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In Memory Of: Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan.


It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we tell you of the passing today of Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. Jimmy was not only one of the world’s best drummers, but more importantly he was our best friend and brother. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jimmy’s family and we hope that you will respect their privacy during this difficult time.

Jimmy you are forever in our hearts.
We love you.

M Shadows, Synyster Gates, Zacky Vengeance and Johnny Christ

“And he has left us. Yet in his absence, his presence is and shall be stronger than ever. For he is everywhere now, and he is inside of us; We, who witnessed the brilliance of his flame and were warmed by its heat; We, who heard the chimes of his church-bell laughter ring the plains of starry dawns; We, who stood in the pure rain of his divine and noble spirit are now its blessed, honored keepers. Within and through us he shall live on, and our lives shall ever be enriched by him in ways wondrous and untold. Fly high, dear friend.” – Robert Zuckerman

Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, Rest In Peace.
1 Year.
2 Years.
Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan Gets A Star.

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i love that picture. i still can’t believe he’s gone. =((((

Comment by Nichole Stew.

i really can’t belive that he’s gone. Jimmy will never be forgotten for sure, he’s just one of those people that makes you smile and laugh. RIP Jimmy <33

Comment by leanne

The best insane drummer ever! you will be missed by all of the A7X family out there in the world! FOREVER MY HERO!!!! JIMMY SULLIVAN THE REV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
R.I.P. Jimmy

Comment by jusbizarre

Keep slammin the shit outta them golden drums
&& have a hell of an afterlife love!!
You were a little piece of Heaven fo sho!!
Gonna miss the hell out of ya
We all love you && you remain in our rended hearts forever<3RIP REV<3

Comment by Jessica F

^v^ The Rev was hands down, one of the most unique and charismatic drummers of all time. I have yet to have had my ears blessed more than by the mind boggling rhythms and composition that came from Jimmy. He influenced me so much and was one of my biggest heroes.
God Bless The Rev and his family. You’ll be missed more than you’ll ever know ^v^
R.I.P. Rev!

Comment by Brent Sutton - Hollywood Heartthrob

Rest in peace Jimmy, you will always stay in our mind.

Comment by Lucas "Kais"

my favorite drummer of all time and a wonderful person
Even though i never met him..he always made me laugh in the a7x dvds and videos..
“just a spoonful of jimmy makes the world go down and crazy” lol
repect to his family and friends

Comment by Karina

Is he not the best f****** drummer ever! I never met him either but I would honestly give my right leg to meet him. He also could sing like a motherf*****

Comment by Anonymous

The Rev will be missed. His spirit always live on. CHERRS. See you in the lil’ piece of heaven.

Comment by dchanhaner

Metal Hammer, in their little write-up, got his birthday wrong. Someone should be shot for that…
I, and forever will and always, miss my hero. Nobody could ever replace him. God Bless x

Comment by Hannah-Rose

you can rest now in the afterlife you always be remembered and your my hero and always will be i will always miss you xxxx

good night and god bless xx

Comment by claire

This is from Saving Abel’s twitter:

# R.I.P Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan…our friend will be missed. Prayers go out for our A7X brothers 3:19 PM Dec 30th, 2009 from TweetDeck

Comment by Mary

man it sucks so bad i have lost my fucking idol :(

my deepest sympathy goes to the sulliavan family and the fellow A7X members

RIP Jimmy (the rev) Suliivan

ur gonna be dearly missed

Comment by ryan

the rev: siempre estaras en nuestos corazones,toda tu gente en mexico s.l.p. esta con ustedes a7x y familia sullivan animo mexico esta con ustedes…

descance en paz the “rev”

Comment by jairo (leto bass valentine mx)

Avenged Sevenfold will not be the same without Jimmy*Rock will not be the same with out Avenged Sevenfold*
I hope the boys find the strength to make it through this tough time and remember they have a ton of fans who can’t wait for them to come back!

Comment by Nikki

My heart is so broken….My love, thoughts and prayers are with his A7X brothers, the Sullivan Family and the A7X family of fans struggling with with this loss…

I was fortunate to have met Jimmy once, backstage with his ‘band brothers’ after photographing my first concert in Utica, NY in March of 2009. Backstage it was just the 5 of them hanging out ~ truly they were brothers.

Even though I didn’t know him personally, the loss I feel is that of losing someone who moved my soul, and he did ~ through his music……
Jimmy Lives On In Those Who Love Him and In His Music, His Legacy, He Leaves Us All A Little Piece Of His Heaven, A Big Part Of His Soul…..

Thank You Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan…you are loved and missed by so many…Rest In Peace


Comment by Alaura Christine

<3 The World Just Got A Lot Quieter – You Will Be Missed – You always made me smile… lol <3

Comment by Franki Doll

omigod..i can hardly watch a video of jimmy without crying..
you were too young to go..

Comment by Liefa

I just can’t believe this is happening. When I first found out…I couldn’t breathe. I can’t imagine losing someone as great Jimmy. They are the ones that got me through highschool…without them I wouldn’t have made it. This is just so unbelievable. I don’t want to believe it… :(

Comment by Ashley

We just lost the best drummer in the world.This is so sad.Rest in peace brother!

Comment by Anonymous

I can’t believe this has happend.The best drummer out today is gone!He will alway’s be in my heart!

Comment by Ralph

I was lost on the 28th when we lost the greatest drummer in the world i’ve seen Avenged Sevenfold live once, and they were amazing all the guys rock but the person that struck my heart from the start was their drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. He has inspired me to want to become a drummer he has been the inspiration behind many of my songs i’ve writen he’ll be greatly missed by me. I love and miss you Jimmy! Rock up in the Afterlife. RIP ):

Comment by Chase

goodbye the rev !!!
i love you !!!

Comment by andre

the rev is gone :( what the fuck is happening in this crazy world?! what a loss for the musican world?! u’ll be missed, u inspired us so damn mush. although we never met a7x, they are our idols, our hearts goes to the a7x families, R.I.P the rev

Comment by Falling From Summit

fucking hell….. rip man :S

Comment by Anonymous

RIP Jimmy
Can’t say I knew you, but you were truly an important musician and an inspiration to many. Keep jamming up there in the big blue.

