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Avenged Sevenfold Debut New Stage Production On Hail To The King Tour.
October 4, 2013, 9:46 pm
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Avenged Sevenfold debuted new stage production on their Hail To The King Tour. The stage set up features a castle wall draped with curtains and adorned with Deathbat sculptures perched on column tops,  two video-boards on each side of the wall and the King’s hideaway situated in the middle. During the course of the show you’ll be treated to fireworks, explosions, more fire, an incredible light show and general bad-assery. Haven’t gotten your tickets to this tour yet? You can do so here. You can check out HQ videos of Shepherd Of Fire, Hail To The King, Fiction, Afterlife and Requiem plus a Syn Gates solo/Band jam.


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It was raw to be one of the first people to see this new set up. I was also at their first concert back from recording and saw them play Hail to the King live for the first time!

Comment by Jon Schultz (@jsschultz88)

No way I went to both shows too lol!

Comment by Ryan

Words & videos will never do that set justice, it’s something everyone needs to experience in person! simply phenomenal

Comment by Jessi

Stage setup looks so badass!

Comment by Forever Avenged

i was there and close to the stage, and nothing i can say about it will do the show justice… it’s absolutely smashing, the best rock show i have ever been to the whole incredible package considered… the guys look and sound astounding, from the first to the last second they are confidently virtuosic, impossibly cool, work seamless as a team, have easy call and response with the audience and are just plain f**ng beautiful, each one of them, their songs and their delivery… m. shadows was indefatigable and in full control as always, syn smiled and winked at the audience, also played some soloes which you couldn’t hear in detail because of all the screaming, arin looked really comfortable and drummed like hell, zach and johnny delivered… the stage set is a museum piece with many parts to it, but i was personally blown away by this mean son of a gun, the king, his overwhelming presence and menacing stare, was almost expecting him to get up and slash his sword, wanted really to study him at a closer range… kudos to the creators of this statue, it’s truly magnificent… now, the general admission was sold out but the balcony was not which bothered me at first, but then it’s probably those ticketmaster sharks with ticket prices being pretty stiff up there… rammstein concert got about half of a7x’s audience at this place, so that’s one good measure… overall, it was beyond perfect and too short of course… similar set list as in rio, with ‘doing time’ added and i have a feeling there could be more songs from httk added if warranted… the audience was in fact a little wild, nothing out of control but emotions were running pretty high and as the show progressed bras were flying around, and several mosh pits got going with the central one getting fairly large by the end… overall, a smoking hot band with a show to match… thank you, a7x!!!

Comment by Maria Lebed

the stage production is perfect im in love with the solo/band jam they played hopefully they do something like that on the san antonio date and the setlist is wicked! cant wait to hear the new songs and if im lucky theyll play chapter 4 (:

Comment by steven kraatz

I am still randomly pulling up my cell phone video from the A7X Washington Gorge show. Loved that show!! Can still feel the heat from the pyro as it raced back and forth.

Comment by Linda Valley

Very nice.

Comment by Anonymous

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