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VII: The End Of Deathbat News.

After 7 years, it’s time for Deathbat News to come to an end. When I created this website I never imagined it would become what it did. The love and support from fans over the years has been incredible. Because of you, Deathbat News had a worldwide audience to spread the word about Avenged Sevenfold to and our community turned into a family. A family I will always be a part of. I can’t express my sincere thanks enough to you all. I truly cherish the friendships, memories and experiences that have come from this.

I also owe great thanks to M. Shadows, Zacky Vengeance, Synyster Gates, Johnny Christ, Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, Arin Ilejay, Larry Jacobson, Alex Reese, Kazy Brown, everyone on Avenged Sevenfold’s team at Warner Brothers Records, Mr and Mrs Sullivan, Diony, Marvin, Bruce, Za, Dave and the rest of Avenged Sevenfold’s tour crew, Jodi, Francis, Brian Haner Sr, Chris Epting and family, Cam Rackam, John Reese, John Oakes, Jessica, Danielle, Cheryl, Elizabeth, Brandon Geist and Revolver Magazine, Josh Bernstein at Alternative Press, Alexander Milas and Metal Hammer, Kerrang!, Hopeless Records, MTV, Active Rock Radio and everyone else who helped me and supported me over the years.

Regarding the website: You will be able to access it using for the foreseeable future. If that’s to change, you can use If needed, I can still be contacted at

UPDATE: Avenged Sevenfold on Deathbat News’ closing:

After 7 years of being the number one source for Avenged Sevenfold news we are sad to let you know that the owner of has decided to move on and no longer update the website. The person responsible for the website has never revealed her identity so we won’t do that here, but we truly want to thank her for her dedication and hard work over the years. In a world where websites and media make a living off of “click bait”, stirring the pot and misleading headlines, Deathbatnews was always run with facts and integrity. In the end, this played a big role in her deciding to close the site down. This website will be sorely missed as it was the number one source for band members and crew to become aware of news that we didn’t know about. “Deathbat Lady”, we will miss you and thank you for your years of dedication.


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Wow, thanks for all those years. \m/

Comment by Anonymous

I’m sad to read this, good luck with whatever your future brings you.

Comment by Anonymous

So sorry to see you go. You have been a wonderful resource for me. Good luck to you and your future endeavors!

Comment by Lisafer

Terrible news, but but you have to do what you have to do. Thanks for being the single greatest source of A7X content on the Internet, even over the band members themselves haha.

Comment by Jon Schultz (@jsschultz88)

Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear this. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done.

Comment by Cathy Russell

A huge thank you to for keeping me informed on all things Avenged Sevenfold for nearly 5 years. Sad to see you go, all the best. Thanks for everything! foREVer

Comment by Ellie

No omfg!! I’m so sad I remember first becoming a fan of a7x, I would read every article I possibly could on this site. Thank you so much for your hard work and I’ll definitely miss you!

Comment by Eli

I’m sad that this is ending, it’s become a regular part of my life to check this website and connect with the A7X family. At the same time, I hope that everything is well Deathbat News Lady and I can only thank you for all the joy that this site has brought into my life by connecting such an amazing band with even more amazing fans! Deathbat News foREVer!!!

Comment by Rob

Thanks for everything.. Much love from holland

Comment by kpp

Really bummed to hear about this. I’ve been reading the site ever since the beginning. Thanks for all your hard work through the years, it was greatly, greatly appreciated. Wishing you all the best!

Comment by gpiening

thanks for running a great website for so long

Comment by Anonymous

I am so sad to hear this! I know this takes an incredible amount of time and energy and I understand completely. Thank you so much for all of your hard work over the years…good luck and rock on!!!

Comment by Christine from VA


Comment by Anonymous

Really sad to hear. I believe you have a good reason to do this but still… And when exactly does the site end?

Comment by Anonymous

It will no longer be updated starting today.