Comment by chickenyogurt

Good-bye the bet drummer in the world, when i heard it from my cuzin i thought she was lying but thn when i found out from the internet, i cried my eyes out for 2 days str8 and i havent been the same since his death, im still sad about it and he was my inspiration and i started playing drums when i 1st heard their music, i got into it and i plyed lyk him, im heart broken……. They won’t find another drummer lyk the Rev R.I.P buddy, we will nevr forget u

Comment by Mariah

i still cant believe he is gone, my world fell apart ever since he died… :'( still sad and heart broken. his legend still lives on, taken away from us too soon and too young

Comment by Mariah

I Love The Rev…I Love A7x

Comment by Jeh A7x

wow i just saw a7x in concert not too long ago. excellent band and my thoughts and prayers go to the band and family.

Comment by Lindsey

My friend and I are organizing a memorial service for The Rev in Bryant Park (in NYC) on February 28. If you would like to attend, please RSVP here:

Comment by Deb Draisin


Comment by casket56

They say only the good die young, but still hurts more than anything I’ve ever felt. REV, you are loved by so many, and I will never forget how great you are. I’ll see you when I get there man.

Comment by Rachael, Dallas Tx

I was very lucky to have gotten the honor and pleasure of meeting Jimmy more than once. He was one of the nicest, most sincere people I have ever met in my life. He would talk to you for hours just wanting to get to know you. He had a different way of looking at the world and my world is a better place for having the chance to meet him more than once. I’ll honestly say that one of the highlights of my life was seeing him after a concert and him remembering me. Jimmy was one of the most amazing drummers that has ever played and the world has suffered a tremendous loss. Jimmy will always be in my thoughts and his family in my prayers. Not a day goes by where I wake up and realize that it isn’t just a dream. But I know we’ll all see him again. You know that he and Dimebag Darrell are upstairs jamming away. Rest in peace Jimbo. We love and miss you. See you soon.

Comment by Blair

thank you jimmy the rev sullivan you are the greatest drums in the world!


Comment by jonas punk

RIP Jimmy, you were and still are my inspiration. You are the reason I began playing drums. I wish I could have met you. I will miss you foREVer

Comment by Andrew Tavoukjian


Comment by Kaydee

foREVer jimmy!!

Comment by Nick

I just wanna say that my name is Alaura,i would like 2 meet other alaura,RIP Jimmy.You well be missd.

Comment by Alaura

it’s been a couple of months and i STILL can’t beleive he’s gone… i remember seeing a7x live in Columbus GA in may of last year… i cried… then when i found out that rev left us i cried ever night for ages… and jus thinking about it makes me wanna cry right now…

Comment by Ryean

I know it’s been a long time, but reading what they posted, I almost cry, forever the rev

Comment by Peter

man, its been like a couple months since Rev died…im still crying. :( R.I.P. MAN!

Comment by Diamond Dore(syn luver)

its been 4 months since i heard the rev has passed away and i still cry when i think about it or whenever sumbody brings up his name. i dnt want my parents to think im still sad and see me cry or be depressed. so i show no sign to them and im still sadened about his death, thats the day i will nevr forget in my whole entire life. :'( RIP REV

Comment by Mariah

I reallly miss the rev, he is one and only drummer for a7x x i miss him so much cant believe he is gone x RIP Jimmmy xxxx hereos live on forever xoxox <3 x

Comment by Hannah 'The reving' Emochild

The thought that the greatest drummer passed away hasnt quite hit me yet. I cant say I knew him personally, but I wish I did! I know one day i will see him ontil then he is missed. I love avenged sevenfold if it wasnt for that band god know what kind of music i would be listening to now, there music has gotten me thru so much and i can’t imagine the band without him, there music just wont be the same. I love you Jimmy Sullivan and Avenged Sevenfold! hopefully one day i get a chance to meet all of them. R.I.P jimmy

Comment by Anna

RIP The Rev, you were undoubtedly the worlds best drummer you will be missed man!

Comment by Tom

hey guys well it still hasnt sink in yet I know he is gone but I will never give up on the band so I will always love A7X no tears only memorys

Comment by jennifer ellis

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In loving memory of jimmie the rev sullivan may u live on in the sky we will truly miss you you were the best drummer and you will live on down here I give my best to the families of avenged sevenfold and to the family of the rev I’m going tommorow to have the in loving memory of the rev tattood on my arm above the deathbat

Comment by gregory bettinger

I can’t believe he’s gone. One of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

(I don’t wanna be, like, an asshole but his birthday is wrong)

Comment by trechul

R.I.P the rev,we will miss u.u fine u little piece of heaven.god bless u my friend. . .

Comment by shahrul nizam

The saddest words of tongue or pen are just these four; ‘it might have been…’ While death never calls at a time of our choosing, and the loss we feel seems to never end, The Rev gave us his heart and soul through the music he wrote and the time he gave us. We can carry that with us through this sorrow and rejoice again with him when the sun rises on our hearts again.

just a fan

Comment by Ryan C

R.I.P Jimmy. you were the best.

Comment by Jamal

i miss you a lot jimmy :( and hearin you sing in fiction just makes it sadder your gone ill miss you

Comment by sean place

A7x!!! the best band every and i love nightmare best alum nex t
ps very sorry about jimmy
Love kelsey

Comment by kelsey

I couldnt believe it when I heard that The Rev was dead and now I cant help but cry every time I listen to Fiction. R.I.P. Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. You are foREVer in our thoughts and prayers.

Comment by Suzanne

still to this day and im sure for years to come the world will still feel the loss of the greatest drummer of all time. although his isn’t physically here his presence is felt by everyone who listens to the amazing pieces of music he was a part of.
Jimmy Sullivan R.I.P

Comment by Jack

I wish this wasn’t true… He is my hero. No matter what, he’ll always be my hero. Even if he’s gone, he’ll foREVer be here with us in our hearts. Why must the good die young? Rock in Paradise Jimmy. We miss you.

Comment by Kendra

RIP jimmy! we love you!

