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98 KUPD’s Maximum Rock Interview With Synyster Gates.
August 26, 2013, 5:46 pm
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Synyster Gates spoke with 98 KUPD’s Fitz Madrid today about being able to play for the troops in Iraq, Avenged Sevenfold extending an invitation to Arin to officially join the band, developing the Avenged Sevenfold game, his Hellwin Amp, his favorite songs on “Hail To The King” and Fitz fires off some quickfire questions. You can listen to the interview here.

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I always loved Point Break, my dad watched it a lot, so naturally I did too. The original Batman movies were always my fave too. Good interview, love the new album :)

Comment by JT

I wonder if they feel the same way about their alias. I think, in my opinion if they use their real names would be better.

Comment by Oj

I heard hopes that it would be on XBOX one day and they are writing the soundtrack….not sure if that means writing songs or just picking songs

Comment by ZP

Yeah KUPD rocks Arizona! and on september 13th A7X is going to be rocking AZ. First time seeing them in my hometown. Loving the new album, I know they are gonna lose some fans with its more focused classic metal sound, but overall they sound better and mature….timeless.

Comment by Andrew Marin

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