Comment by Deathbat News

No way! Sad to see it go, this has been an awesome site over the years. I know we all appreciate the work and effort you put into it. Thank you for always providing the best info and updates. Best of luck on any of your future endeavors!

Comment by Zach

Thank you for all the hard work over the years. I hope the future only brings you good things!

Comment by Alexandra Danino

Wait, what?! Why?!!!! NOOOO!!! How am I going to keep up with everything going on with them?! This is horrible news. You’ve been my homepage for years now. :(

Comment by Tia

I’m sorry. Truly.

Comment by Deathbat News

Kortney–Thanks for everything you’ve done…you have been awesome! Good luck in your next endeavor. I know that I for one have thoroughly enjoyed the site over the last 5 years :).

Comment by zach

How are we supposed to stay up-to-date on all things Avenged now?? This is a sad day. Thank you very much for all the years of keeping us informed. Rock on!

Comment by Anonymous

It’s a very sad day.

Comment by Deathbat News

oh no!!

Comment by Anonymous

Wow, so sad to see it go. Been using the site for years, has been a great source of info for the band. Thanks for all the years of hard work!

Comment by Kevin Clark

No :( Oh, gurl. Thank you for everything! For keeping us informed and baring with our (my) nonsense here and there and what now. I understand the site won’t be completely gone, then? Whatever the reason is, I wish you the best in your future, Kortney (: You’re amazing.

Comment by Loghen

Your ‘nonsense’ has been wonderful. I always looked forward to your comments. Thanks for that. The site will always remain and always be accessible via

Comment by Deathbat News

I always liked reading your ‘nonsense’ too – yours is one of the few names I recognise from around when I first started coming here and I like that little throwback to those days :)

Also, I’m very glad to see that the site won’t disappear!

Comment by SS

How are we supposed to stay up-to-date on all things Avenged now?? This is a sad day. Thank you very much for the many years of keeping us all informed! I wish you the very best, and rock on foREVer!

Comment by Austin

Very Sad day. Been going to this site multiple times a week for about 5 years. Thanks for everything!

Comment by Zach

wow.. All I can say is thank you so much Deathbat News. This site has been a major part of my life for 7 years and I am going to miss it and you dearly. Thank you for everything you have done and all your dedication. You have been inspiring to me and I’m sure others. I will miss coming to this site everyday to check up very much indeed . Again thank you so much for everything :)

Comment by James

Good luck to you. You have been the #1 resource for news and it is sad to see you go. But when you must move on, then you do so.

Comment by Melissa

Im very sad but just like anything in life, things come to an end. Thank you so much for the wonderful years you have spent with us the crazy fans. I’m gonna miss you and wish you the best in your new adventures. Good luck girl and thank you again! \m/ foREVer.

Comment by Thierry Arrieta

Now how am I supposed to impress my friends with my cutting edge Avenged Sevenfold knowledge?!?! But really, thanks for all the hard work you’ve put in through the years on what is my most useful website. Your awesome DBN Lady!

Comment by Chris Cash

This makes me very sad to read. Thank you so much for going above and beyond over the last seven years to bring us the most relevant and professional news about our favorite band. You’re truly the best Avenged news site out there, and it’s always been my one place to go to stay up to date with them. Although there are still Avenged fan sites online, none of them could adequately replace this one. Deathbatnews is/was TRULY the best. Sad to see it go! If there was anything that anybody could do to help keep this site afloat, I would sign up in a heartbeat. Now I wonder where I’m going to get my Avenged news from! I’m sure the guys in Avenged are thinking the same haha
Thanks for all of the hard work you put in here! Good luck with everything you decide to do in the future!

Comment by Tom Whaley (@TomWhaley)

Tom, it made me very sad to have to announce this. The decision to do this wasn’t easy at all. I did what I could to keep Deathbat News afloat and unfortunately, it didn’t help. Without getting into the thick of it, the internet and how people use it have changed. I’m not willing to compromise Deathbat News’ credibility and integrity to conform to those changes. As I said above, I truly cannot thank you all enough for all the support over the years. It means the world to me.