Comment by weloveyoutherev

We love you Jimmy The Rev Sullivan! The minute i heard about your death, i was like sitting and staring at my lap like a dumb person! xD i was so shock about the bad news. but anyways, RIP Jimmy! You will be miss! :’D

Comment by gahaa

I still cant believe it that Jimmy had passed away! But anyways, We love you Jimmy <3! You'll
be in our heart forever & you will always be miss! RIP Jimmy The Rev Sullivan! :'D

Comment by Heather

It’s almost been a year since Jimmy’s passing and it still seem unreal to me. Way too young to die.. He was truely a wonderful person and a genuis when it came to music. He was and still is my biggest influence and I always wanted to meet him but it looks like I’ll have to wait till the afterlife. Yes, its VERY sad he’s gone but the legacy he left behind will never die. He touched me in a way I could not explain and i thank him with all my heart for that. We hope your in a better place buddy. We miss you and we all love you. R.I.P Jimmy You’ll never be forgotten

Comment by Chris

oh! my love! he is gone! he inspired the little girl i am today Kylie would be a different person without him i wouldnt love avenged sevenfold i wouldnt love drums i wouldnt love metal or anything in that area if it werent for discovering him. a nightmare for me is if i was to never have found him i wouldve never even known his passing. i have accepted it but i STILL cry it STILL stings for im not over it it feels like yesterday yet it is almost a year. i wanted to become an amazing person like him intelligent talented and just plain warm hearted. i still do i have learned so much from him even though i do not know him and sound mad. it had always been my mission to show people just how goddamn BRILLIANT he was and his passing only made that mission more important but the best thing is we’re all in this together. FOR THE REV! foREVer!!!!

Comment by TheLadyDeathbat

Its hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since Jimmy has passed. When I heard he had passed away I burst into tears. I didn’t want to believe it. I didn’t know him personally but because A7X loves and is so connected with their fans I felt like i did. Avenged has been my favorite band for almost 6 years now and they changed my life. I thank The Rev from the bottom of my heart for taking part in making AMAZING music that I love and listen to everyday. I hope he knows that everyone loves him so much and wishes he was still here with us. There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think about him. He may not be with us anymore but his legacy and music he left behind will live on foREVer. One thing is for sure and that is that James Owen Sullivan will NEVER be forgotten. Rest in peace Jimmy.<3

Comment by Ciera

I miss you

Comment by Ka7x

No one will ever forget Jimmy no matter how much time passes.
He just that amazing.
Atleast I know when it’s thundering I’ll know that Jimmy’s up there beating the fuck out of those drums.

Comment by Taco Ninja

its almost been 9 months. im still sad about the rev’s death and i still cry but not most of the time. his death was a complete shock to me and it turned my life around. i just died inside when i found out. RIP Jimmy “the rev” Sullivan a7x foREVer <3

Comment by Mariah Tigertail-Cypress

__________THE REV._______________________

thee ievare forever en mi korazo00n erss part d my life……

Comment by SaOrY sUlLIvAn

I watch all the videoclips and hear the musics, and I just can’t stop thinking how much I’ll miss The Rev… I fell sorry for never have seen a show here in Brazil with the complete group… Rest in Piece Jimmy The Rev Sullivan! I’ll be always in our hearts!

Comment by Gabriel

I think it’s just so weird how not many of us actually knew him personally, but the charisma he carried himself with made his passing have a saddening effect on so many. Not only one of the best musicians of our time, but from videos and interviews, he seemed like such a good guy…and if he is looking down, he’d be smiling that his idol took the spotlight in his honour. A7X and Portnoy are doing a perfect job of continuing his legacy, RIP Jimmy

Comment by jordan

Damn iT’s Almost Been A Year… iT’s So Hard 2 Even Read This. <33. iMissYouu, Rev, Even Tho i'VE Never Met Youu. You Touched My Heart Just By Your Muzikk. Muzik Will Never B Tha Same Without You. foREVer < 33

Comment by Yr_DeathBat_Niqhtmare;;

One year on, rest in peace Jimmy. You were, and always will be, an inspiriation to all who knew and loved you.

Comment by Sinead


Comment by james o.

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a year later we still miss you, and foREVer will<3
Rest In Peace sir!

Comment by denisse

IT WAS TO SOON.. Jimmy was taken from us too soon, but yet we know he’s rocking out in heaven! I still can’t believe that his gone I remember that 28th of Dec. of last year and I knew he passed away because of a friend, she sent me a msg saying ” IT’S NOT A JOKE, JIMMY’S DEAD ” it was unbelievable and still.. but everything happens for a reason no matter how hard things could get Jimmy left us but we will meet him again! when we knock on heavens door I know Jimmy will be there! i’m proud of Syn, Zacky, Matt and Johnny because even when Jimmy is gone they’re still rocking for us! ALL MY SUPPORT! A7X WILL ALWAYS BE MY FAVOURITE BAND! <3

Comment by Tanz

Jimmy! its been a year dude, and we still fuckin miss you and always will do, but your legacy will still go on! and the flame of avenged will never evern die! R.I.P. Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan
02//09/81 – 12/28/09
“you will be greatly missed but never forgotn”

Comment by connor

“Give me a chance to be the person I want to be (I am unbroken; I’m choking on this ecstasy) Oh Lord, I’ll try so hard but you gotta let go of me. (Unbreak me; Unchain me. I need another chance to live…)” 1 year lost but remembered fo(REV)er. R.I.P. Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan.

Comment by Anonymous

we love you and miss you jimmy you are always in our hearts we will never forget you.our hearts are with the boys jimmys family and his friends xxxx ♥

Comment by Emma Deathbat Ridgway

It’s uncomprehending….
I love you Jimmy foREVer <3
I'm still crying because of him…
Rest In Peace my Hero, my Beautiful Angel.

Comment by Annor P.Kovacs

“Fly high, dear friend.”

