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Highlights From M. Shadows’ Reddit AMA.
October 16, 2014, 3:56 pm
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Here are a few highlights from M. Shadows’ Reddit AMA. You can check out the entire thing here.

– Avenged Sevenfold would consider doing a tour where the main focus is on older albums. (x)
– There will be no album release in 2015. (x)
– The new live DVD, “This Is Bat Country,” is still in the works. They’re looking through 7 years worth of footage. (x)
– They would like to figure out a better way to make meet & greets happen. (x)
– Something about a “Flynn Troll” in Hail To The King: Deathbat. (x)
– If you’re good at games, don’t use the band characters in Hail To The King: Deathbat. If you need help, get them. (x)
– Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan’s family was very excited about him being in Hail To The King: Deathbat. (x)
– An announcement for Avenged Sevenfold’s short international tour, to take place next year, is set to be made next week. (x)
– The two songs he appreciates the most when looking back on his career so far are “Buried Alive” and “Hail To The King.” (x)
– Avenged Sevenfold will not go back to their older styles of music. (x)
– Hail To The King: Deathbat should be available on Steam before Halloween. (x)


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Dat Flynn Troll!
Loved the comment about them making instrumental songs…

Comment by Zave

Very excited to hear that HTTK:D will be on Steam, as I cannot play it on my mobile device!

Comment by Alexandra (@AlekPixi)

I wish he had at least seen my comment about his need to play Dark Souls…because he really does need to.

Comment by Rachael

He already said on the Deathbat forums that he loves Dark Souls!

Comment by Rob

I’m so upset that I missed the AMA… :(
Stupid college lol Don’t they know A7X fans got better things to do?!

Comment by Rob

Some really nice info, great read =)! Thankx

I would give my lifelong savings for them to play entire WtF set =O. CoE would be nice too.

They really need to play some “b-sides” like Sidewinder or Brompton Cocktail, nevermind that they aren’t suited for playing in Stadium or Arenas.

Comment by Rusty Foose

Agreed. “Waking the Fallen” and “City of Evil” are the two albums that will define this band in time, or at least they should. Those two albums are what Avenged is. Unfortunately, those two albums are the ones they ignore the most (minus “Sounding the Seventh Trumpet,” but who are we kidding… They’ve done everything they possibly could to bury that album).They need to recharge and do a smaller venue tour again, with a new setlist. Sure, we get pyro and giant statues with arenas, but we also get a very bored band with boring setlists and boring crowds. I’ve noticed the Avenged crowds change during the last decade of being a fan, and not for the better. It’s now kids who sit during “Second Heartbeat” and stand during “Welcome to the Family.” Where did all of the Avenged fans go? The last round of “Nightmare” shows and the entire “Hail to the King” tour has been a drag. I actually skipped my first Avenged show in 10 years this summer. None of my friends and older fans I’ve met go anymore either. They definitely need to throw in some older/different songs. Bands would kill to have the discography Avenged ignores. However, I was really happy to see them do “Burn It Down” and “Eternal Rest” this year… even if it was short lived. By the time I caught them again (for the third time on the HTTK cycle), it was back to the “Critical Acclaim” “Welcome to the Family” “Buried Alive” “Nightmare” “Afterlife” “Bat Country” “Unholy Confessions” “A Little Piece of Heaven” grind… Sigh.

Comment by cheeseburger slut (@TomWhaley)

I gotta disagree with you on that. While I love WtF and CoE, Avenged’s fan base was less than half the size it is now when those albums came out. It’s hard to believe, but not every fan that goes out to the shows are hardcore, Deathbat News reading, die hards like us LOL. So they are only really familiar with the white album and up. So A7X just wants to give the fans what they want. That being said a tour that is marketed to be from the first few albums would generate much more love for those songs, but just throwing them into their modern set would turn a lot of people off, especially the international fans. Overseas, they go nuts for the new stuff (and in my opinion rightfully so). The re release of WtF definitely helped though for those of us wanting to see the deeper tracks in their sets though.
So basically, I would like to see the deeper tracks, but I also love their set now!

Comment by Rob

It is my goal in life to see them play I Won’t See You Tonight, Blinded In Chains and Save Me :D I’d love to see them playing smaller venues too, that way I think you’d get more of the dedicated fans that actually wanna be there (plus you’re not ten miles away from the band haha)

Comment by crackers

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