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Avenged Sevenfold’s “Waking The Fallen: Resurrected” Available Now.
August 25, 2014, 4:20 am
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Avenged Sevenfold’s “Waking The Fallen: Resurrected” is officially released today. “Waking The Fallen: Resurrected” includes expanded album artwork, the original ‘Waking The Fallen’ album, 11 never before heard demos & live tracks (2 bonus live tracks if purchased through Hopeless Records) and a DVD that includes a 30 minute documentary with new interviews, behind the scenes footage, exclusive “Chapter Four” live footage and two versions of the “Unholy Confessions” music video (the original first cut & the official video). Purchase options here.

It is our great pleasure to announce that Waking the Fallen: Resurrected is now available. Thank you for all the great memories and the many more to come! – A7X

DISCUSSION: Which version and/or package of the album did you buy? What do you think of the demos? What do you think about the live tracks? Did you enjoy the documentary? Which music video for “Unholy Confessions” do you like more? Feel free to discuss the entire re-release here with your fellow fans!


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With the possible exception of Second Heartbeat (in which I’m a little undecided of which version I prefer), I think demo versions were actually superior. They were a bit stripped back, a little less metalcore, and a little more bluesy. I really think fans of the band’s latter output should really give these demos a listen.

As for Waking the Fallen Resurrected, I think it’s a great melding of metalcore (the band’s earlier style) and heavy blues-rock (the band’s latter style). So it probably is a song that all Avenged Sevenfold fans (no matter which era they prefer) can appreciate.

Comment by luvsavengedsevenfold

so far I HATE it……. well cause I haven’t got my pre-order yet. I ordered from hopeless records, the deluxe edition. The thing I’m most excited about is the live recordings of I Won’t See You Tonight… also the demo. It’s my favorite a7x song.

Comment by Lewis Garcia

I Won’t See You Tonight is my favorite too and I was genuinely surprised by how great it is. I’ve read a lot of people’s reactions all over the internet saying that it’s the best live version they’ve ever come across.

Comment by Mullet

Thats strange. I received mine almost a week ago from them

Comment by Brandon

I actually just got an email, my order has shipped. I placed my order a little too late for it to get to me on time. …all these comments are getting me even more excited! I not going to listen to it ’til I get my own copy.

Comment by Lewis Garcia

Rite i got mine thursday it’s fukkin bad ass

Comment by kevin0224A7X

Thanks for the info. I will be picking it up after work today!!! Can’t wait to hear the Live recordings, and b-sides.

Comment by Joel Paz

Among the alternate version of Waking the Fallen and the demos, I can see why so much had changed between what ended up on the actual album and what got scrapped. The common problem among all these is that they’re so sorely lacking in focus, which I feel Mudrock kinda kicked their asses about.

For example, Waking the Fallen as a title track should be a bit more focused and ambient, which WTF:Ressurected wasn’t at all.

Chapter Four’s demo was all over the place and didn’t seem to focus on a thing. There was no chorus or any sort of hook…they repeated the verse over like a chorus, but it was not catchy like a chorus.

Remenissions was pretty close to the final product – good stuff. I remember seeing a video of them playing pretty much the exact thing live. Only real change was the duration of the breakdown section after the verse.

IWSYT1 was missing the X-factor that made the final song great – the piano parts as well as the chorus.

IWSYT2 was pretty good – the section after the IWSYT1 “chorus” just didn’t fit though.

Overall, it’s interesting to listen to these, but it makes me appreciate the actual final product much, much more. It also makes me glad that they had a great producer to teach them more about good songwriting.

Comment by Francis

Chapter Four’s demo was better in my opinion but i loved how it sounded more punk than anything else i’ve heard by them besides maybe streets. punk isn’t everyones cup of tea so i could see why you wouldn’t like how its all over the place. i just think they kinda dulled it down album release other than the intro. that would have been cool if it were incorporated in the demo a little. i think the demo would have taken most everything i liked about the album release other than the intro and added a lot more is what i mean.

Comment by Jacob Boden

Do you know if Hopeless Records will be getting more bundles in for sale? Two of the packages are sold out right now.

Comment by Chris Cash

The bundles are no longer available.

Comment by Deathbat News

I pre ordered the limited vinyl but also went to best but and picked up ther version with the flag. Such a phenominal re release. Only bummer is that the previously unheard alternate version of second heartbeat is the one that’s been floating around the internet for years, but hey no complaints!!’ Kick ass stuff!!