Comment by trechul


Before the story begins, is it such a sin
For me to love what’s mine, until the end of time?
I loved my band Avenged, right to the very end
Friends right from the start, I had to give them my heart

My band was just too good so very long
It was always fate that something would go wrong
Before we faced this possibility
A guiding light came down to come for me
Smiling now from up above
I hear the fans and all their love

“Must have seen ‘em 50 fucking times
I don’t believe it
Aced that solo right before my eyes, Syn can’t repeat it
Beat it Beat it Beat it”

They were always this fucking good even in the beginning
Syn and Zacky on guitar, Christ on bass and M Shadows singing
It goes on and on and on
I can watch them growing old on the stage together
While I play up here for the lord forever

And I really always knew that my legacy
Would be sick that’s why you gotta carry on for me
And I know, I know it wasn’t my time
But bye bye
And a word to the wise when the Reverend dies
You think it’s over but it’s just begun
People don’t cry

These boys have my heart, at least for the most part
But everybody’s gotta die sometime
They fell apart and then made a new start
Cos everybody’s gotta die sometime yeah
So people don’t cry

Possibilities they had to consider
How to carry on without this sick drummer
Then Mike Portnoy came and stepped into the frame
Came to play the drums and fuck the mans got game
I’m smiling now from ear to ear
Listening to the fans all cheer

“Must have seen ‘em 50 fucking times
I don’t believe it
Aced that solo right before my eyes, Syn can’t repeat it
Beat it Beat it Beat it”

Now that I’ve gone I realise the greatness of those days
I must venture back to commend these guys from somewhere far above the grave
I really fucking love what they have done
Cos I am all up in my piece of heaven
And I’m screaming lyrics for this band forever

And I really always knew that my legacy
Would be sick that’s why you gotta carry on for me
And I know, I know it wasn’t my time
But bye bye
And a word to the wise when the Reverend dies
You think it’s over but it’s just begun
But people don’t cry

These boys have my heart, at least for the most part
But everybody’s gotta die sometime
They fell apart and then made a new start
Cos everybody’s gotta die sometime, yeah
So people don’t cry

I will watch over you all
I’ll keep an eye on you
So do whatever we were gonna do (Don’t ever change)
And know you’re good enough
Know you’re good enough, loved enough, mad enough
To do it all over again

Coming back, coming back
I live forever, live forever
Up here in heaven, with the others
I’m watching over all my brothers

And I really always knew that my legacy
Would be sick that’s why you gotta carry on for me
And I know, I know it wasn’t my time
But bye bye
And a word to the wise when the Reverend dies
You think it’s over but it’s just begun
But people don’t cry

These boys have my heart, at least for the most part
But everybody’s gotta die sometime
They fell apart and then made a new start
Cos everybody’s gotta die sometime, yeah
So people don’t cry

Ad honorem et ad pepetuam memoriam, ab uno disce omnes
With much love x

Comment by Anonymous

that was amazing! It made me smile and laugh at this grave time, and share it with my friends! Thank you :)

Comment by Hannah-Rose

i know who wrote this
i think they should sing this defo at download they are going to see theem at download.

Comment by ashley b (UK)

I know who wrote this – they live in the UK
I think they should sing this at download

Comment by ashley b (UK)

Who wrote it?

Comment by Shannon

Hi Shannon

We’re just a couple of crazy British fans who felt that the band needed some heartfelt support on the anniversary.

My son sings vocals for a metal band that plays A7X, BFMV & QOTSA and I’m just his crazy mum ;-)

with much love xx

Comment by Anonymous

epic!! :)
and yeah, they should deffo sing it at download!!
I too know who wrote it ;)
and yeah, it’s epic! :)

Comment by Anna P (UK)

holy shit. this is amazing. <3

Comment by kate

We know he is kikin those bass drums and makin those cymbals ring in that giant stadium in the sky GOD BLESS HIS FAMILY AND FREINDS KEEP THEM STRONG THROUGH THIS HARD TIME never forgoton but GREATLY MISSED foREVer today is one year but it seems like yesturday time to get behind my kit and remember him in my own way god bless every one today and take a little time to appreciate what we all have we were blessed with Jimmy aND His awesome talent AVENGED is keepin his memory ALIVE and Im sure this is a really hard time for them as well as family and friends thank you guys for doin what you do sure Jimmy would want it that way GOD BLESS

Comment by james o.

We will always miss you R.I.P Jimmy..

Comment by Steven

It’s the Rev’s Birthday… Everyone Celebrate the greatest drummer ever!!!!


Comment by Heidi

I cant believe he died! It’s been a little over a year and I still get depressed just thinking about it. Rev, you left us too soon.

Comment by Deanna


Comment by Anonymous

Missing you Jimmy!!

I love you, you were ready
The pain is strong and urges rise
But I’ll see you when He lets me
Your pain is gone, your hands untied

So far away
And I need you to know
So far away
And I need you to, need you to know…

RIP you will be remembered foREVer.

Comment by Anne

I still can’t believe he’s gone

Comment by Raychul

I still cant believe he died..
Jimmy has influenced me in so many ways..
Jimmy touched so many lives including me..
Jimmy, you will be FoREVer missed and i hope to just one day meet you in heaven brother..
But to avenged Sevenfold, You all have kept his legacy alive.. I hope for the best for all of you.. Just keep on making music guys.. Ann always know your fans are always behind you including me 100percent..
FoREVer R.I.P. Jimmy

Comment by Colby

rest in piece jimmy the rev sullivan i missu

Comment by petq

we miss u jimmy

Comment by hamzàà gates

keep druming at after life…

Comment by faendysal

And even after all this time, I still find myself thinking of you :)
Miss you Jimmy…

Comment by Angst

Jimmy you will always be missed, and i hope avenged sevenfold does not break up cause with or without you they are the greatest band alive i will see u when i get up there. RIP Jimmy The Rev Sulliven

Comment by Matthew Marston

RIP Jimmy. You will be loved and missed forever and always. I will never forget how much of an amazing drummer you were. You can and never will be replaced. <3 RIP JIMMY "THE REV" SULLIVAN <3

Comment by kate

I cant believe that jimmy is gone. i had the honor of going to my first A7X concert last year but it was empty for me because Jimmy wasnt there behind the drumset. I regret not missing school to go see them in concert the week of my 19th birthday. Jimmy I miss you so much and I cant wait to learn how to play drums from you in the afterlife

Comment by Kristan

I just had to watch Live in the LBC.. damnit, Jimmy, I miss you. Everything about you screamed amazing. <3

Comment by Ariane

Jimmy was the craziest genius that ever was..

A Little Piece of Heaven was the first song I ever listened to by Avenged, and it remains my favourite. Thanks Jimmy. This song opened my eyes.

Excuse me while I bask in his insanity foREVer.

xxx Lauren.

