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Avenged Sevenfold To Release “Hail To The King” On August 27th.
June 26, 2013, 7:17 pm
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Avenged Sevenfold have revealed their sixth studio album, “Hail To The King,” will be released on August 27th. During an online scavenger hunt, fans were led to different websites that were hosting puzzle pieces made of images and clues. By following the clues and putting together the pieces the album cover, title and release date were unveiled. Avenged Sevenfold will also be playing a free show at the Hollywood Palladium on August 26th to celebrate the album release. A recap of the scavenger hunt including where each puzzle piece was found (one was right here on Deathbat News!) can be read here. Cam Rackam, the artist behind the “Hail To The King” artwork, has also shared the original concept sketch and the original oil painting for the cover.

Hail To The King Track-List (*’s available on Deluxe iTunes version):

Shepherd of Fire
Hail To The King
Doing Time
This Means War
Crimson Day
Coming Home
Acid Rain
Hail To the King (Video)*
St. James (Bonus Track)*
Digital Booklet – Hail To The King*

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I am so happy right now, I can’t even express it in words. We’ve all waited patiently for three years and now we’re finally getting a new album. I know Hail to the King is going to be amazing!

Comment by Shefali


Comment by Daniel

This is so metal. I AM SO PUMPED!

Comment by Mike

hail to the king mother fucker

Comment by dalton


Comment by ericshawnsmithRevenant


Comment by Anonymous

So, were you in on all of this, or just the part on the site?

Comment by SynVanSambora

Comment by Deathbat News

Best answer avoidance ever xD

Comment by Alikz

haha I Love It!!

Comment by Bert McGirt

You dirty dog…

Comment by Pete Vandenberg

Good job everyone! We couldn’t have done it alone!

Comment by Ice

I’m gonna cry and die, I remember April 15th. I remember they said they were going into the studio. Everything. Ugh, and these are the memories I get to tell my children one day when I talk about my favorite Rock band of all time

Comment by Kyle Fletcher

I never thought this day would fucking come!!!! Holy fuck, someone pinch me!!

Comment by Alikz

Finally the wait is over!! Now let the waiting begin.

Comment by Anonymous

hahaha no kidding

Comment by Eh7x

It has to come out when I go to boot camp… now i cant hear it till I come home in October

Comment by David Robison

It comes out when I leave for boot camp too :/ But I know what I’m buying the day I get out!

Comment by Wesley Hodges

lol True that my friend

Comment by David Robison

hey man it is coming out while i’m in afghanistan.

Comment by Andrew Shaw

You can have electronics in Afghanistan as far as i kno tho

Comment by David Robison

What branch are you going to boot camp for?

Comment by David Myers


Comment by David Robison

Nice as a Marine my advice move fast and remember there is light at the end of the tunnel that day when you complete the crucible and earn the title is overwhelming good luck and have your brothers backs, teamwork is everything

Comment by David Myers

I will thank you

Comment by David Robison

Hell yes!!! Thank you DBN! FINALLY I know the date of this insanely anticipated release day. All hail the metal Gods, A7X. Love it or die!!!!!!!!!!:-):-D

Comment by Rising_the_Fallen


Comment by chris

Holy crap….

Comment by Anonymous

loving the album name!!

Comment by Kimberly Lannan

Two months?! Ugghhhhhh!! Oh well LOL, it’ll still be great! What’s 2 months compared to 3 years haha!

Comment by Rob

Horrible album name, not that big a fan of the cartoonish cover either. I think they’re just trying to be something they’re not. Reminds me a bit of an Iron Maiden cover. Glad it’s finally announced though.

Comment by Jimjoncricket

Yeah I would have to agree with you. It does look a bit cartoonish, but I’m sure the album will be amazin

Comment by Steven

I think it’s the opposite. They’re doing whatever the hell they want to do.

Comment by Cory

I think that’s EXACTLY THE POINT, Cory. Well said.

Comment by Sandra Caldwell

I agree that the album name is not the best, but look back on City of Evil’s album art. Could slap Iron Maiden on it and not know the difference. And it stays true to their Deathbat logo/persona. When you’re singing along to every word in two months, you will think its the greatest.

Comment by Brendan

something their not? have you seen the City of Evil Cover? same exact thing

Comment by ZP

I didn’t agree with the album cover at first either, but then I thought about it. They said that they are going for a classic metal sound on this record. So with a sound inspired by bands like Iron Maiden, why not take the same route with their album art.