Comment by James

Honestly… I was a little disappointed
I got the special edition one with the vinyls and dvd and t shirt

I loved the packaging, looks amazing. I wish the documentary was a little more informative but still always great to hear some new information. I was hoping for a little more though

Chapter four demo is really interesting
The waking the fallen one is incredible! It is so awesome. That’s the highlight for me.

As for everything else, I wasn’t super stoked about it. But I still love A7X I just wasn’t as into it as I thought id be!

Still worth checking out though!

Comment by pinkyandthesheep

Amazing. Demos are really impressive, especially when you think of their age at that time. The scream on WTF:Resurrected is unreal!

Comment by Matt

I think whether one prefer the demo version or the album version will probably depend on which era Avenged Sevenfold they prefer.

Comment by luvsavengedsevenfold

i don’t prefer any era. they were all great in their own way. but i think waking the fallen resurrected, the unholy confessions video, and the demo for chapter four were all better than the originals

Comment by Jacob Boden

Some of the demos are better than the actual songs, IMO. I enjoy the eclectic and sporadic playing style, reminds me of City of Evil.

Comment by Ron Guillet

Got my vinyls on Saturday but I just got my Best Buy Cd with the Flag! This flag is ginormous!!! It’s awesome!!

Comment by Ryan V

Also everyone is right the (Alternate Version) of Second Heartbeat was on the Hopelessly Devoted to You Vol. 4 sampler cd that was released in 2002

Comment by Ryan V

Hearing the original intro for the album was really cool. I couldn’t keep the stupid smirk off my face when I heard the riff from “And All Things Will End” play at the end of the intro. I wonder if they originally were going to use that in the beginning and end of the album. I’ve always like bands that do that sort of stuff. But it was really crazy to hear the piano intro and hear ‘Beast and the Harlot’. That intro is one of the most interesting alternate versions of a song I’ve ever heard in my life.

Comment by Mullet

That said, I can definitely understand why Waking the Fallen Resurrected wasn’t released initially. It does sound a bit rushed. When I first heard the song, I thought it was a digital mash-up that the band re-mixed as a bonus for us fans. I’m guessing that their producer probably suggested they split the track up into several songs.

That said, I still like the track, a lot – and it’s always nice to have something new-ish from Avenged Sevenfold.

Comment by luvsavengedsevenfold

Chapter Four demo was basically a completely different song haha I loved it.

Comment by Anonymous

did anybody else get theirs before the official release date?

Comment by Anonymous

i saw that lots of people started getting their preorders towards the end of last week.

Comment by joel

Yea i got mine on thursday & so did 2 ppl dat i kno too

Comment by kevin0224A7X

I love the Original cut of Unholy! I don’t know if I like it better than the Official video, but it definitely has that dark A7X image and vibe that I love!

Comment by mikeyV

I love the demo for chapter four. it sounds like a more original sound and more punk oriented. i liked chapter four but it was my least favorite off of waking the fallen but that would not have been the case if they used the demo. it just sounds like nothing else i’ve ever heard.

Comment by Jacob Boden

Well I just popped in CD 2 as soon as I sat in my car. WTF resurrection song blew my mind. Esp since BATH Is one of my all time faves. Chapter 4 demo, unbelievable! As always another A7X success. Hopefully some newer fans get to hear the madness!

Comment by MyMindCantChangeTheSpeed

Even Waking the Fallen is not your standard metalcore album – and the release of Waking the Fallen Resurrected has helped me to gain a bigger appreciation for the album. I mean, I’ve liked it before – though not as much as their later albums – but I didn’t really take the time to appreciate the complexity of the songs, before.

There are a few tracks that I don’t care much for (though I don’t exactly dislike them) – but I gained a new appreciation for some of the tracks… such as Radiant Eclipse, Clairvoyant Disease, and especially And All Things Will End. I still like Second Heartbeat, but it may be starting to take a back seat to the other three tracks.

Not all the tracks were terribly bluesy, and some of them were a bit too screamy for me – but you can still tell that, even back then, the band was about more than just metalcore. I’d say the most bluesy track is And All Things Will End. Although, Clairvoyant Disease and Radiant Eclipse are also quite blues-heavy.

I can understand why some may not appreciate Waking the Fallen Resurrected, as much. I must admit that I myself was little uncertain of how I felt about the release, and I understand that some people don’t have a whole lotta money to shell out for the package – especially if they already have Waking the Fallen in the CD collection – but it’s better than I anticipated. Fans of Hail to the King may actually prefer the demos – and the excitement over the release has helped me to gain a new appreciation for the album.

So, when all is said and done, Waking the Fallen and Hail to the King are probably more alike than they are different. Both albums do contain the distinct Avenged Sevenfold flavour.