Comment by Deathbat News

As you should! I will always respect people who make decisions based off of credibility and integrity, and those two things are something that this site has always had a lot of! You never accepted anything without citations and credentials. You never attempted to pass rumors off as concrete news. You always waited until there was total confirmation on a source before you put something up here, and that’s always something I’ve respected. There was never any bs on this site, and in 2014, that speaks volumes. Again, thank you for all of the hard work that you put into this throughout the years! You truly did an amazing job with this site, from the beginning up until the end!

Comment by Tom Whaley (@TomWhaley)

Sad to see you go – loved this site ever since I first became an A7X fan. Good luck with your future plans!

Comment by Nadia

sorry to hear you are going but a huge thank you for all your dedication over the years. the fact we are family and will remain family is a testament to your and everyone connected to Avenged. always and foREVer a Deathbat <3 :)

Comment by Karen Tholomew Campbell

I’m disappointed to see you go, but there comes a time when you must let go of what you’ve created and move on. Thank you for 7 years of dedication to the website, the band, and the fans. We would be less than what we are now if it wasn’t for the relationship you helped create. Thank you, and best of luck in all your future endeavors.

Comment by Rachel

this site has been the best delivering the latest content for the a7x family for all these years. thanks so much. will be missed by many fans. a7x foREVer.

Comment by Anonymous


I check this site everyday for news about a7x… I don’t know how ill get my info now…
You were always so wonderful and finding information abut them and posting articles that I wouldn’t have found on my own

Thank you so much for your hard work over the years

I’m gonna miss deathbat news more than I can express in words

Really really sad to see it go

Thank you

Comment by pinkyandthesheep

Best of luck to you! Take care!

Comment by Bess

I’ll be honest, I don’t think the Avenged Sevenfold would be what it is without this site

It really brought everyone together and delivered news faster than anyone and really created community

Comment by pinkyandthesheep

So sad to see you go =( thank you for the many years of dedication!

Best wishes

Shell x

Comment by shell6661

I could probably count on one hand the days that I didn’t check deathbatnews over the last few years. ill miss it for sure.. but thanks a ton for all the updates and connections you did a killer job

Comment by Art

This is depressing. A huge part of my life was checking this site for news and updates. I remember all the puzzles and riddles A7X made and how we all banned together to figure them out. I could always come to this site and talk with not just fellow fans, but Family. Very very sad to see you go. We love you Deathbat News Lady.

Comment by Izacky

Been with you from the start. Thanks for all your time and effort! foREVer!!

Comment by Anonymous

Thanks for all your work and dedication that you’ve poured into this site for its seven years of existence. Although its sad to see you go, I hope you succeed in any other thing you decide to do next. Thank you for everything!

Comment by Joel

Been following this website since 2009 thank you for constantly updating me on my favorite band, good luck on whatever you decide to do for the future!!!! All of us appreciated the hard work you put in to inform us!

Comment by Tyler Shanesy

Thanks for the countless amount of information about A7X you have provided us with over the years! This has been the greatest tool for obtaining the latest A7X info ever and it will be sad to see it stop.

Comment by mikeyV

Wow….loved death bat news!! I was able to know that all the info was current & correct about the boys….you will be missed….good luck to in all ur future endeavors!

Comment by Leslee Allen Seward

It’s a shame such a wonderful site as this that brings accurate news and amazing content to the fans of Avenged Sevenfold has to end. I’ll miss seeing the new posts. If it wasn’t for this site, I wouldn’t have been able to meet Cam. So, thank you for that. I respect your decision on not wanting to conform to the horrors that the internet has turned into. The internet has turned into such an ugly world. But again, thank you for the news and updates you provided. This was the only site I knew I could truly trust in giving me accurate information about Avenged. I may not have checked it religiously as some of the other fans on here, but the times I did it made my heart warm and the excitement rise for sure. Now, I have to go back through all the posts you made and really truly read everything. Thank you for the effort it took you to put this site together and keep it running. I can’t even imagine how time consuming it must have been.

