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Eddie Trunk Shares His Thoughts On His First Avenged Sevenfold Concert.
May 2, 2014, 6:12 pm
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Eddie Trunk caught Avenged Sevenfold live for the first time in Hollywood, FL and shared his thoughts on the experience:

“Never saw A7X live and was curious to see why this band has had back to back #1 albums. They are a newer band that is old school in many ways. Guitar solos, big stage show, and rabid younger fans all wearing their shirts and hanging on every note. As an older rock fan it was very inspiring to see a younger fan base totally consumed with a heavy metal/hard rock band. Gave me some confidence for the future generations of the music we love. I suspect many of the fans at an A7X show never saw Maiden, Priest, or Sabbath in their larger than life days. So for them they have this band. Avenged themselves told me they went back and listened to old UFO, Scorpions, Priest and more and took that spirit into what they are now doing. Which explains why it really finally connected with me. The guys play extremely well and put on a great production. I left feeling good to know there is a younger band making such a great connection with a younger audience totally into metal! Thanks to all the bands and fan and thanks to the Hard Rock for having me host!”


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“Newer band”?
They’ve been a band for 15 years…what the fuck?

Comment by Arron Johnson

Arron – I think that Eddie meant “newer” is that they came out AFTER Nirvana / Grunge / the Death of Headbanger’s Ball – not that they are a new band. Being “old school” myself it’s amazing how fast time goes by. it feels like 5 years ago hanging out with my friends watching Headbanger’s Ball and going to Van Halen concerts but in the meantime 20 years have come and gone. most of the metal bands that were around back in the 80’s and early 90’s (which Eddie calls “old school”) centered around guitar solos, enormous big stage production, and a lot of them, for better or worse, also had the glitz, glamor, hairspray and spandex. what Eddie is trying to say is that most of the metal bands around now don’t have the guitar solos and stage production that he misses. I got to see A7X for the first time the other day – I went to see KORN and ended up LOVING A7X because they are right up my alley. A heavier version of the Dokken, Lynch Mob, Queensryche, Iron Maiden, Savatage type of music I grew up on. I thought I was stuck with having to wait 7 years for a new TOOL album or seeing Iced Earth in a local club if I wanted to see a band play that type of music – but to see it on a BIG STAGE was simply amazing. I REALLY WISH I HAD REALIZED IT SOONER TOO!!!!! Wish to hell there were still HEAVY METAL radio stations without having to subscribe to SIRIUS to get to hear “new” (for us) bands.

Comment by Bill Mueller

Kind words Trunk. Too bad you didn’t realize it sooner but Welcome to the Family

Comment by Bryan

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