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More Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Avenged Sevenfold Memorabilia.
June 24, 2010, 3:23 am
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Last week I told you guys about the Avenged Sevenfold window display featured at the Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel And Casino that Tal from DCMA Collective took and now there’s more to share! Deathbat News reader Ashley A took pictures of another window set featuring Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan’s drum set, platinum “City of Evil” record and MTV VMA. Check them out below!

Thanks again to Ashley for sending these in to us!

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They need a stand or something for the VMA.. its just kind of randomly placed. Haha.

Comment by arielle

That was the first thing I noticed.

Comment by Morgan

I love that drum set…. RIP REV We miss ya!

Comment by BigRobA7x

totally awesome. :)
rip jimmy we love and miss u

Comment by amy

I love the drumset but its not the same without Jimmy behind it. but whenever i see them in concert i will always picture Jimmy playing no matter what. foREVer!!! We love you Jimmy!

Comment by Dominique Wilner

I wish the boys would’ve had this album in time to be nominated for the VMA’s or maybe there’s still time. That would be awesome. I think jimmy would like that.

Comment by Courtney

That drum set is kick ass!!!!

Comment by GhostFlame83

AWESOME! OMG i love the drum set!!! <3 jimmy :(

Comment by Zoey

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awesome drum set!!!

Comment by emilyA7X

I’ve dreamed about making love on the drumset,
but now I don’t anymore..
It breaks my heart seeing that drumkit all alone

Comment by Inappropiate

I visited the Rev’s drum set today and it was awesome! Never thought I would see it so close! The picture of The Rev on the wall behind the set is just epic!

Comment by Justin

Is the drumset still there? cause I’m going to vegas and i want to see it

Comment by Oscar

I second Oscar’s comment – I’m going to Vegas in a month and I want to see Jimmy’s kit!

Comment by Julie

gahh, wish it woulda been at the Hard Rock in NYC! I was there like a month prior to that.. :P

Comment by Ashlyn

Can’t get to Vegas anytime soon, hopefully it will be a permanent display. I hate the fact that Jimmy will never play those drums again:( Love you Jimmy foREVer!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Sian

I was there…it was really cool to see Jimmy’s set in person. There were lip prints all over the window in front of it from people kissing the glass. i hope to see it again someday…

Comment by Max Pierce

i have a question!!!!….. what happened to jimmy’s drum set?? i’ve heard two different stories one tht his kit is in display somwhere and the other tht it was taken apart and tht the boys have pieces of it hanging in a necklace around their necks, which one is real?

Comment by jr_shadows

Both are real. His entire drum set was donated to the Hard Rock but pieces of it were taken off and given to the guys as necklaces.

Comment by deathbatnews

Is the drumset still in vegas? I’ve been in Vegas last september and I haven’t see it. All I saw was the band window display.

Comment by Pinklady666

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