Comment by Anonymous

So sad you are going, I hope you consider yourself one of the biggest part of the A7X Family no were else could we find out all the vital info needed espically wen they played games with us haha, I’m sure I speak for my brothers and sisters in the family when I see we wish all the best for the future and thank you so very much for sourcing all the info and posting it you kept me so up to date for the past 4-5 years thank you again

Comment by Alex H

Thank you, DBN Lady :’)

Comment by Kaylee

Oh my, I’m really sad to see you go. Such terrible news.

I wish you the best in whatever is to come, you truly deserve it after all the amount of time and hard work you’ve put on this site.

I can’t say “thank you” enough for all what you’ve done to us, the fans. Specially for the ones in countries where Avenged Sevenfold don’t, or barely, get coverage from the media, like me.

Best of luck, DBNGirl, and thank you.

Comment by NicotineStain

Thanks for all the hard work you put into this site over the years. I visit this site multiple times a day to always stay up to date on anything new regarding the band. By far the best info available on the internet as far as Avenged goes. I even won tickets to a show through you and your site and I am forever grateful for that. Good luck in all of your future endeavors, and thanks again.

Comment by Casey

Thank you for all your hard work. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your site and will miss it much. I’ve been reading it so long and I’ll be missing it. Best wishes in all you do!

Comment by Tracey7777

So sad to hear but thank you so much for all these years of A7X news..Always a family, much luck to you <3

Comment by Denise

I basically met my idols because of you and your amazing website project, that’s something I’ll never ever forget and will never be able to thank you enough. Those late nights solving the Nightmare cover puzzles (remember, right?) were fantastic times sharing our excitement and opinions…

I sincerely hope you decide to stay a little longer after all, no source can be compared to this one. You can’t imagine how you helped the A7X guys in so many ways over the years. You just can’t. Again, thank you for every single article, and greetings from Venezuela!

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Elizabeth Ashley

Oh my! Thank you for all of your dedication, hard work and information. I will miss this site a lot! Good luck to you with whatever your future holds and thank you again!

Comment by tcshortie

Been coming here since ’08 and this website really made us all feel like one big family. You’ll always be remembered for that DBN Lady, and we will always be one big happy A7X Family.. foREVer. Good luck in your future endeavors!

Comment by Matt

Your website has been is my homepage since 09′ I’m sad to hear of the news.. I wanna thank you soooo much for your time and effort for giving us up to date news about A7X! I wish nothing but the best for your future plans.

Comment by Forever Avenged

Thank you soo much for creating & updating this website so well. A7x has been my favorite band since I was 12 & now I’m 17 still keeping up with the group. I appreciate all the time & dedication you had to this band to help fans like me stay updated with news as frequently as possible. Really, really appreciate it.

Comment by Sean

Thank you for everything these past 7 years. I’ve checked this site regularly for almost a decade, thanks to the excellent community you’ve built. It will be missed.

Comment by Brett

Thanks you for your hard work over the years!! You will be missed

Comment by Chloe

Thanks for everything you’ve put out for us the past few years. You’ve been so consistent and true and kept us connected to our favorite band in the world. The site will be missed, and always greatly appreciated.

Comment by Ariel

I’m going to miss you, MS. DBN. I check the site every morning first thing, to see if I missed anything over night. Best of luck to you in your next venture. Hope you keep in touch with us fellow Deathbats!

Comment by aightball

Now this hurts. As someone who has been visiting DBN several times per day since the very beginning, I can’t thank you enough for all the time you put into this website. I cannot imagine how much effort it took to keep things running smoothly, and never once did you display an ad on this website. You single-handedly strengthened an already amazing fanbase for this incredible band. Thank you for everything, and good luck!

