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Hopeless Records Releasing Avenged Sevenfold’s “Waking The Fallen: Resurrected” On August 26th.

Hopeless Records will release Avenged Sevenfold’s “Waking The Fallen: Resurrected” on August 25th, 2014. You can pre-order the album now by choosing from three packages: Package #1 – Waking The Fallen: Resurrected Vinyl, Package #2 – Waking The Fallen: Resurrected Deluxe 2CD/1DVD & Shirt and Package #3 – Waking The Fallen: Resurrected Vinyl & Shirt. The 2CD/DVD set includes: 11 never before heard demos & live tracks, 2 bonus tracks (Hopeless exclusive), expanded album artwork, a 30 minute documentary with brand new interviews & behind the scenes footage, exclusive “Chapter Four” live footage video and the original first cut of the “Unholy Confessions” video. You may also pre-order from these retailers.

Two new songs, including the lead track “Waking The Fallen: Resurrected,” which had been lost to history before it was discovered buried deep within the original multi-track recordings. Originally intended to make the album as a full song, it was ultimately reworked into a vocal free intro. Later the band drew inspiration from this lost song’s piano intro, building it out into their hit song “Beast And The Harlot” off of their next album City Of Evil. This song is a previously unknown link between two major eras in the band’s career.

Four never before heard demos recorded by Thrice’s Teppei Teranishi including “Chapter Four,” “Remenissions,” “I Won’t See You Tonight Part 1,” “I Won’t See You Tonight Part 2.” These early version demos contain alternate lyrics, melodies, and arrangements giving fans a unique and unprecedented behind the scenes look at the evolution of four of the band’s most popular songs.

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Avenged + Thrice =

Comment by Deathbat News

My two favorites! Speaking of Thrice…. I miss them :'(

Comment by Tom Whaley (@TomWhaley)

Two of my favorite bands.

Comment by K

Bummed that we’re not getting anything technically new, but it’ll still be cool to hear some of those rarities live. I always wondered what IWSYT Part 2 would be like.

Comment by moridin94

Same here, but it doesn’t really surprise me. From the interviews I’ve seen, it seems like they only ever finish working on and record songs that they really like, and they probably wouldn’t leave any of those of the record.

Comment by SynVanSambora

Except for the seven B-sides they did on the s/t and the two with Nightmare lol. I was just crossing my fingers that they had unearthed some b-sides or something. Waking the Fallen is so far and away my favorite album that I’d probably sacrifice a large farm animal to get more music from that era lol

Comment by moridin94

While not exactly what you are looking for, based on this Waking the fallen resurrected ( the song) will be a full song which was originally intended with the release of waking the fallen, but then changed to a simple into track. I assume that second new track is the alternate version of second heartbeat, which I’m pretty sure I’ve heard before I always just thought it was a demo.

Anyways, looking forward to this release, I love waking the fallen and will be cool to here the title track in its entirety along with iwsyt pt. 2 live, didnt think they had ever played that one live before but guess I was wrong

Comment by Sean

I don’t know about the second heartbeat because that other version of it that floats around is available with the i tunes purchase of regular waking the fallen , so I’m hoping its a different version.

Comment by James

If anyone remembers in the All Excess dvd when the band is recording WtF you can see Syn playing Beast and The Harlot on the piano. After hearing the description for Waking The Fallen: Ressurected it makes so much more sense that he was playing that there.

Comment by Mike

I’m actually surprised that I’m not disappointed by the release or the absence of new material. For some reason, I love the idea of this as it is. Looking forward to this, HTTK: Deathbat and the DVD later this year too. Another great year to be an A7X fan in my book.

Comment by Wayne7x

Is anyone having a problem pre-ordering this through hopeless records website? It wont go through checkout for me.

Comment by Anonymous

Yeh I’m having problems with preordering too. Said it’s sold out, though it’ll probs be resolved soon.

Comment by Will Elliston

I am so excited for this!! Waking The Fallen was the album I discovered A7X with many, many, MANY moons ago and has strong sentimental value to me. I’m also stoked to see any old footage of The Rev, especially after finally getting my July issue of Metal Hammer in the mail this week and having the opportunity to read their new interview where memories of The Rev were re-lived amongst the band members. Also IWSYT is a song I love to see them perform live and have ever only seen them do at House of Blues in Myrtle Beach SC because its such a fan favorite there, so to hear such an epic song done in a different way will be interesting!! I think for us old diehards that have been following the band since the time period of WTF’s initial release and the old “The Fallen” fan club days this is going to be a fun trip down memory lane. For me personally it makes me think of the times where I had the opportunities to meet and talk with the guys and share a few laughs and a few drinks, and when I just knew down in the depths of my being that they were going to become something monumental and would one day conquer the world with their music. I think about when I rode a Greyhound bus for 32 hours from VA to Houston TX to see them play and how I left at least 100 flyers promoting them in each of the 6 different states the bus stopped in on the way there and back. So Resurrecting Waking the Fallen resurrects a whole period of time in my life…and I’m sure will have the same effect with some of the other old farts like me. Haha!

Comment by Christen

Fucking dope!!! These dudes will never let u down!

Comment by Anonymous

I agree with Christen. I too have been a fan since Waking The Fallen came out and it’s nice to hear the ol’ A7X again. I’m just a wee Canadian and unfortunately I have never had the chance to see them live. I live through their documentaries and live performances on DVD and YouTube though and I have my Deathbat stamp-tattoo to show my dedication and appreciation of the band. :)
My favourite song would have to be Desecrate Through Reverence – I’m pleased to see this album come back to life with added bonuses. Definitely going to pre-order this album ASAP!

Comment by Sarah

Def Pre ordering this. I have been a fan since right before Waking The Fallen Came out. I found out about them because I bought the Hopelessly devoted to you volume 4 cd because it had an unreleased THRICE song on it(also why this is awesome). I remember then buying STST and being hooked and waiting for the WTF release. I was even a member of their original street team for this album called THE FALLEN. My first A7X concert was Nov 15th 2003(jesus i’m old)

I just wish they had a bundle that had the CD and the Vinyl’s. I know the Vinyl’s come with a digital download card, but call me old school but I still love having a psychical CD!!!

Comment by Ryan V

You’re not old school it’s so much better I’ll also order the bundle with the CD and the vinyl.

Comment by Alexandre Leblanc

I pre ordered the album but it hasn’t come yet, any one else have this problem?

Comment by shannon

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