Comment by Lauren

He inspired to drum I’ve been listening to Avenged Sevenfold for 5 years I’ve never and never will grow tired out of it. I remember the day my friend came in my house with his ipod listening to Afterlife so I asked what song is that and who is it from he told me Avenged Sevenfold. So I started listening and listening to Avenged Sevenfold, until one day I heard beast and the harlot the drum beat on thtat song amazed me. So I asked my mom for a drum set and she said all right but you better make money. Then I started taking drum lessons. And I ended up how I am now, A big fan of Jimmy Sullivan “TheRev” And Avenged Sevenfold its self. 12-28-09 RIP Jimmy Owen Sullivan. Better And known as………”TheRev” :'(.

Comment by Alex M.

Burn The Pain In The Spirit Of The Rev As Your Own Journey Continues. Use The Fuel To Live Your Life, Chase Your Dreams And Make A Difference. Jimmy, You Will ALWAYS Be Remembered By Me And Everyone Else. You Are My Biggest Hero And I Wish To Be As Much As A Musical Genius As You! I Hope Your Chasing Your Stallion Ducks, Finding Out What’s In The Bucket Of Shit, Showing Roadie’s Boxers To Everyone, Going Kung-Fu On Their Asses, Jumping Off Buses, Running Into The Woods, Never Coming Back, Becoming The Knife Master, And Maybe, Just Maybe You’ll Come Back. And When You Do, All Of The Avenged Sevenfold Family Will Be Waiting With So Much Love. Without Our Spoonful Of Jimmy, The World Doesnt Go Round. foREVer In Our Hearts.

Comment by Lindy Kraska

You guys have all good points but jimmy was the reason that i started playing drums and he is my only role model and no matter if he is dead i still think hes the coolest guy ever and his spirit will always be in my heart as the best drummer in the world and im pretty sure every Avenged Sevenfold fan respects the exsistance of Jimmy The Rev Sullivan

Comment by Anonymous

Jimmy is the one who gave me the confidence to start training my voice so i can sing wen i get older , because of him i believe i can do wat i love most in the whole world
Thank you Jimmy your memory will sleep in my heart foREVer and so will A7X <3

Comment by jalesa

17 months yesterday and not a day goes by when I think about you Jimmy.
i love you and you will always be in my heart<3
i'd like to thank Mike on helping the boys finish such a great album at such a difficult time.
i would also like to thank Arin for going on tour with boys, Jimmy would want them to carry on

Comment by Anonymous

foREVer in my mind, foREVer in my Hearth <3
internally remembered with much love
will remember forever his joy <3

Comment by Melissa Brasil

Rip JIMMY ‘THE REVEREND THOLOMEAU PLAGUE’ SULLIVAN u will foREVer be in our hearts ur birthday is 3 days before mine so I feel a special connection to u say hi to John Lennon for me

Comment by Katie

Jimmy you are forever in our hearts.
We love you.

Comment by Bryan Avengers Thereverendandneverend

So far away makes me cry every time I listen to it, or watch the music video – foREVer ♥

Comment by I. Shadows ✪

Damn, no matter how many times I see this it makes my heart drop still can’t grip this reality :'{ I miss the one person I never met WLY Jimmy and our family gose on foREVer Strong!!!! <3 <3 <3

Comment by Kàdi Silver

A truly inspirational man to so many – and a monster on the kit. Just an all round LEGEND who will live on in our hearts.

Comment by Adam

i remember the day jimmy died. it was the day i questioned my self. why him? he was such a great influence towards the bad i was in and he was so great theres NOT ONE DAY i dont listen to A7X and not think about the rev and how much i miss him

Comment by Anonymous

the death of an awesome musician… we still and will always miss him.

Comment by Anonymous

I still miss him…

Comment by Anonymous

I wish I had the honor of seeing him live….. although he’s gone, his music will live on forever in his brother of a7x and in the hearts of his fans. Love ya Jimmy

Comment by Reva

I’m so upset I will never get to see Jimmy in person or playing live…. but at least A7X stayed together and is playing their kick ass fucking music ! Thanks guy and R.I.P Jimmy. foREVer.

Comment by Anonymous

I love you James, you are foREVer my angel and you mean the whole wide world to me.
As for A7X, stay strong, No one can replace Jimmy we all know that, i love you guys, you are my favorite band and you always will be i loveyou with all of my heart.

Comment by Hannah

jimmy sullivan is the best

Comment by arief 021

The Rev was one of the most insrirational people to me, a pure musical genious , With vocal and Drumming talent that could change th world. You are all such an amazing band, my favourite, forever.i am getting a tattoo in memory of the rev and a few more to show my absolute commitment to you guys ! R.I.P Jimmy, Lost but by FAR, never forgotten. we love you <3

Comment by Camilla

r.i.p we love you forever -nyck

Comment by nikki

He was one of the greatest drummers to ever live, He is greatly missed! Live on forever! R.I.P “The Rev”

Comment by Allison Gathings

He was my favorite drummer, I made a promise with him to live on his legacy foREVer and I am going to keep my promise until the day I die, when I see him in the afterlife

Comment by Kyle Wilson

watching “Live in the LBC” right now, ‘Seize the Day’ came on and it just hit me that he’s gone, stil can’t believe it. miss him so much :'(
Love you Jimmy, foREVer <3

Comment by francy A7X

R.I.P rev the world is a little darker without you in it

Comment by mr smith

R.I.P JIMMY OWEN SULLIVAN,you will always in my heart.

Comment by nazirul afiq

Love the REV foREVer. I’m a girl but I have his hairstyle in his honor and foREVer tattooed on my neck

Comment by Lezli Hewtt Christensen

still heartbreaking </3

Comment by Anonymous

hey you guys !!!!! i am the biggest fan. i want to say this for all of you and jimmy.

one day he will run off the bus and never come back and when he came back, he would be the knife master.

hey i think of matt as a brother and i think i know you all through the music. i am crying while saying this to you and i hope you see it. i never want you to quit.
jimmy’s head stone said he jumped into life and never hit bottom well you guys he still hasn’t and he is still going and you should keep going to. i love you all and never want you to end

avenged sevenfold forever
love you all, leslie ray
of guthrie oklahoma

Comment by leslei ray

I still can’t believe Jimmy is gone. He always made me laugh in the A7X backstage videos and DVDs. He was and always will be one of my biggest musical influences and and one of my biggest idols. I can’t imagine how it felt to lose a brother the way A7X did. My heart is out to the Avenged boys. Keep rocking, guys. I am one of your biggest fans and I will always continue to be. We miss and love you, Jimmy. May you foREVer rock upstairs, brother. RIP Jimmy “The Reverend Tholomew Plague” Sullivan.

