Deathbat News Sit Down With M. Shadows To Talk Hail To The King: Deathbat.
October 16, 2014, 2:51 pm
Filed under: Hail To The King: Deathbat, Interviews, M Shadows sat down with M. Shadows while Avenged Sevenfold were headlining Mayhem Festival 2014 to talk Hail To The King: Deathbat and test his video game knowledge.


IGN: Hail To The King: Deathbat – Behind The Scenes With M. Shadows.
October 16, 2014, 2:36 pm
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IGN went behind the scenes with M. Shadows and programer Michael Stragey to find out the origin of Hail To The King: Deathbat.

Hail To The King: Deathbat’s Intro Video.
October 14, 2014, 2:41 pm
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Polygon has your fist look at the intro video to Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail To The King: Deathbat” mobile game which also shares some backstory. M. Shadows spoke to them about when the game idea was conceived, making the kind of game he would want to play, how a “video game really is the next music video,” and more.

“I think it feels fresh, it does feel fun. It’s nice to learn things. Now that I’ve made a game with these guys, I can go anywhere and talk to game developers and just talk games with them. And I like that, and I like the whole experience of that. But also I’m lucky that we have a story to tell, with the artwork and the discography, and the story we’ve built with 15 years of avenged sevenfold, it’s been nice to have that story to tell.”

“For us, a video game really is the next music video,” he said. “It’s not going to make us popular on the streets, it’s not going to do this or that. But our generation grew up on games, and people have short attention spans. This is a chance for us to tell our story — the game is the story of our Deathbat, and there’s visuals and artwork and there’s music that we put in the game. So this is another creative outlet for us, instead of making shitty music videos on a 40k budget and throwing them on YouTube and hoping that someone goes and finds it.”

The Indoor Kids #170 – Hail To The King: A Conversation With M. Shadows.
October 13, 2014, 3:14 pm
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M. Shadows was a guest on Nerdist’s The Indoor Kids podcast and talked about (10:40) Hail To The King: Deathbat and the backstory, writing his own AAA game, writing a game vs music, video games in general, the story behind his 10×10 tattoo, how his Call Of Duty clan began, the music industry and much more.


Full Metal Jackie Interviews M. Shadows.
October 10, 2014, 2:59 pm
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M. Shadows spoke to Full Metal Jackie about Hail To The King: Deathbat, the difference between writing music for a video game and album, if Hail To The King: Deathbat could become a franchise, new music, Gene Simmons’ recent statement that rock is dead, how it feels for Avenged Sevenfold to inspire kids the way classic bands did him, how he makes sure that their music never loses its mystique and more.

Gene Simmons’ recent statement that rock is dead really stirred up a lot of passionate reactions from other musicians. What’s your take on his statement? Especially since your band is at the forefront of keeping heavy music alive.
MS: Quotes like that are just click bait for people. People that are in bands that want to play music for the love of music are going to do it regardless of what his quote was. I read his quote, I think some of it is taken out of context. I understand what he’s saying, but rock music will never die. We all know that. It doesn’t mean it’s in the forefront of all entertainment and music right now, it’s obviously not. But I understand what he’s saying and I understand everybody and their responses to it. To me it’s just all drama online and I could care less.

When you first discover music, it’s such a powerful presence in your life. It’s pure passion. But, once it becomes a career there’s a real danger that your love of music can change. How do you make sure that music never loses the mystique that captured you in the first place?
MS: We do a lot of things that kind of annoy people and our fan base. We try not to get overloaded on it. For us, that means we don’t do social media stuff — we have an Avenged Sevenfold social media but none of the band members have Facebook’s or any sort of Twitter. It’s not because we don’t want to be around the fans, but it’s a constant hounding of this is your job, this is what you do, this is what you’re known for, talk to us all day about music. It gets away from the music and starts getting into other things like we were talking about earlier. It has no interest to me.

For what we do, we take time off, we re-calibrate. People go surfing, I like to golf. We like to do other things, just get away from it. We don’t completely immerse our life in it so much to where the things that aren’t important become important to us. We try to keep it – when we’re going to write a record, we get into the studio together, we have a great time and we try to write the best songs we possibly can without any other outside influence. Whether it be what fans want or what the label wants, this or that. That’s the way you keep it fresh because as soon as you get bored with what you’re doing or not proud of what you’re doing or you put out a record or go on tour when you didn’t want to, that’s when it becomes a job. Our mission since day one was to make sure this never felt like a job. We just keep ourselves sane before we try to please anybody else.

Zildjian’s Sound Legacy With Arin Ilejay.
September 29, 2014, 2:48 pm
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While on Mayhem Festival 2014, Arin Ilejay spoke with Zildjian about choosing the cymbal manufacturer and his current setup. Songs played in the video include Shepherd Of Fire and Nightmare. Arin’s setup includes the following: 14″ A Custom Mastersound HiHat Bottom x2 (HiHat setup), 10″ FX Trashformer, 12″ FX Oriental China “Trash,” 19″ A Custom Projection Crash x2, 20″ A Custom Crash x2, 19″ A Ultra Hammered China, 20″ A Custom China, 20″ A Custom EFX + 18″ A Custom Crash (stack) and 22″ A Custom Ride x2.

97.1 The Eagle Sits Down With Johnny Christ At Mayhem Festival.
August 11, 2014, 3:37 pm
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Clo from 97.1 The Eagle sat down backstage with Johnny Christ at the Dallas, TX stop of Mayhem Festival 2014 and he talked about what he likes to do on his off time, Mayhem Festival 2014 coming to an end, fans wearing Avenged Sevenfold t-shirts to their concerts, how Avenged Sevenfold put together their stage production, how they determine their set list, what’s next for Avenged Sevenfold, hanging out with Korn and more.