Comment by paudeline


Comment by Pete Vandenberg

I’m so happy, yet so sad, I hope I’m able to freaking get in to the show :/

Comment by josie nunez (@jozieroses)

Yes!! I’m loving everything about this news!

Comment by JaCaria

OMG I can’t even express my happiness right now. I love everything a7x has put out and I know this album will rock just as hard, maybe harder, than previous albums. I’m just so excited I love them so much, can’t wait!

Comment by Lindsay

I think we crashed the website for a minute there. Let me just take this space to say that I love this band, and I love the family! You guys rock!

Comment by SynVanSambora

I love Deathbat News so much just beacuse it is not only the most reliable source for A7X news, but it is the best at pretending to have nothing to do with this plan! Idk what the A7X community would do without you!

Comment by Frankie S (@St_Porkchop1524)

Comment by Deathbat News

I know I’ll love the music but I’m not a fan of the name or the artwork. Can’t wait for the new album though.

Comment by pm7x

I agree. But then again I love Mastodon’s artwork. I thought A7X might go for something more simple like the waking the fallen sleeve, or something that could sit next to the Metallica black album. Stoked for the music though and was lucky enough to get tickets for London to see them for the first time!

Comment by Lucy Struthers

HELL YES FINALLY!!!!!!! \m/ \m/
Now excuse me, I gotta change my pants

Comment by Erik

Consider me hyped.

Comment by ghostriderh

He cannot fight alone ;)

Comment by Anonymous

I will do everything possible to get into that free show. Avenged has outgrown 4,000 seat auditoriums sevenfold. They will not play a venue that small regularly probably ever. Imagine what the atmosphere and buzz will be like

Comment by Brendan

I saw them at a 3000 person stadium at the Buried Alive tour!

Comment by Luis

YAY! Even if I didn’t get it, who cares? New album!

Comment by aightball

That album art is badass. Reminds me of Sauron from Lord of the Rings.

Comment by Kyle

It’s weird, this morning I had the strangest urge to wear my Buried Alive tour shirt, to the point where I went out of my way to find it. Weird…

Comment by SynVanSambora

I seriously cannot wait for this album to come out!! Avenged Sevenfold is seriously my life and if I had all the money in the world I would go to ALL of their shows. Hail To The King is going to be epic because everything they do is epic. We have been waiting so long and it’s almost here so just a little bit longer!! My entire year was made and if I lived in California to go to the free show than my entire life would be made :)

Comment by nikka manwarren

im have no ideo why everyones hating on the album name or artwork I love both. I just want to say deathbat news you are the best, and im proud to be a part of the avenged sevenfold fan base rock on foREVer cant wait for the new album

Comment by Pete Vandenberg


Comment by Deathbat News

Awesome! HAIL TO THE KING! Can’t wait!

Comment by Forever Avenged

I think the name is rad. Album art is a bit cartoony ( compared to the Nightmare album art which I loved) but I still like it a lot! \m/

Comment by Eh7x

totally agree. I love the name but the artwork isn’t (in my opinion) as good as their earlier albums

Comment by Justin

The album artwork looks to me like Cam Rackams work. If it is him, I’m glad!

Comment by Mike

It is. He posted it on his Instagram earlier :]

Comment by Izacky D4

It’s sad to say that on the same day that a7x peforms(august 26th) I got first day of school:'( my biggest dream is a step further now.. I hope there’s a way i can make it there. Same with those who have school aswell:/

Comment by puppyblu3w00d

I know! I had school that day too :/ then again I live on the other side of the the country… But fuck it I would try to go anyways :p

Comment by Anonymous

DBN is the best! And I personally love the album cover and the name. It seems perfect to me. I can’t wait until August 27th! <3

Comment by Randi Fay

You guy are the best!

Comment by Deathbat News

Great. Awesome. Love the artwork.

Comment by Matt

This album cover is really bad. Like almost iron maiden dance of death bad…..almost. But I’m stoked for the music

Comment by Chris

Dance of Death is a masquarade scene…How is that bad?? I know it’s not their classic design style, but it’s not terrible…

Comment by Jovan

You are kidding right? Have you actually looked at the album? It looks like a bunch of unrendered 3D models thrown on a cover. It’s terrible.

Comment by Chris

I know what it looks like, I’m just saying that the concept they were going for fits the album cover. It coulda been better for sure, but it’s still not terrible. Hail to the King isn’t even comparable to DOD anyways.

Comment by Jovan

I think the album art rules your face off

Comment by Cam Rackam

I agree its fuckin dope!