Comment by luvsavengedsevenfold

Huge Waking the Fallen fan here. I first heard it in 2003 and I’ve been in love with the band ever since. I’m very thankful that they released this package. In my teen years I listened to a lot of A7X – the early, darker, angsty and religious themes really spoke to me. I appreciate their evolution from that early Avenged metalcore and punk vibe. I enjoyed their later thrash, alternative, and classic rock themes, but a part of me still clings to the really early A7X themes and sounds. Call it nostalgia, but to me, Matt’s vocals in WTF are simply unmatched, and after City of Evil I found myself digging up a lot of old A7X videos, demos, and live performances to hear more of him in his younger days. On WTF, he perfected his clean vocals, his gravelly singing, and his screams.

The intro to Resurrected was a lot better than the intro to WTF, which I would always just skip. The cryptic “Beast and the Harlot” intro was a cool touch, followed by the heavy breakdown and screams. The riff from “And all things will end” was awesome. I love it when the first and last tracks share something in common, making the album a full circle.

Second Heartbeat – I’ve had it since 2004 or so. It’s not as good as the real version, but I do like how it is faster, and I may even prefer the speed on it than the real version.

Chapter Four is the song that introduced me to A7X. It was such a treat listening to the demo. I agree with what someone said earlier – it’s less focused, and you can see why a lot of the parts were cut out or revised. Still though, it’s got a lot of new stuff and a lot of old stuff for my ears. It’s great to hear almost a “remix” to one of my favourite A7X tracks ever.

Remenissions reminded me of the really early A7X performances in the STST days.

IWSYT – perhaps my favourite A7X song, stripped of its beautiful piano parts and chorus. Still very cool to listen to. I made my own track inspired by IWSYT years ago, so it was good to hear a third track like it!

The live performances were outstanding. I’ve never heard Matt scream like that, and I had no idea that they’ve played Desecrate and IWSYT2 live. I think that IWSYT1’s live track could’ve been better, and I’ve seen better live performances for that one on youtube.

I love that they commemorated the WTF anniversary. It’s honestly a dream come true, and while they may never do another album like it, they’ve done the next best thing by releasing these demos and giving us another look into their past. Now I can’t wait to see the next evolution of A7X.

Comment by NEfobbyGEN

I don’t believe I have ever read such a well constructed/written comment lol.

Comment by ClarksvilleOHIO

Yeah, I do agree with you. It is very insightful.

Comment by luvsavengedsevenfold

While I liked the Demo version of Chapter Four, I’m really happy they ended up going with the different version for the album. But it’s awesome to hear what they where originally thinking and how it turned out.

Comment by Ryan V

The only song I actually liked better than the original CD was the intro song “Waking the Fallen” I thought that was pretty cool. I always wished they made that intro into an actual song.

Comment by Zach

I agree with what one of the top comments said about the songs lacking focus, but I personally really enjoyed a lot of the songs. The way they just went everywhere made them such fun songs to jam to. They were NEVER bland or boring. They weren’t perfect, but they were PURE A7X songs.

The song, “Waking the Fallen: Resurrected” was a favorite of mine. I found it really interesting that parts were stripped out and actually used in other songs (the Beast and the Harlot into part and the And All Things Will End outro). In a peculiar way, the song seems to sum up the entire album (except for Syn’s shredding).

The Chapter Four demo was very good. It was definitely a lot more punk than metalcore. Its kind of a shame so much was pulled out of it, for example the mad soloing before what became the actual solo of the song.

Even though the piano parts play a beautiful part in the released version, I felt like this demo of I Wont See You Tonight, Part 1 was still very deep and emotional. My favorite part is actually the instrumental chorus with the additional guitar part. I think I probably liked it more than the chorus of the released version. It was just so raw and all you got was the feel of the instruments themselves. It was really inspiring (for real, I ended up writing a song practically in homage to this album right after listening to it)

Overall the album was great. I also enjoyed the little interview. It was very cool to see the younger days of the band, as well as it was a special treat to see Jimmy again :’)

Comment by Jon

So, now hopefully they’ll go on tour this winter in support of it, playing the album in it’s entirety.

Comment by Jim Borowsky (@JimmyB312)

You have no idea how much money I would shell out to see WtF from front to back.

Comment by moridin94

I’m with you on that!!!

Comment by Jim Borowsky (@JimmyB312)

This is probably an off the wall question but does anyone know what happened to the original fans in the unholy confessions video if any of them are still around ect??

Comment by steven

I really really enjoyed the Waking the Fallen (intro) demo. I know it isn’t as focused, but it now sounds like its own full length song with some rock elements that I really like.

Comment by Adam Matthew Lee

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