Comment by Zakk

Although I never met the dude, The Rev, Jimmy was a big part of my life and a really big influence for me as well as; Syn, Brian Jr; M.Shadows, Matt; Zacky V, Zack; and Johnny, Jonathan. My first song I listened to was Afterlife and when I heard Jimmy sing his lyrics I noticed how unique Avenged Sevenfold are. Ever since that day I’ve learn nearly every song on guitar and drums. Avenged Sevenfold have been a big influence for me, and I’m glad I listened to Afterlife that day. Thank you for inspiring me Jimmy, we all love you, R.I.P

Comment by Jack

that was my birthday… now each year i have at least ten minutes of reflection. he was and IS an inspiration to countless people. foREVer in our hearts Jimmy!

Comment by Dalton T

~forever in our hearts~ you were the drummer i looked up too everyday. you are amazing. we will all worship and miss you forever! <3 you inspired all. we love you <3

Comment by shelby

In 17 days from today we will all remember that its been two years since he passed away.

Somehow, it still seems unbelieveable.

We will remember you foREVer.

Comment by Daniel Goldstein

We love you Jimmy and miss you

Comment by tim walters

R.I.P The Reverend Tholomew Plauge you will always and foREVer be inside my heart and lots of others. great musition making afterlife, almost easy and a little bit of heavan. he was the funniest man ever, i watch his funny videos. I NEVER GOT TO MEET HIM, HES A GOD! Love you lots world best drummer, from one of your biggest fans ~Michael :'(
see you in the afterlife ROCK OUT

Comment by Michael.B

Miss ya jimmy never met ya but Ax7 will never be the same without you RIP bro

Comment by Nathan Hurchalla

Jimmy is still alive to me. He lives in my heart foREVer. He will never be dead to me. Ever.

Comment by Priscilla

Jimmy, I will foREVer love and miss you. You’re one of the main reasons I truly ever got into Avenged Sevenfold, metal/rock, and just music in general. I will never forget when I listened to my first A7X song “Blinded In Chains” and just went “Oh my gosh!! What is this?!!?” You were one of the greatest drummers that ever lived. You were also an above average songwriter, and your songs influence my writing. May you foREVer R.I.P. James “the Rev” Sullivan \m/

Comment by AJX

I remember the first time I watched this video… Still brings me to tears. Thank you DBN for being here for us all as well. Much respect.

R.I.P. Jimmy

Comment by Risa

Getting the Jimmy deathbat as a tattoo a few weeks ago was one of the best decisions I ever made. Even though I’m sad he’s gone I can just look down at my arm and remember him, his crazy antics and his crazy hair do. Like several others on here he inspired me to be a drummer. The world needs more kind people like Jimmy and he will always be missed by his band mates, family and the fans

Comment by Matt

R.I.P jimmy 2 years today, your beat goes on. As long as your friends, family and fans remember you’ll always be with them.

Comment by Eirlys Dawn Clarke

Felt like I needed to watch this again today…
Sure it made me sad, but it also made me smile and laugh. Jimmy was just so funny, happy and full of life. His life was much too short, yes, but there is no doubt that he lived a great one. He truly lived life to the fullest and lived his absolute dreams with his best friends by his side. We all need to take from his example and live it up, never taking anything for granted.

Thanks for everything, Jimmy. We miss and love you always. foREVer <3

Comment by Linds

A Little Piece of Heaven ALWAYS. R.I.P THE REV – All my love to A7X, Rock on boys

Comment by Cat M

“I hope it’s worth it, here on the highway, yeah. I know you’ll find your own way when I’m not with you.” – The Rev

Well, it’s been two yrs Jimmy. Two years of some of the most inspiring and influential music I’ve ever heard, rampaging all around the world. The craziest thing is, you wrote it, but you’re not here to play it. You’d be so proud of where Avenged Sevenfold would be, and we’d all still have one of the gnarliest and most amazing people with us.

I know I’m just a fan, but thank you for everything you ever did Jimmy. No matter how you lived or how you died, you were still a hero to me. You always gave everything you had to create masterpieces that even the brightest of stars could never imagine creating, and you always found a way to bring smiles and laughter wherever you went. You were a genuine soul with a beautiful heart, and even if you’re off in the Afterlife, that will last foREVer.

♪Rock in Peace♪

Comment by Hunter C.

I always miss you The Rev
you always are my inpiration
R.I.P The Rev
A7X foREVer!!

Comment by Joe

December 28th we lost a kickass drummer but not just a awesome drummer a kickass hilarious brother I can’t say I knew him but he was long live Jimmy foREVer in our hearts we all love you

Comment by Jaden

I wish i could have known the rev…and the best of luck to his familly, friend, and the rest of the avenged members, exspecially shaddow.

Comment by toni heyrend

i can’t believe it’s been two years already Jimmy will NEVER be forgotten he insipred me to start drumming through his music he is the best drummer in the world in life and death may he rest in peace

Comment by Zakk MacKenzie

We miss you Jimmy..
You is the best. FOREVER

Comment by Chuo Sevenfoldism

Today on your birthday, I just want to say…
You are an inspiration, a true hero, a true legend.. unforgettable!
We all love and miss you very much! ♥
I love you Jimmy! ♥

Comment by Chanel 'Kitty Sullivan' Kemp

we all miss you. you were a god and we love you. the world will not be the same without you

Comment by george Shephard

I love the rev

Comment by irfan

my heart shaddered when jimmy died i thawt this day would have never came this early i never actuly met the rev but i know hes the best god damn drummer in fucking world jimmy we love u we miss u with everything we have

Comment by Anonymous

i miss that sound so much it was like my hope in the world that i could be wat i want mascara dripping black with tears at the moment really wanted to meet him a unique soul that wont ever be forgotten
Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan best druner in the world carried by a free spirit R.I.P. you are tearly missed

Comment by jalesa

the rev always will be my favorite drummer no matter what hes the best.R.I.P.Jimmy.’The Rev.Rock On Seize The Day,Love You Jimmy.