Comment by peter vandenberg

You got told by C rackam

Comment by RN

Ahhhh its you Cam! And I love the art! It reminds me of City of Evil.

Comment by Izacky D4

I certainly was not expecting to see the actual artist comment in here.

On that note, I think its great, its just done in a slightly different artistic style than their other album art. Im sure the people that dislike it or are on the fence will grow to like it over time.

Comment by Brandon

hell yeah!

Comment by Alicia Marchant

I don’t understand all the hate on the album art. I think it kicks ass. Yea, it’s not digitally “sharp” like Nightmare, but Waking the Fallen and the Self Titled album are literally just a solid color with a deathbat. This cover screams “classic” to me, and I absolutely dig that.

Comment by Alikz

I completely agree with you! And also, it’s not about the album art, its about the fucking kick ass music that these talented guys create!!

Comment by Hannah

I’m not really feeling this album cover. I’m hoping they detail it more like on City of Evil or Nightmare

Comment by John

I’m more concerned with what’s inside the album. They could put a turd with wings on the cover if the music is solid, which I am confident it will be.

Comment by Anonymous

Last time we made these guys go number 1. I say we try to make em go platinum Im buying like 3 copies!!

Comment by sidewinder

We can make them #1 again, too.

Comment by Deathbat News

Have to say, I’m really excited for the music, I think this will be a landmark record for them, but as a fan since 2005, this is definitely the worst artwork they’ve done. It’s got a cool vibe and imagery, but feels way half-assed in execution. The title of the record is strange too, but it’s fitting. Either way still stoked, just can’t legitimately defend that album art, even though they’ve had simpler, this looks like a Lego ad or something…

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

Times A7X excited! Can’t wait until 8/27

Comment by Billie Jean

AHHH so damn excited!!! LOVE the album name! It sounds so powerful. So glad we finally have a date! : )

Comment by 3DGSevenfold

The artwork is awesome, and its definitely art by Cam Rackam, one of the bands best friends. I don’t think it looks exactly like an iron maiden album cover, just pretty unique and looks like other Cam Rackam artwork. Anyway, IM EXCITED

Comment by Nick


Comment by foREVer

this is soooooooooo damn amazing…it is finally here…jst cnt wait to hear sevenfold again!!!!

Comment by Abhishek Paliwal

At first, I thought “Hail to the King” was a single they were going to release. I thought, wow they are taking this sloooooooowwww… Then I realized it’s the name of the album. That’s better.

Comment by Rdog

cant wait.

Comment by anna

When we find out details on tickets for the free show I’m definitely not going to work that day. Gonna call off sick. I give no fucks!

Comment by Jay

Funny, just earlier today i was thinking “man something new should be happening pretty soon with a7x: as we havent heard any news and there have been no updates or anything in a while. Then i get home from work to find this!!

Comment by Brandon

I don’t have much of an issue with the album art at all but right now I’m not the biggest fan of the title. I’m sure it will make sense with listening to the songs and it may end up growing on me, and many of us here, but as of now its meh.

Comment by Wayne7x

Its a name…I really don’t understand all the blahness on the cover and name…Who cares? Its the music that counts….

Comment by Jay

I think the cover would look better with more detail, but if the album is as stripped down as they’re saying it’s definitely fitting cover. Gonna be classic.

Comment by Jake

YEEEEEEEEEES. These 2 months will be the slowest of my life

Comment by HailToTheKingOfficial

Not really feeling the title or the artwork but if it’s what they want then good, go for it. No matter what I know the music will be awesome so im happy. :)

Comment by Dianna

That came out of nowhere. But lawd, that’s way sooner than I expected. I’m not crazy about the cover right now but hopefully it will grow on me. Thanks Kortney.

Comment by Loghen

DBN lady you are my all time favorite and I come to your site about 2 times a day to check in, I reall y enjoy everything you do for the community. Thank you so much! All hail the king(:

Comment by Brady Keegan

Thank you, Brady.

Comment by Deathbat News

So happy right now! The album artwork looks so bad ass!

Comment by Ellie

fuck cool Awesome A7x the album will be hit all over the world

Comment by raghurajan

Album art rules. Glad to see Cam Rackam is doing the cover. I was wondering why he hasn’t been all along! Can’t wait for this

Comment by thomasgwhaley

If that was really Cam Rackam, sick artwork and it obviously looks like your work. I can’t wait for this album and Locura Fest. Here In Colorado! Man, Avenged Sevenfold and Deathbatnews rock!!

