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Warner Brothers Records Releases Official Press Release.
September 10, 2008, 9:02 pm
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Finally, Deathbat News has received an OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE released by Warner Brothers Records:


Avenged Sevenfold deeply regret that they must cancel their U.S. shows on the band’s current fall tour in order for frontman M. Shadows to rest his voice.

Shadows first began to experience problems singing during the band’s show on September 6th in Huntington, West Virginia. After being unable to perform the next night at a show in Baltimore, Shadows flew home to see his doctor, who diagnosed vocal fatigue. Fortunately there is nothing on Shadows’ vocal chords that requires surgery, but he has been prescribed vocal rest so that he will be able to resume touring without interruption.

Though Avenged Sevenfold feel terrible that they have to disappoint fans who bought tickets for the first leg of the tour, the band are happy to report they will be able to return to the road in October. The tour will resume on October 15th in Osaka, Japan, and the band will back touring the U.S. with Buckcherry, Shinedown and Saving Abel starting on November 4th in Casper, Wyoming.

M. Shadows adds “I feel as if I’m letting so many people down, especially the fans we were supposed to see this month, but after a little rest it’ll be back to the usual craziness everyone expects of A7X. All of us are so excited about going out with Buckcherry in November; our fans will love them as well as Shinedown and Saving Abel”.”

Thanks to all of the fans that have been nothing but understanding and supportive throughout this situation.

UPDATE: After an hour of this initial post, Avenged Sevenfold have finally released the statement as well.


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About time and thank god

Comment by Pinkdeathbat

So ALL the shows leading up to October 15th are canceled?
Or just in September…?

Comment by Kt

I wonder if they’ll reschedule the canceled dates?

Comment by Lindsay

Im glad he doesn’t need surgery. I still think something might be up for the q101 block party. Why would q101 not just say they are canceling and tell me that they are not canceling but shadows is out. That is why it says they are discussing options because q101 is really trying to get A7X to perform without shadows.

Comment by j-mac

i just wish the dates being cancelled could be rescheduled. i feel like i deserve my money back, there should be exceptions, technically it WOULDNT be the concert i paid for therefore should be allowed my money back, im not pissed about them cancelling im just pissed that i cant get my money back cuz i dont wanna see one “ok” band and 2 crappy ones

Comment by Tyler Jimenez

Thanks for the official notice, and being the first to let us know ;] I’m glad to see that Matt won’t be needing surgery.

Comment by jc

glad to see that matt dosnt need surgery. hopefully he has enough time to rest though. They should take all the time they need.

Comment by sean

a7x performing without shadows would be……….. useless. i wouldnt want to see that personally, hah.

Comment by jc

so, i’m confused. is buckcherry is going on tour for those dates till october 15th? or has it completely been canceled? cause if it hasn’t, i have two tickets for the show in sioux falls since i don’t want to go see buckcherry…

Comment by naomi.

Yay no surgery… Im glad things are going well… can’t to see them later… ^_^

Comment by Richenda

i wish theyd take MORE time off. doesnt seem like enough time. cancel everything in october too *sorry to those people who have shows then* but idk…seems like they need MORE rest than this. :/

but im glad he doesnt need surgery.

Comment by junior

glad to know he doesn’t need a surgery, and thank god i still can catch up the upcoming october show! yeay

Comment by tara

wtf man they havnt been to toronto in 4 years and now its cancelled the morning of wtf!!! not mad at the band mad at the situation

Comment by john

Thank god he’s taking a break.
And I’m so so glad he doesn’t need surgery.
I couldn’t bear the picture I got in my mind when I imagined him laying in a hospital bed with an IV in his arm.

Now what are these November dates?
Are they not announced yet.
It seems strange that Buckcherry, Shinedown, and Saving Abel are still touring all through September, and then they’re gonna do it all over again in November?

Comment by Alisyn

So glad Matt doesn’t need surgery :)

Comment by ZoeZombie6661

Great to hear that he actually doesnt need a surgery ….so happy ….well still i hope Shads gets as much rest fot his voice as he can…..

Love <3

Comment by Monika the Sevenfoldist

Q101 better realize that people want their money back for Saturday’s block party show. I can’t seem to get any answers. I don’t blame the band at all, because I know how hard they work and how much they work. But Q101 needs to give refunds to all the people who only bought ticks to see A7X

Comment by HJKZ

can anybody help me out is says they will resume touring with buckcherry, shinedown and saving abel on November 4th, and on the headline says fall tour postponed, does this mean that all the dates will be postponed????? cuz i dont see how else it would work, cuz how often does 3 headlining calibur bands tour together for 4 months, not often at all. deathbat news clearup the news pleasssssssssssse

Comment by Tyler Jimenez

man i got tickets to see them sep 27th does this mean someone is going to sub in for them until october or what?

damn atleast he doesnt need surgery

Comment by Milo

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