Comment by Zack

Wow. Don’t know what you got till it’s gone! It’s funny that I never even considered the absence of this website in my life! As many mentioned above, I checked this page almost daily for updates and info on everything A7X. So many great memories were generated from your hard work and dedication to this site. Just want to say thanks for everything and I wish you nothing but the best in the future.

Here’s to the continued evolution of Avenged Sevenfold’s world domination!

Comment by Dave M.

A fitting end, but a sad one nonetheless. Good luck with whatever the future holds!

Comment by Matthew Shadows

I salute you for getting your hands dirty all these years! I’ve frequented this page. Many thanks for your efforts. =]

Comment by Anonymous

What a sad news.Thanks for your commitments. this website was like my coffee in the morning actually. Goodluck for the future – greetings from Malaysia

Comment by Anonymous

Couldn’t thank you enough for getting your hands dirty! I’ve frequented the page all these years and have enjoyed your commitment to a credible source. Well done. =]

Comment by Dante

Thank you so much for being awesome and so dedicated to this website. I’ve been a Deathbat News Reader for so many years and as a fan, I’ve treated it as the only source to find out accurate news about A7X. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed reading about your views and experiences with the band. So from one a7x fan to another, thank you for all your hard work and good luck with all your future endeavours! :) Deathbat News will be missed xx

Comment by Alex

Thank you for the years of A7X news. I’ve used this website for years and whenever there was an expected release, checked it 3-10 times a day because I knew if the news was going to be anywhere it’d be here. In the recent months I have noticed a new page on Facebook posting way less informative ‘news’ and it gets advertised by Facebook even though I never followed or ‘liked’ it. I was getting angry because I had your page ‘liked’ but wasn’t seeing your posts anymore. I even commented on something about that as recently as last week. Sorry to hear you go for the same reason I was becoming annoyed. You’ve been great!

Comment by Jacon Boden

im willing to bet that other page had a lot to do with this. all they did was steal the news from here but they had so many fb likes plus they got verified somehow.

Comment by Anonymous

I always knew how important and priceless Deathbat News was to the Avenged Sevenfold fan community. But I never even imagined that one day it could come to an end. DBN lady, there are absolutely no words to capture the magnitude of what you’ve done for the entire community. It is indeed a very sad day. But we love you, and we trust that it was the best decision that could have been made, and we wish you only the best in everything you’re still doing now, and everything you move on to do. Thank you so, so much for everything. You’re simply amazing.

Comment by Wayne7x

thank you so much you have keep me updated for years :) seriously thank you so much :))))!!!!
good luck on your future endeavors

Comment by jessica

After checking this site for the millionth time, day in and day out for the last few years, this is a post I never expected to see.

I just got so complacent with the news and info, as well as the dedication that was put into the site, I never imagined it could stop. Thank you for the many years you’ve put into this site, and thank you for being the person that helped unite this part of the A7x family. I hope you succeed in all your future endeavors, as you truly deserve it. A part of me wishes that A7x would hire you as a community manager of sorts, being the go to person for fans of the band.

I’m sure this is harder on you than it is on any of us, but don’t forget all the great things you’ve done for us, and always let that put a smile on your face. Good luck and thank you, for everything.

Comment by Tyler

I’m so sorry to hear this news… Being an a7x fan from day one i witnessed the whole a7x community come to life,we were only 300 something teens when they first played italy in 2006,and deathbat news surely played a huge part in creating a worldwide family of deathbats. i remember i used to check dbn daily back in the day as it was (and still to this day is) sort of our family most reliable news source. You did such an outsatnding job keeping up the great work for all these years! I’m sure it wasn’t always easy! I wanna thank you form the bottom of my heart for the beautiful memories and for the amazing job you’ve done. It’s not going to be the same without it but i understand it always comes a moment in life when things just need to change and move on. i wish you all the best.

fellow deathbat of the early years

Comment by Anonymous

Thank you and good luck :)

Comment by Eh7x

For some reason I keep checking the site half expecting to see one last post.

Comment by Chris Cash

I miss u deathbat lady!! Come back to mee!