Comment by meg

in my opinion, the rev was one of the best drummers to ever live and walk this earth. he is so greatly missed but his spirit lives on in every single fan. i didn’t have to meet jimmy to know he was a great and wonderful guy. we know you’re rockin’ out in heaven where there is no pain.we love you jimmy and we will be thinking of you foREVer.

Comment by vampyreforever

I just recently got into avenged sevenfold, and I regret that it happened after the passing of the Rev. :( I have beenwatching and reading everythong about the Rev. :( to me it feels like it just happened even after 3 years. My heart and ptayers will always go out to the band and family. How I wished I knew at the beginning so I could have seen him live. Everything I hear or read makes me cry….. The Rev foRever!

Comment by Jodiprice

I miss Jimmy so much, I have loved Avenged Sevenfold since the very beginning, I’ve felt the pain they’ve felt, I’ve felt the joy they’ve felt also, but we must not dwell on Jimmy passing because he is foREVer with us and watching over us. He is our rocker in the sky, and will never be forgotten.

Comment by Leah

i hear what you are saying i feel the same way

Comment by Dixie

In loving memory of “The Rev” we miss you and you will be in our hearts forever…. :'(

Comment by Anonymous

its amazing how a teen can come to love this music and then to hear about the tragedy, you will forever be in our hearts jimmy, i <3 your drumming

Comment by caity

R.I.P Jimmy you will be forever in our hearts.

Comment by Cheyenne

I named my sone Taylor-James Spencer in memory of Jimmy as while i was pregnant my lil man perfectly kicked along with the drums of any Avenged Sevenfold song. I sadly lost my lil man at 22 weeks pregnant, but its safe to say he now has the best drum teacher ever!! R.I.P James Owen Sullivan. <3 Xx

Comment by Tj

…He still alive in our hearts… Jimmy will be remember here..

Comment by Nimas..

i love Jimmy in my opinion he was the best drummer ever. He will always be in our hearts

Comment by Robbie

Jimmy was one of the best drummers in the world.
His Name will Live on foREVer just as long as people like us keep his name alive for the world to see, for me Jimmy will never be dead as long as i keep him in my heart and soul he will and never die!
Rest in Peace Jimmy.
you’re out of pain now

Comment by Daniel

Jimmy was a really awesome drummer….i remember 4 years ago when i started listening to you guys….Jimmy TOTALLY blew my mind with his solos and fills. I never got the chance to see him perform the 3 times ive seen you guys..but for now we can just say hes teaching god how to play the drums and hell be back later…..peace guys and best wishes to the fam

Comment by sydney pineda

I looked up to you Jimmy, I even put youtube on and try to play like you on my drums. I want to play like you when I get older and I know there is no possible way anyone can ever play as good as you did or take your love that people had for you away. I want to be the one who plays for you and becomes as good as you. You are my idol and When I grow up I want to be just as good as you and just as awesome as you. I love you Man and RIP because you are a Big part in my life and I feel you in my heart and my soul.

-#1 Fan

Comment by Roderick

I grew up listening to you guys because my brothers and sisters listed to you all the time and I am12 years old. I cried for 2 days in a row when “The REV”passed away and I’m still depressed about it.

Comment by Andrew Hadraba

He will always have a place in my mind.

Comment by Marine

First of all foREVer just had to be done, we will all miss jimmy dearly he’s sudden passing affected millions and people still miss him to this day. But what is that picture called and is it possible to find it on a t-shirt??

Comment by Shifty


Comment by Anonymous

Jimmy was a great drummer.
And a great achiever of many fans.
All hailed Jimmy.
But now he’s resting in peace.

Comment by Noklungba

But then i was stuned by hearing their perfectly monstrousity headbanging songs.
And the reason: there was a flaming beast behind all this scene “the rev”. His drums made me cheer for da band.
That was the reason why i love a7x.
Thank you Jimmy. You will always be in my heart until i meet you in the next world.

Comment by Anonymous

the rev, you are a legend, foREVer

From: Spain c:

Comment by Avenger

He passed on my mom:s birthday…so each year it only gets more bittersweet. two people i dearly love and cherish and yet i celebrate both lives in two totally different ways but all for one purpose; they will foREVer be in my heart.

Comment by Harley

The Rev was a wonderful person, a GREAT musician and a better FRIEND!
His legacy will live foREVer in the hearts of those who loved and cared for him.
Wherever you are Jimmy, you will always have a place in our hearts, prayers and lifes, because you are the best in all of us.


Comment by Dreia

I was really so sad:( when hear a jimmy was gone…She is my inspired & a7x we love u jimmy rest in peace of heaven….Everytime i see u..U make me laugh make me smile && u so funny..I love u jimmy”the rev”& missed u so much,,forever..

Comment by Valary stewart

R.I.P JIMMY “THE REV” SULLIVAN ur in all our hearts

Comment by Anonymous

the rev is the best drummer in the world

Comment by tigah amaterrashu

I have never posted a comment anywhere to get in touch with the band or for the fans to sympathize with me but there’s something I need to get off my chest. R.I.P.James Owen Sullivan. You will be foREVer missed. Your music saved me at age 11 when I was diagnosed with cancer. I am now 20 and wish I could have seen A7X perform in concert at least once before you passed away and I wish I had the opportunity to meet you to just thank you and the rest of the A7X band members for helping me cope with my illness and making me the strong individual I am today. I hope to see you one day in heaven. Much love, your fan of almost 10 years, M.C. <3

Comment by mcardenas

One of the brightest and greatest stars has gone dark… foREVer missed and foREVer in our hearts! <3

Comment by Fredrik

RIP “The Rev” you will foREVer be in our hearts!!!
To: Leana, M.Shadows, Zacky V, Synyster, Johnny and extended family of Avenged Sevenfold. REV today the ones you’ve touch have a heavy heart but with that weight we carry your torch foREVer!!! Your torch will foREVer be lite and never forgotten!! I lost my best friend my Mom a little over a year ago and sister 9 years ago, though time passes you may think the pain gets easier to manage, but we know it doesn’t. It only gets to be part of our daily lives and routine to miss and think of the ones we’ve lost always and foREVer. Love….Rosie O’Brien

Comment by Rosie O'Brien

Gone, but never forgotten.
foREVer in our Hearts

Comment by HananElGendy

We love you, Jimmy <3 Still alive in our hearts, foREVer ♥

Comment by Carolina (@withwrongwhats)

3 years! Still can’t believe it, hope you’re still rocking the skies bro and all this rain in England has just been the thunder from your mad double bass! :’)

Comment by Anthony

3 years… I still can’t believe he is gone… RIP Jimmy.. We love you – foREVer
2/9/81 to 12/28/09

Comment by Paige W.

