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Machine Head’s Robb Flynn Defends His Avenged Sevenfold Criticism.
October 15, 2014, 6:38 am
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Robb Flynn has told Metal Hammer that his criticism of Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail To The King” was done “out of love” because bands should be held accountable for not pulling their own weight. He then goes on to brag about how he’s not afraid of physical repercussion from bands because he used to be a drug dealer. Watch out, we got a badass over here. Avenged Sevenfold have ‘pulled’ in two consecutive #1 albums which have gone Gold. What weight has Machine Head pulled lately? In Robb’s own words, “Try harder, motherfucker.”

In a brand new interview with UK’s Metal Hammer, Flynn defended his right to voice his opinion about other artists’ music, telling the magazine: “Oh man, I just feel that bands should be accountable to each other and if someone’s not pulling their weight, say it! What’s wrong with that? It’s not out of hatred. It’s out of love! Try harder, motherfucker!”

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I’d never heard of Machine Head until he said that back when it was released. Sounds like a bitter and jealous douchebag.
Defintely doesn’t make me want to listen to his music. Avenged are the modern Metallica and Pantera while this fool is wasting his life talking shit about people who did nothing to provoke him
Sounds like nothin but a talentless asshole to me

Comment by pinkyandthesheep

You had never heard of Machine Head?

Comment by Liam is ainm dumb (@wp_rathead)

I will say, Machine Head is a pretty good band, but jesus, did it really take Rob over a year to think up a shitty excuse for being an asshole?

Comment by SynVanSambora

Robb Flynn has been and always will be a selfish prick. His band sucks ass and just wants to get attention for himself. I’m not saying this as a fan of A7X (of which I am die hard for), but as a person who has seen a whole lot of 12 year old trolls on the internet who think they are the funniest thing to walk the earth. It’s annoying, not funny, and uncalled for. And that’s just what he’s acting like.
Why does when one metal band reach success, every other band has to tear them down? Just enjoy the fact that metal is now getting more attention and use that platform to bring something new and better to the table!
The whole point is to knock Pop off it’s pedestal anyway, right? So work together and fucking support each other!

Comment by Rob

But.. but… Pop music is my favorite kind of music…

Comment by Deathbat News

Go home, DBN.
You’re drunk.

Comment by JB

It’s like, one of those fun facts.

Comment by Deathbat News

LOL I didn’t mean to offend anyone, just saying that it’s time for Rock to take its rightful place at the top haha

I love Deathbat News :) :)

Comment by Rob

Oh you didn’t offend at all, haha :)

Comment by Deathbat News

I can feeeeel the preeeessure, it’s getting closer now ♫

Comment by Loghen

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