Comment by evan

This sucks so hard. I’ve followed Deathbat News since 2009 and it feels like I’ve lost something close. One of the only A7X-news sites where the admins aren’t completely incompetent, rather VERY nice, and where real and not missleading news is presented. Also all interviews you’d otherwise miss and other fun stuff was posted there.
This will be me further on: “Hmm, where will Avenged Sevenfold be this year? NAMM? At a Meet and Greet perhaps? I better check DBN, OH WAIT…”
I guess you have good reasons to go and what ever that might be I wish you the best of luck with that! Thanks for the years, news and fun!

Comment by Zave

You will be much missed! But thank you for the years of hard work and enthusiasm and keeping us all in the loop with tours/contests/news/etc.
May you be successful in all future endeavors :)

Comment by Harley Quinn

I’m genuinely devastated by this but I completely understand. Situations change and sometimes good things come to an end. It’s a shame that DBN must be one of those things but such is life. Thank you for all your hard work over the years, Miss DBN. I’ve followed this site religiously because not only has it consistently been the most reliable source of A7X news but it has also, I think, been the best natured. You’ve always been really good about making sure that trolls and the like don’t spoil the website for everyone else and, at the heart of everything you do, you’ve always supported our boys and maintained their privacy where other sites have seen that personal stuff as public property. And there’s no other group of A7X fans that I’d have chosen to grieve with when Jimmy died – you’ve given rise to a great little community and I hope that might be able to continue somewhere. And much as I know you won’t be posting anymore news (I have no idea how I’m now going to find all those great little interviews they do for tiny radio stations and international magazines!) I do hope that this won’t be the last we hear from you, Miss DBN. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d be interested to hear your take on new A7X albums and tours when they come along. Best wishes for all that you do in the future and thank you for all that you’ve done for us crazy little fans who are so ever desperate to find out what our favourite boys are up to!

Comment by SS

Thank you so much for all the news over the years. This was a top website for me and I visited at least every other day. I feel lost and don’t know where to go to now :( thank you for all the memories.

Comment by calibos

…And All Things Will End. Thank you for all that you have done over the years to keep us informed and entertained, and especially for ALWAYS keeping it real. So rare these days. ALL the best to you in whatever your future holds! Deathbat News will certainly be missed…


Comment by Alyssa

I have to say this is some extremely sad news, I’ve been an avid follower of the band and this was my primary source of Info on all things Sevenfold related. I’ve been visiting this site since its inception and its a true loss indeed. You kept us the fans informed on all things related to A7X and in that way I feel we all got alot closer to the band in a sense, thank you so much for this site. But as our favorite bands entitled the song, All Things Must End.

Comment by Gabe

I am a little upset at it ending, but I know that you have the purest reasons at heart in making this decision. Thanks for everything over the years!

Comment by SynVanSambora

Loved the website. Best wishes to you.

Comment by Erik

How do I live, without the site I love? Time still turns the webpages of the book its burned. Url, always on my mind, and the articles you left remain, but it’s so hard to say, when I have so much to say, no more uuuupppdaaaattttees…..

Comment by Jeff


Comment by Chris Cash

Thank you so much for running this amazing site and building an everlasting legacy among A7X and their fans!
We will miss you very much and DBN will always live in our memories.
I’m still really thankful about the prizes you sent me, Miss K, and I still tell everyone I meet about the contest, haha.

Comment by Carlos S

This is a profoundly sad moment for me. I’m 23, and I’ve been coming to this website since I was 18. I love A7X, and this site made me feel both connected to the band and the rest of the passionate fan base. You did your job incredibly well, and you did it with integrity. I’m not sure what I will do now that I can’t check deathbatnews for updates on my favorite band. My entire internet browsing routine has been turned upside down. Best of luck to you, and thank you for making me feel like I was a part of something.