Comment by ErubielA7x


Comment by Deathbat News

I like this cover so much and the title sounds good for a heavy album, I can’t wait two months.

Comment by Zack G.

Damnit DeathBatNews you’re so sneaky! I’m literally going to be hunting around the site in the future if another albums released in a similar way to this one :P

Comment by Holly

…I hate the cover,and the name is surprising,however I know I will love the music so much that Im going to end up liking the cover…So,big deal…There is no inspiration for possible tattoos with this one,..I know it aint their last,and we have all basically waited so long for this,that,well,They could have entitled it “Shit on a Stick”..and I ‘d stll be excited with great anticipation for it’s realease…

Comment by lilly jaynz

This looks great though!

Comment by Andrew Kasper

YESSSSS!!! cannot wait for this! the album art just screams classic metal style of music…but fuck it! its a7x! its gonna be awesome!

Comment by Chris

Awesome! I have been anticipating the album release date and it’s on my birthday. Can not f*cking wait!

Comment by Mark

This is my first album release since I’ve discovered Avenged Sevenfold, thank you fans and most of all thank you DBN for letting me share in this wonderful experience! Best band in the world, best fan base!

Comment by Josh


Comment by Deathbat News

Yay, I’m not the only one! The scavenger hunt was awesome- I can honestly say I’ve never said that before, but it was! So pumped!

Comment by SynVanSambora

Been waiting for this for at least 2 months. Gotta wait 2 more though. I’m so stoked, this album is gonna be of massive proportions.

Comment by Knox

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooo cant wait xx

Comment by jane

Anyone else think of Duke Nukem when you saw the album title? LOL I love it! Can’t wait for this!

Comment by Rob

It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum. And I’m all out of gum.

Comment by Deathbat News


Comment by Rob

DBN, you already had plenty of awesome before you made a ’90s video game reference. Save some for the rest of us mortals down here.

Comment by ClarksvilleOHIO


Comment by Deathbat News

YYYEEEAAAHHHH buddy!!!!! Bouncing around in my desk chair like a little school girl, beyond excited about this new album and sooo happy to have a countdown now! Thanks Deathbat News for all of the accurate information! I love following this band and love having a resource to do so.

Comment by Alicia Marchant


Comment by Deathbat News

Not feeling it…looks like a power metal album, and i fucking hate power metal

Comment by homelesswashboy

LMAO!!!! I forgot an album cover represents the music. What a stupid comment.

Comment by Jay

today marks two months until the release… that is not long at all.

Comment by Anonymous

This is going to be absolutely fucking epic!!!!

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Michelle

need 2 month again ….
i wanna listen them soon !

Comment by Zaky Al-ikhsan Budiman

2 days after my birthday!

Comment by Anonymous

I don’t know how anyone could dislike anything about this. The album cover is just so bad ass. Hail to the King…couldn’t get any cooler. So pumped!

Comment by Anonymous

Yes! Finally! No more stretching our brains just trying to figure out what they’re up to! Ohhh, now I’m really excited. BUT IV’E GOTTA WAIT TWO WHOLE MONTHS! GAH! *has already run out of patience*

Comment by Kuroneko

Love the cover. It gives off a Iron Maiden/Megadeth/Judas Priest vibe. Absolutely appropriate for an album that will have an old school metal feel. So pumped!!

Comment by A7XFoREVer

I think that i´d like the new album songs, but the front at the moment no…

Comment by Anonymous

i just got diarrhea from this. #excited #a7x

Comment by Wade

I am really surprised people dont like the cover art or name. I can honestly say that I think both are metal as fuck. Theres a damn skeleton with an axe chopping off heads and arms. not to mention hes using an animal skull as a shield. what did you expect some bunnies running through flowers under a rainbow? This is as badass as it gets right here. This is my fav album art after Nightmare. STST art sucked, WTF and self titled were just a deathbat, and city of evil didnt touch this. but thats my opinion. pumped for the album.

Comment by ZP

LOL fuckin ace comment. if they are looking for bunnies they are on the wrong site.

Comment by Karen

Is he using it as a shield? Or is it his horse? Looks like reins in his hand to me.

Comment by SynVanSambora

holy crap I didnt even notice that. I think it is a horse. that makes it even more badass

Comment by ZP

I shared it on my Facebook page, and a friend of mine (who is in to country) said that even though he probably wouldn’t listen to it, it looks pretty badass. I replied by saying “you see? Wouldn’t you be crazy about bands you like if all their album covers featured a horsed skeleton king riding down an army of the dead?”

