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Total Sales Figures For All Avenged Sevenfold’s Major Albums To Date.
November 23, 2010, 2:42 pm
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I’ve gotten a lot of requests for the (RIAA standard) sales figures for Avenged Sevenfold’s “Nightmare” so I thought I would share not only that but the rest of the numbers for all their major releases as well with you guys.

According to Nielsen Soundscan Avenged Sevenfold’s total sales for each album to date are as listed:

“Nightmare” – 376,442
“Live In The LBC & Diamonds In The Rough” – 112,520
“Avenged Sevenfold” – 709,309
“All Excess” – 60,943
“City Of Evil” – 1,043,709
“Waking The Fallen” – 552,869
“Sounding The Seventh Trumpet” – 243,819

If you guys are interested the RIAA award certification’s criteria for albums are listed below:

500,000 units – Gold Album
1,000,000 units – Platinum Album
2,000,00 (or more) units – Multi-Platinum Album
10,000,000 units – Diamond Album


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Seems sadly low…

Comment by fatboy

crazy stuff!!

Comment by Noel

That is awesome!! Although I can’t believe Nightmare hasn’t broken gold yet, but COE is platinum. Especially considering that’s the album they get get the most complaints about, lol!! Me personally I love everything they do, but we all remember the hater flack from COE.

Comment by Christen

Ooh! That is really quite awesome to see :D

Comment by H

So maybe by the middle of next year, Nightmare will become a Gold album! =D

Comment by Alan

Awesome, I think Nightmare will eventually go Platinum

Comment by Smedg

I bet early next year Nightmare will go Gold.

Comment by Alyssa

Those are only US numbers. Worldwide sales are much much higher.

Comment by UK_JC

They were posted for RIAA certification purposes. Fans were emailing me to find out how close they were to getting Gold with Nightmare. Hence why they’re only the US figures.

Comment by deathbatnews

I’m proud to have all these album in my bedroom : )

I have a question : Is it possible to find somewhere their demo ( 1999 ou 2000 demo ) and also their EP Warmness On The Soul ? Thanks

Comment by Antoine

Have you checked Ebay? I think those pop up on there sometimes.

Comment by Rachel

use to have warmness on the soul….ended up giving it to girlfriend (now ex) as an appreciation of my love i cant find a copy of the two anywhere =\

Comment by Aaron7x

That’s deep man

Comment by Lowell

I believe I got the Warmness on the Soul EP from Best Buy a couple years ago…

Comment by xhiimalex

Hell yeah thats how its done, there will NEVER be another like avenged. Sure bands come and go and who knows, probably more succssful? But those guys truly turned heads in music and made there name known. They`ll go down in rock history IMO. They share a bond with each other and us fans that can never be broken. I`ll love those guys till the end.

Comment by GraceyP

those stats are wrong!
Search the RIAA for avenged sevenfold and it shows you that Live in the LBC went platinum 06/05/2009!!

Comment by vto

Wrong. LBC was certified VIDEO Platinum which you reach with a CD/DVD combo after 100,000 sales. You can read the post here.

Comment by deathbatnews

This is awsome to see :) is it possible to see the number of records that have been sold world wide?

Comment by Alexis

Hmm….how the hell did the self-titled sell so many copies?It’s a good album but it’s the weakest Sevenfold album.If they decide to carry on after this and hopefully,and if Portnoy joins them permanently,i hope they make an album with the dark,lyrical genius of Waking The Fallen,the skill and technicality of City Of Evil and the catchiness of Nightmare with hints of Dream Theater influences.A7X for LIFE!
My ranking of their albums,number 1 being the best.

1.Waking The Fallen
2.City Of Evil
4 Sounding The Seventh Trumpet
5.Avenged Sevenfold(Self-titled)

Comment by N.Viknes

i personally don’t have a rank for there albums, i feel there all as good as each other in there own ways :) i love them all just as much

Comment by phill taylor

The S/T is the most commercial friendly. The most “mainstream” if you will. Doesn’t make it a bad thing, just means it appealed to a larger audience then the past albums. Also, Nightmare has only been out for a little over 4 months and seeing as though it’s already close to going Gold is a very good thing.

Comment by deathbatnews

Its obvious, because more people liked the self titled album. They are a popular enough band that most people who like them know about all their albums, and its plain to see which albums are their most popular. City of Evil, the Self titled, and Nightmare so far (Nightmare gets the benefit of the doubt because its brand new). Personally from a musical standpoint, in regards to theory and writing music, these later albums are much more complete and impressive than Waking the Fallen/STST. They are just better written, it comes with experience. Just because its your favorite, doesn’t mean its everyone elses too. With that said, all of them are great in their own unique way. I just hope they keep that A7X style of writing albums, which is not doing the same thing over and over again.