Comment by Justin

Thank you for all the work and dedication, I’ve been a constant visitor since the beginning and cant thank you enough for your efforts \m/

Comment by Jb

Wow! I don’t know what I’ll do without this site! All the best!!! and thanks for everything you’ve done!!

Comment by Will Elliston

Thanks for everything! It will take a while to adjust. This is the first website I go on when I get on a computer.

Comment by Ben

Wow! This is sad for us, but I wish you the best and want to thank you for all these years of sharing news about our favourite band. Thank you for one of my “go to” websites everyday, and know that your work will be sorely missed, even here in old germany.

Comment by Rad

I keep checking up everyday, forgetting that it’s down :( thank you for the years of service

Comment by Joe m

Thank you for all your hard work. You have really helped the fanbase grow here. We will miss you and wish you the best!

Comment by Amanda

this page has been my homepage for years!thank you for all you’ve done for us fans we will miss you!

Comment by Anonymous

Thanks for everything :D You totally rock – best of luck for your projects <3

Comment by Claude Labonté


Comment by BILL

Thank you for everything :)

Comment by Alexandre Leblanc

thank you for every news about A7X. i’m feeling pity for good website.

Comment by Anonymous

Thank you

Comment by Beth

Anyone else still check the site everyday hoping that it’s come back? :P

Comment by James

I do, heh. Hard letting go.

Comment by Deathbat News


I still check every single day.

Comment by pinkyandthesheep

I still find myself checking too… :(

Comment by Lucas

hah, same. I feel a little disconnected from the A7X world without this site… :-(

Comment by Tom Whaley (@TomWhaley)


I have this website bookmarked onto my favorite tabs and I would always self-consciously click it just like I did with facebook, youtube, etc. Sad to see it go.

Thanks for your hard work, and hopefully you decide to come back in the future.

Comment by Edward

Your dedication to the band and the fans is unparalleled, this site was the standard bearer. This was the place a lot of us found out about the passing of Jimmy. Thank you for your hard work and may your travels be safe, and may the road lead you to warm sands and sky blue waters.

Comment by Revenant

You have no idea how many times I checked this website for updates. You always knew what was going on with the guys. I’m really going to miss this! It was a true pleasure getting to know your passion for A7X through this website.

Comment by Yaji

You are the one who i got all of my info from and im on this site multiple times a day. i really appreciate how much hard work you put into this. This was a success

Comment by Zac Rousseau

As an A7X family, we should all unite to help bring back Deathbat News in some way. Just like the fans helped Avenged Sevenfold with the passing of Rev. So sad to see that my favorite bands most reliable news site is now gone. Though, I do wish the best for whomever the person running this was.

Comment by Jake

Oh nose, I have been a sporadic visitor of the site and I was surprised by this. Thanks for keeping me up to date on my favourite band and always being professional with the cool updates. Sad to see a complete fansite close :-/.

Comment by Wout

I never imagined that one day I would get into this website and find this post.
Its so sad to know you’re moving on, but life is about changes.
Thanks for everything Deathbat Lady, I’ve been checking deathbatnews since 2009, and no one will ever make the same hard work you made in here.
So much love and support from Mexico.

Comment by Manuel Baca

Anybody seen the new A7X post talking about a new website ???

Comment by pinkyandthesheep

I did see that. It would be cool if they could actually hire the DBN lady to run it, but I’m sure it will be good with whoever runs it.

Comment by Chris Cash

I was thinking of that too! That would be amazing but yes I’m sure whatever it turns out to be will be awesome!

Comment by pinkyandthesheep

We need dbn back badly :((

Comment by James


Comment by Chris Cash

Still check the website every now and then with the desperate hopes of a return. Really wondering when A7X is supposed to release the new news site. Hard to find out anything anymore without DBN Lady and her wonderful updates.

Comment by Lucas

I miss this website….i really do! It was a great way to feel connected with the A7X Family…hopefully one day it will be up and running again!

Comment by Reedy

Check out – which will be being updated just as Deathbat News was :)

Comment by Deathbat News

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