3 years -Jimmy.Your legacy , music and memory lives on foREVer…..

Comment by kurt.west.norway

Rest in peace Jimmy its sad that he’s gone but not forrgotten.

Comment by Brandon Cline

im one of sevenfoldism, after 3 years i think i still love you jimmy, im still remember you, please say hello from me to piece of heaven thats your live noow, foREVer, avenged sevenfold.

Comment by RezaPOrlando

R.I.P jimmy we all love and miss you. Keep rocking in the afterlife buddy foREVer.

Comment by Pete Vandenberg

Soon he and God will be jaming to the new album together!

Love you Jimmy foREVer

Comment by Slim

i love you jimmy! you and the rest of the guys have been my saviors for a long time…i’m going to see the rest of the guys tomorrow in atlanta…wish i would have got to meet you. on your dvds and videos you always make me laugh. my hero doesn’t wear a cape, my hero has wings, that’s you jimmy. i love you <3
r.i.p the rev foREVer<3

Comment by anna hutchins

I miss jimmy, even tho i never got to meet him. Its a shame,really.

Comment by gabby gunter

RIP Jimmy.. we love you && you are missed greatly! Some day we too shall walk through those pearly gates & meet with you once again. <3 foREVer..

Comment by Abbey Katlind

Jimmy this is for you.. WE ALL A7X fans love you and we keep you every fucking day on our mind.. Jimmy YOU are the only who are the world best drummer and hopefully we all fans can see you someday in heaven. JIMMY WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!! <3 <3

Comment by Kai Niemi

Jimmy i love you foREVer <3

Comment by Elena

Its just one of those things that shouldnt have happened R.I.P. Jimmy Sullivan-The REV-Fiction-The Reverend Tholomew Plague

Comment by Jacob Rodenbucher

Este día es una mierda, 4 años hace que mi ídolo murió, foREVer

Comment by avenger

RAISE HELL AND A GLASS IN REVERENCE TO THIS GREAT DRUMMER! Let’s remember the awesome life he lived & celebrate his life! He’s gone but never forgotten. Jimmy will live on through his music foREVer! Keep on Rockin in Paradise Rev!

Comment by Anonymous

Been thinking about this all week, new it was getting close again.
I can’t believe its been so long, it seems like yesterday that we lost such a genius .
Rest easy bright star.

Comment by juice

The REV gone but not forgotten !! R.I.P

Comment by Juan g

RIP Jimmy. We miss you everyday.

Comment by Anonymous

Miss you buddy RIP

Comment by Eh7x

Bawling my eyes out while reading all of these comments and stories about Jimmy. It seems like yesterday when I first started listening to Avenged. Now it’s been 4 and a half years. During that time period a lot has happened in my personal life but also in the lives of my idols. I’ve always wanted to somehow comfort the guys in the same way they have comforted me through the music. It brings closure to me now that I finally understand that all of the consoling by us, the fans, has been noticed by them and they have accepted our support during their own grief process. I hope that some day I would have the chance to thank them, I will definitely thank Jimmy in the afterlife.

You are always in my heart Jimmy, foREVer.

A fan.

Comment by VERONICA7X

As long as we remember him, he’s never truly gone

Comment by Tommy

I used to hate Avenged Sevenfold. I don’t know why. Maybe there was no reason. I remember where I was when I heard Jimmy died. The radio played Bat Country and as a drummer/singer I was blown away. I became a fan. Completely. I’ve been lucky enough to.see A7X 3 times since. I wish I wasn’t so narrow minded and I may have seen them with Jimmy. I saw them selflessly play for suicide awareness last weekend. What a great bunch of guys. Now I have to look up old stuff to see how they were. A7X changed my life. I’m sorry boys. I should have given you a chance sooner.

Comment by Lance Sullivan

I wasn’t even a fan of sevenfold at the time when Jimmy died, but since then I’ve seen countless videos of him and I still get upset when I remember that he’s gone. Rest in peace Jimmy, we love you <3

Comment by jasey

I’ve just recently become a fan of A7X, but every time I see a live video or a picture of Jimmy, I can’t help but become upset. He was an amazing spirit and will always be. I pray he rests in peace and is rockin’ out in the afterlife <3

Comment by Robin Vengeance

Its been sooo long since he died, but his passing still affects me everyday. He was my hero, my inspiration, I would have given absolutely anything to meet him. I don’t believe in god, but I talk to Jimmy when I feel alone, scared, and hopeless, and pretend he can hear me. I tell him about everything he’s helped me through, how much I miss him, just stupid things. I just wish he were here with me in person so I could tell him about how I recently got my sister to listen to Avenged and how touched she is by how great the rev was as a person and musician. RIP man. I hope to see you in the afterlife

Comment by katie

He passed away on my birthday. I’ll always remember that punch in the gut I felt when I read that he was gone. He was definitely a light in the darkness.

Comment by kristina mehling


Comment by Anonymous

best quote i’ve ever heard in my life is one day dude i’m just gonna get off the bus,and i’m gonna run into the woods,and i’m never gonna come back…… and when i’m come back i’m gonna be the ninth master

Comment by AL.SULLIVAN

JIMMY the REV will always be in my heart foREVer ! ! ! ! ! ! !
we love u REV may Ur soul will rest in peace….foREVer

Comment by osborne

R.I.P JImmy and thank you with out you i would of never herd of Avenged Sevenfold i will always remember you foREVer

Comment by mcradio 123

Missing you, Jimmy

Comment by B

“Oh Shit

What’s In The bucket

What’s In the Bucket but the bucket of shit

But A bucket Of Grapes

And Grapes In The Mouth

Grapes In the make make you happy down south

Make ya geta big boner what ya gona do?”

It’s been 6 years, and there’s still people down here missing you, You’re our “Little Piece of Heaven”

Comment by Tanya

what song was playing in this I know it I can’t remember the title

Comment by Anonymous

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