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M Shadows On Waking The Fallen: Resurrected & Possible Additions To Avenged Sevenfold’s Set Lists.

M Shadows recently hit up the Hail To The King: Deathbat forum to answer a few more fan questions regarding the game and took the time to give some detailed answers regarding why ‘Waking The Fallen’ wasn’t remastered for ‘Waking The Fallen: Resurrected, how the re-release could help international fans and what songs Avenged Sevenfold might be playing live in the future.

[As for the new “Waking the Fallen: Resurrected” package, did you guys do any remastering to the original album?]
1) As for remastering and remixing… This is a hot button for me because I have seen virtually every remaster / remix of bands I enjoy completely destroy the feeling I had for those records. Lets take all the Megadeth records for example… These albums sound nothing like the originals. Peaking due to the “loudness war,” effects are missing, effects are added and over all the nostalgia is stripped away. Same happened with Pink Floyd when someone remastered all their albums, something is just not right. I wouldn’t have a problem with this for people that wanna hear their fav. records in a different way, but with CD’s becoming obsolete we have one place to buy those old records… and guess what, they only sell one version, the new “improved” version. You can’t find the original versions of those albums anymore unless you order the CD or by some miracle “Best Buy” has a bunch of 20 – 30 year old records in stock. Now, I could make sure that our record doesn’t compete in the “loudness war,” as you can probably tell HTTK is about 4 db lower the most record these days, and that was done to save the dynamics, but I feel changing the sound in the slightest to make it more modern would just strip it of the vibe… The vibe of 5 guys writing a record in their parents garage with nothing to lose on a shoestring budget. I just don’t want to give people the chance to make the original recording obsolete.

-This re release is truly for the die hards that wanna hear the demo process and hear the songs as they were played with “The Rev” back in a time when we were sloppy as hell. haha Well, he wasn’t, but the rest of us sure were…

-But it is equally a record to introduce our international fan base to our beginnings. When we play internationally (which is a huge portion of our audience) most of them are not familiar with these songs and this record. It probably has something to do with Hopeless Record being an indie label and just not having the distro that they have now. Also we had never toured these places so no wonder they had never heard of us.

[Did revisiting “Waking the Fallen” awaken any kind of inspiration to bring some of those songs back into the live set?]
2) Im not sure if it re awakened anything in terms of playing stuff live. There are pockets of fans that swear by this album, but we are the ones that stand on stage every night and read how the audience responds. Internationally it is very Nightmare and HTTK heavy. When we play Waking songs the energy just stops. I’m sure people will debate that but its true, I wish it wasn’t. This re release should help that. Remenissions would be awesome live, I’m sure we will bust that one out soon as well as Coming Home, Planets, Acid Rain, Scream, Trashed and Scattered, Gunslinger and the assortment of other songs that people hammer on about us playing. hahah. The Desecrate live version on this re release is fucking sick. Jimmy kills it. Its one of my favs on the album for sure.

[In regards to “This Is Bat Country,” are there plans to release it on Blu-Ray.]
3) This question is one of those that I have no clue. Honestly, Im not sure how the label feels about Blue Ray and DVD. Im sure they are gonna make the product work on whatever is the most standard. I had a blue ray player for a second and then nothing was coming out on it so its back to DVD’s for me. But I will check it out. Also, about a CD version, its a good question but I think we always wanted to do a proper live CD and not cross them both into the same package. We would like to release the Video Game Soundtrack with this package as well, so we will see where it all ends up.

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Yes, Acid Rain and the return of Gunslinger!!!

Comment by SynVanSambora

Great to hear they are thinking about pulling some older songs back out for set lists. I unfortunately had only gotten to see them love twice (missed out on a couple opportunities), and the only songs I have heard live from City of Evil and Waking the Fallen are Bat Country and Unholy Confessions. It’d be nice to see them live and get to hear them play some earlier stuff.

Comment by Lucas

Sorry, I feel like I’m new and/or missed something; what was “This Is Bat Country”?

Comment by Loghen

“This Is Bat Country” is the name of their new live DVD.

Comment by Deathbat News

Ah okay okay. Thank you!

Comment by Loghen

YES to all of the songs he mentioned them playing.

Comment by Cal

This was my question! So happy he answered it on the forum! Can’t wait for the upcoming releases, and the possibility for some more rare stuff in the setlist. I know I’ve been kind of complaining about that for years now haha

Comment by Tom Whaley (@TomWhaley)

Join the club lol. I’ve seen ’em all over the country over the last seven years and they keep playing the same singles over and over again. It’s become a running joke with my friends that I’ll never see Chapter Four live (mostly they refuse to play it in Colorado).

Comment by moridin94

Oh yeah haha I haven’t missed a Sevenfold show in the area in a decade, but I’ve been less enthusiastic about going over the last few years, because I know that they’ll really be one song or so in the setlist that I actually want to see at this point… So I sit through “Welcome to the Family” “Afterlife” “Bat Country” and all of the other singles they’ve been playing at every show since those albums have come out… Like, I’m really only looking forward to going to Mayhem if “Burn It Down” remains in the setlist. If not, then idk… because I’ve seen all the other songs more times than I can count. I did catch “Chapter Four” and “Second Heartbeat” so that was nice. It might be my fault because I’ve seen them so much, so it’s probably not fair to reflect that on all of the fans… but still, it’s kind of a bummer. They put on amazing shows though, so it’s still fun seeing them!

Comment by Tom Whaley (@TomWhaley)

This is exactly my situation, yep! I got super lucky with my first show (Remenissions, IWSYT Part 1) and I’ve basically seen the same ten or eleven songs at every other show otherwise. I was really excited when that interview popped up a while back where Shadows said that they were gonna do deep cuts from CoE on Mayhem so fans wouldn’t have to see Bat Country for the 100th time (freakin’ seriously)…and then I see that they’re playing Bat Country on Mayhem.

I’m just crossing my fingers that they’ll do something special for the Red Rocks show tonight.

Comment by moridin94

Honestly, Scream is a song that I do not care about coming back, it’s one of their top 15 most played songs. Trashed and Scattered would be nice though, just like how they brought back Burn It Down. Regarding the HTTK songs, they could fulfill their promise and play ALL the songs, not just 8 out of 10 (not counting St. James, since they never played bonus tracks live) like Shadows suggests. But it’s great to see that they’re changing their setlist, they have been playing most of the current songs since HTTK came out (with only minor changes).

Comment by Marcelo Sena

Actually, they played Not Ready to Die and Carry On a few times.

Not Ready to Die (August, 2011)

Carry On (July, 2013)

Comment by steve

“Not Ready to Die” is such a solid song. I forgot about that one! Thanks for the inadvertent reminder haha

Comment by Tom Whaley (@TomWhaley)

Yeah, I think a lot of the self-titled songs got their fair time through the years on stage too…

Comment by Tom Whaley (@TomWhaley)

I loooveee Trashed and Scattered. Gunslinger is one of my all time favourites too! Super excited for the re-release and can’t wait to hear their new setlist live ^.^

Comment by Nadia

This is truly EPIC…
Bringing some of the older songs
Back..!! Exciting
Love you guys.

Comment by Anita Calhoon

I only hope that it is not so that they will add 1-2 new songs and call it a new set list =/ (sorry for being negativist)

Comment by Rusty Foose

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