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Zacky Vengeance Talks “Waking The Fallen: Resurrected” & Getting Inspired With Billboard.

Zacky Vengeance talked to Billboard about Avenged Sevenfold’s “Waking The Fallen: Resurrected” and getting inspiration to use for new material.

“Waking the Fallen truly encompasses everything that Avenged Sevenfold was at that time,” notes Vengeance. “It was us being fearless, us showing our roots in heavy metal, punk, rock ‘n’ roll and not being afraid to try everything under the sun when it comes to writing music. We had a real producer (Andrew Murdock). We wanted to take it to a different level rather than keep it in the garage. We really tried to make the album sound good. We tried to learn how to play our instruments better. We wanted to be professional. We learned that bands learn how to play in time and how to sing in key, and we had to work our ass off.”

It was also A7X’s first release with lead guitarist Synyster Gates, and Vengeance does remember locking horns with Murdock over his role in the group. “Me and him f—in’ nearly hated each other, ’cause I’m hard-headed and he was hard-headed,” Vengeance recalls. “I think he even tried to get me kicked out of the band at that point — the band I’d f—in’ started — ’cause producers could be f—in’ retards.”


“I think once we get home, the ideas are going to start brewing,” Vengeance predicts. “I know Syn’s been writing a ton purely for fun, trying different styles, recording backstage, keeping himself busy. I’ve been thinking of all sorts of ideas, listening to tons of different music to get inspiration — as have all of us. And being on tour, I’m so inspired. Seeing bands like Body Count with Ice-T out there, they’re so old-school and riff-based and over the top and slightly offensive and it’s f—in’ awesome. So there’s tons of inspiration that I know we’ll be drawing from.”

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And so, the next album hype begins…..

Comment by Eh7x

Very happy about the possibility of some new music in addition to WtF: Resurrected, the Deathbat game, and the live dvd. Maybe the wait for a new album won’t be so painful now!

Comment by SynVanSambora

I kinda feel, It’s too soon for a new Album. When they’re done in Japan, HTTK will be out barely over a year. They haven’t even played the latter half of the Album with Coming Home, Planets and Acid Rain and aside from Japan, they have still places to visit, i.e. South-East Asia, maybe Eastern Europe and South Africa. I hope they don’t rush it and take their Time necessery. HTTK Set the Standard incredibly High. The follow-up record will be different to accomplish.

Comment by Anonymous

I don’t think he means they’ll begin writing a new album that soon, just that they’ve been finding inspiration for new ideas. This is one band you don’t have to worry about ‘rushing’ themselves through an album cycle and HTTK’s has plenty of time left.

Comment by Cal

With HTTK being such a great record, and all the staggered releases they have planned for the year along with all the live performances online I can safely say that, at least for now, I’m way more than satisfied as a fan. If new album talk starts next year, that’s fine with me.

Comment by Wayne7x

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