Matt

ALL for that idea.

Comment by Deathbat News

THIS^ that would be a killer way to end it. I really hope they throw more songs from the new album in the set.

Comment by Raderj2

I just have to think that they’re waiting on playing those songs because they want an accompanying show. The first time I heard the album, I thought that’s how they would be closing out every show, because it’s the most perfect ending to an album I’ve ever heard. I have no idea how Acid Rain works- it reminds me of something that should’ve been in a Broadway musical, but does it ever work.

Comment by Matthew

OH. MY. GOD!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Doug

Wow, What a great imagination! I would have never thought of that. This would be amazing to see!

Comment by Ryan

Omg I cannot wait! Only a few weeks away!

Comment by Dorothy

Six more days and I get to see ya guys in PG!
Can’t wait!

Comment by Daniel Parker

I totally don’t get the point of these “out of control” and “ridiculous” stage production sets. I go to their shows to hear Matt sing and the guys rip the heck out of their instruments…not to stare at a giant plastic skeleton, flames and whatnot.

Comment by Frosty

You may be one of few. What do you think drew us to this concert in the first place? Hearing Matt sing and the band play. That being said, do you realize how big of an impact a good stage show ADDS to them? The pyro cues for This Means War was incredible.

Comment by Mike Sevenfold

would love the planets and acid rain idea. i think these are two key songs they also seemed to talk about soooo much and loved personally but yet dont play live :( a nice refreshing change to the setlist and more off hail to the king would be cool to see…. video pyro and fire fire fire and backdrops and all that obnoxious stuff is cool i guess,but their music can speak for itself i think and it would be cool to see some new stuff!

Comment by kelly

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