Comment by Bryan Cortez

honestly, i loved the way waking the fallen was written. One of my fav albums of all time it was so dark and the half singing and screaming i just loved that

Comment by Aaron7x

Self titled was/is a great album. Yes it is more mainstream, but more importantly, an amazing display of talent, originality and imagination. For many, it put A7X on the radar.

Comment by bLUE

couldnt agree more.

Comment by Bianca

self titled was trash

Comment by austins

No, it wasn’t.

Comment by Loghen

Agreed. Well, mostly. It was certainly a huge letdown.

Comment by Drew

NO it wasn’t! Most of my A7X songs are on that album. You can say you din’t like it or whatever.. but you just cannot call it trash!!

Comment by Nickie

Top albums

2.Avenged Sevenfold
3.City Of Evil
4.Waking The Fallen
5.Diamond In The Rough ( i know that it’s not an album )
6.Sounding The Seventh Trumpet

And i like so much All Excess

Comment by Anto

How do you find this information? I tried searching sales for another band, but I can’t find anything.

Comment by Jamie

You need to have a client login/subscription with Nielsen Soundscan.

Comment by deathbatnews

Thanks for this info. It is something I have looked for a few times with no success. I am surprised the sales are not higher. I assume the numbers include album downloads, but what about single song downloads? Do you know that? I would also be curious about Canadian and worldwide figures. Any idea where to find those?

You continue to do a great job on this site. Thanks very much and please keep it up.

Comment by bLUE

The numbers listed are just album sales in the US because that is the only way an album gets certified through the RIAA. I don’t have single song download numbers or international numbers, unfortunately. But, I can work on getting them. And thank you so much.

Comment by deathbatnews

Oh! That would help a lot. haha thank you! :)

Comment by Jamie

A7X album trash? How rude….

Comment by Andy

Even though I dont like comparing any of their albums, Sounding the Seventh Trumpet CANT not be their weakest album because they have gotten so much better since 1999-2001. Its a little unfair to say the self-titled is their weakest album just because it isn’t as hard or dark as WTF/STST. Yeah I guess its also unfair to call STST the weakest album because they were young with less resources but to be real, STST is their weakest album, as it SHOULD be. The guys have almost said the same thing lol. Just my opinion.

Comment by Bryan Cortez

we gotta get nightmare to be diamond! (:

Comment by emilyA7X

this info does not count legal or illegal digital downloads. it is only the amount of the cds however, if it included the numbers from itunes it would greatly be higher.

Comment by ethan

As stated above – They were posted for RIAA certification purposes. Fans were emailing me to find out how close they were to getting Gold with Nightmare. Hence why they’re only the US figures.

Comment by deathbatnews

I understand that. but still its only the number of CD’s sold. not itunes purchases and what not.

Comment by Ethan

Full album purchases on iTunes count towards RIAA certification criteria.

Comment by deathbatnews

do it for THE REV!

these guys deserve another GOLD at least

Comment by mike

this is awesome, i’ve been looking for these figures for a while now. thank you :)

Comment by John "Vinny"

I cant believe nightmare is so low

Comment by Anonymous

Nightmare has only been out a little over 4 months. Selling that much in that little of time with the way the music business is right now doesn’t really classify that as low. Plus, it’s only the US numbers.

Comment by deathbatnews

Okay kids. We only need 8,956,291 for City of Evil to go Diamond. WE CAN FUCKING DO IT!!!! haha… No but seriously…

Comment by Sarah

I love this comment :D

Comment by Drunoctis

I love YOU.

Comment by Sarah

who wants to be the man (idealy a rich man) and buy 623,558 copys of nightmare and make it platinum?

Comment by zach

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t work, Hah. If someone were to buy that many copies (at one time/at one place) the RIAA would consider them trying to rig the charts and the sales wouldn’t couldn’t towards it.

Comment by deathbatnews

ah figures haha

Comment by Anonymous

well, waking the fallen should be +1 now, just bought a new copy last week because I left mine when I left my husband lol.

Comment by Bianca

COE has sold more than 1,500,000 copies in States and over 2,500,000 worldwide))

Comment by Anonymous

Just like I’ve stated before in this post, these are only US sales as someone was asking about the RIAA certifications.

Comment by deathbatnews

Is it possible to find total worldwide sales? I’m in Italy, I own every Avenged Sevenfold album and I’m really wondering how much they’ve sold worldwide so far.
Thx for this information deathbatnews, good job!!!

Comment by Luca

man i wish like hell that a7x was doing better recently i mean wat the hell their new songs are GOLD the nightmare album might be the BEST album i have ever heard. its alot better than city of evil. Nightmare should be a DIAMOND album.

Comment by Anonymous

How about an updated total? I wanna see how close Nightmare is to platinum!!!

Comment by Anonymous

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