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Texas Rock Report: Avenged Sevenfold Gave The Houston Crowd Something They’ll Never Forget.
August 13, 2014, 3:10 pm
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Texas Rock Report have put up a review (and photos) of Avenged Sevenfold’s set in The Woodlands, TX on Mayhem Festival 2014.

Usually pyrotechnics, elaborate set design, fog cannons, and flame effects are saved for marginally talented pop stars, or old rock acts who KISSed their raucous days goodbye years ago. Avenged Sevenfold kicked that sentiment in the face with a live show that was cinematic, and added to the music versus distracting from it.


It was a quasi-pious encore for the group. The carnival freak show rhapsody “A Little Piece of Heaven” was an epic 8-minute false idol worship sermon. They had one more offering before they reached sinners’ salvation. The bassline to “Unholy Confession” spoke in drubbing tongues, and there was nothing left but to collapse and give yourself to A7X. To those few who tapped out after Korn’s set, they got their money’s worth, but to those who stuck around until A7X’s last note, got something that they’ll never forget: the hardest rocking 75 minutes of their lives.


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Kudos to the author of this article, because it literally gave me chills to read it. Especially the part about the A7X set being the hardest pounding 75 minutes of your life. That’s the best analogy for seeing them live I think I’ve heard in a very long time. Great review for what has most definitely been the summer of the Deathbat!!

Comment by Christen

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