Comment by SynVanSambora

But it has horns. That’s the confusing part.

Comment by Mr. T

Yeah, maybe it’s a bull or something. If you look at the original sketch, it’s pretty obvious that he’s riding it. It reminds me if the city of evil cover, actually.

Comment by SynVanSambora

You guys are thinking too much into it. It’s the badass king of the undead. What could possibly make his undead steed more badass….. horns.

Comment by ClarksvilleOHIO

I personally feel that every album cover of Avenged Sevenfolds is amazing !! And now that we have finally seen the new albums cover it boggles my mind how people can say it “sucks”, it “doesn’t represent who avenged are”, or that they dont “approve” of the album title. Bands change and grow over time and avenged can do whatever they wanna do. I know that I will always love avenged sevenfold no matter what! I adore this album cover and title name and I am stoked to hear what’s inside!! a7x foREVer!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Wooo! All hail A7X foREVer!

Comment by Anonymous

Can’t wait until August 27!! I’ve waited this long. I think I can wait a little bit longer.

Comment by scecter159

Old School, I think it works well!

Comment by Tammy

To be fair, if you read the previous interviews about the album, it wont be what any of us are expecting. There wouldn’t be a point in making something different, without making the whole outward appearance of it different too. We’re all expecting the next level of Sevenfold, and that artwork is the next level.

Im dreading what i’m going to be like on the 26th, its going to be like Christmas but better!

Comment by Kirsty

Come August 27th (my birthday) we will get them back on top of the music charts again!

Comment by cjbstrunk7x


Comment by Deathbat News

Finally! Really excited to hear this album. Being honest, the b&w original concept sketch is better than the original cover the colors aren’t good but anyway, it doesn’t matter all we wanna get is some new music and I’m sure it’s gonna be epic. Bring it! Hail to the king!

Comment by Iago

The artwork itself isn’t terrible, its the color scheme that makes it look bad. If it was a darker color scheme it would look badass. Doesn’t really matter any way, I just want some music.

Comment by Kyle

That’s exactly what I thought.

Comment by Mr. T

Yeh at last album name and release date. cant wait for this or going to see them in Manchester in November. All Hail A7X forever

Comment by Anonymous

Woohoo! I can’t believe I missed the scavenger hunt. The one day I don’t check deathbatnews, I miss all this great stuff.

Comment by Bodhi

I love how people are complaining about album artwork….ALBUM ARTWORK, who gives a shit really???? It’s sick looking and different than previous stuff, but who cares..Its album. artwork. Love the name btw, its awesome, can’t wait for Aug 27th!!!

Comment by Jay

I wouldve thought the album art and name wouldve been cool when I was like 10. But now? Nah. Pretty cheesy.

Comment by edward

i dont like it. Wherer are the old amazing artworks? for example city of evil awesome. diamons in rough awesome and nightmare was also cool. But this one. Hope the album is great never the less:D

Comment by Oj

i don’t give a damn…it might have been butterflies for all i care on that cover. Its gonna be A-MA-ZING!

Comment by Thierry Arrieta

What is the “King” supposed to be riding on in the cover art?

Comment by Anonymous

I think it’s just supposed to be some hellish beast, probably wasn’t a big deal, just cam making it look cool. I’ve been running the original sketch through some camera effects and it looks awesome!

Comment by SynVanSambora

Looks like some sort of Deathcharger

Comment by Mitchell Watson

I’m surprised nobody’s said this yet but both them album art and name makes me think of Army Of Darkness. An army of the dead and a direct quote from the movie itself? That movie had to have been inspiration for this. Awesome movie though, and the album is going to be massive. Hail to the king, baby.

Comment by Tj

dude, I said this right after the end of the game on seventhlair. I even almost comment Hail to the King, baby, but I couldn’t get the livewyre thing to accept my comment. everything about it fit what they were saying. the undead hordes and whatnot.

Comment by Adam


Comment by Anonymous

i love you soooo much Death Bat news here i am playing minecraft whilst you are with a7x helping them torture us! you little trolls but still love you

Comment by Slim

I think the album cover is pretty cool. It looks Iron Maidenish which is never a bad thing, and which would fit in nicely if the theme of the album is old school.

Comment by Mattie B

I think the album cover is sick! When I first saw it I got goosebumps because of how sweet it is! I think it’s perfect and their artist (name escapes me) did an amazing job! Also the name is fantastic. I know this album will blow their others out of the water!

Comment by Anonymous

Argh…live 30 mins from LA but starting fire academy on the 26th. Ah well, at least the album will keep me motivated. Gonna blast this shit every morning before the academy :)

Comment by Cam

Not digging the colour scheme, definitely too much orange reminds me of an halloween poster or something. Other than that I think the picture is awesome and I like the concept of what is going on in it.

Comment by Anonymous

Happiness doesn’t even cover what I’m feeling right now.

Comment by Connor Wren

Haha Cover… I see what you did there. Since we’re talking about the album cover.

Comment by O-H

Aladdin meets 300 meets nightmare before Christmas…

Comment by Taylor James Knowles

Meets Duke Nukem

Comment by Anonymous

I’m so tired of hearing fans whine about the album cover art and font!! Seriously?! You realize two of a7x’s albums had a simple black or white deathbat right? And you’re complaining about it being cartoonish? I LOVE it…very evil and iron maiden.

Comment by Jruss

Honestly, who cares about what’s on the album cover? It’s the epic music on the album that is important. They could put rainbows and butterflies on the cover for all i care. Its a cover….That’s it.

Comment by Jay

Title is a little gimmicky and the artwork is meh in my eyes
But it really doesn’t matter as long as the music is badass, which I’m sure it will be.

Comment by Phil

I love the album title and cover! I love that a7x challenge themselves on every album and aren’t afraid to take risks, to grow musically. As long as they’re happy and love their new music, I will love it to, and continue to support the changes they make as artists.

Comment by janelle

H2TK!!! I’m just speechless. Even though I love A7X to fu*&ing death, I know there are many metal fans out there that won’t give them a chance and have probably never even listened to them; hopefully this album cover and/or their new sound that they hear on the radio will create some change of heart. Honestly it just baffles me that ppl actually dislike Avenged. H2TMFK’s!!

Comment by MyMindCantChangeTheSpeed

It is sad that people don’t give them a chance. They are a fantastic band, and it pisses me off when people say they hate them “because they’re not metal enough.” Grow up people!!! Yeah, they don’t scream anymore. I honestly think it makes their songs more enjoyable and palpable to the masses. If you don’t like catchy choruses, you’re just trying to make yourself look like you’re a super cool metal head, when in actuality, you sound like a little kid. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but my point is here we are, arguing about the cover art when people like this are out there. Let’s show these guys how big the family is, and give them another number one album, and grow the family even more! You guys got me on the last record, and I’m now a diehard. Thank you, all of you, for being you, for being awesome, for allowing me to join the Avenged Sevenfold Family.

Comment by SynVanSambora

My point exactly. You heard them out, you gave them a chance, now you’re a die hard fan? Because one album opened that door for you? I love it. I hope this keeps happening with others on this album. The more people in the fam, the more respect A7X gets. Not only do they deserve to be the number 1 band ever but they are in fact the best metal band this world has ever known. People just have no idea what they’re missing!

Comment by MyMindCantChangeTheSpeed

Before I was into them, I was a classic hard rock snob, and remembered seeing Syn and Zacky in a Guitar World list of the thirty coolest guitarists, and being mad that they were in it and some people were passed over. Then I read a blurb about nightmare in it. I figured I’d give it a listen, fell in love with the band, and now I have pretty much everything they’ve ever put out, and have seen them live which was amazing experience. If I ever meet a member of the band, I intend to thank them heartily for coming to the very small city of Duluth, MN. They can never have any idea how much seeing that show meant to me. In the off chance they see this, thank you so much. They’ve been an absolute inspiration in my guitar playing.

Comment by SynVanSambora

I’m convinced that Avenged should have featured a picture of a pony on the album cover (in correspondence with the track chart they posted not too recently), yet kept the album title the same. The hilarity.

Comment by Anonymous

Track chart? Did I miss something? Haha

Comment by O-H

He’s talking about their song board.

Comment by Deathbat News

Oh haha ok. Thank you! I thought they released the track listing or something and I missed it.

Comment by O-H

Cant fucking wait!

Comment by SethMelvin

Me too ! ^^

Comment by Sydney

Wow *-* So excited♥♥! Finally after 3 years of patience…†

Comment by Sydney

Very excited about the upcoming album & tour! It’s all overwhelming ^_^

Comment by CodyBear6

hell yes a free show?! ive been dying to see them live pleeease keep us updated on how we can get into this show.. 4000 people ive heard can fit in that venue and that is pretty small since they sell out amphitheatres!… i must see this show!

Comment by ashlee

waited 3 long years ah so happy!

Comment by ashlee

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